Rebirth of Shopping Addict Episode 39 Actually there’s nothing to regret. In fact, we don’t suit each other well. I don’t usually pay attention to details but he’s always thoughtful and serious. I like complicated, gorgeous things while he adores simplification. Actually it’s not necessary for two people to have similar personalities to be with each other. The most important thing is that you both can supplement each other. That year, when my wife and I were dating, in the first time I took her back to Suzhou, my mother decisively disagreed. She said: She’s a foreigner using knife and fork to eat while the Chinese like us eat with chopsticks. She even forced her to learn to use chopsticks in only a week. My wife said to me: It’s not a big deal, isn’t it? Isn’t it just a Chinese side and a Western one? Doesn’t the only problem lie in the chopstick? And then, she could use chopsticks after only a day. After that, I asked her: Where did you take that much courage? You know what she said? Because of my love for you. Uncle Dai, I can recall it now. What can I recall? Applying embroidery in making costumes. Who says complicity and simpleness always contrast with each other? Only if we can handle the principle of unity, they can definitely merge into and get along well with each other. Take this mask as an example. Why it has a good reputation? First, the product itself have already got good characteristics. Second, it contains an amount of special serum, which is very useful. Third, its simple U-shaped appearance is both good-looking and convenient for the customers to wear. A good product with a thoughtful design is the main element that touches customers’ heart. Moreover, its good look plays a more important role. So, what I want to make is this traditional type of products. You’re now incredibly mature. However, it’s just my out-of-a-sudden thought, I still need to try better to make it successful. I believe you can definitely make it. Wang Xiao Zai. Wang Xiao Zai. What are you doing? What’s the matter? It’s all because of that wig of yours. What’s more, see This ugly, long, red dress and these high heels in red. What are these damn things? I feel I lost all of my face today already. Didn’t you say you were very traditional at heart? I did you a person that likes traditions, didn’t I? Don’t you like him? He likes a girl with long hair, shouldn’t you do something that suits it? He must like it. Can you still say such things? What type of people did you introduce to me? He’s a high profile man just returning from overseas, with a good income and an acceptable appearance. Every aspect of his won’t make you ashamed of. When it comes to matchmaking, can you not be so choosy? Even 60-year-old women all fall for him. 60-year-old women? For their daughter. Returning from overseas? How long have he been abroad? The current Chinese situation, how much can he get? What happened? He can’t be regard as “traditional” but a bad guy. He boastfully said to me what women should be and what women shouldn’t be. Who does he think he is? The center of the universe? Don’t be angry, don’t be angry anymore. If that person is not fine, we can change to another person. No more. That’s the last one. It can’t be. We agreed to check three guys out. There’s still one more. If we can’t add one more, then we can’t leave one out. Where are you going this weekend? I have to tell you, if you still dare to introduce any guy to me, I’ll turn my back at you. You’ve thought too much. Gao Yang has been in Suzhou for so long, so I think if we’re not so busy, we can pay her a visit. I don’t have the time. You said today you met an extremely indifferent guy. Should we take this occasion to clean our eyes a little bit this weekend? Moreover, everyday when Gao Yang calls, she usually asks after you. No kidding. You know, this embroidering zone’s business hasn’t been so easy up to now. Right. Uncle Dai. Master. You see. This is the first draft of my design. Generally speaking, both the designing and the clothes making all follow the style of simplification. Only in some small parts are embroidered details. What do you think about the overall effect? Not bad. Not bad. Both simple and complicated. There’s simpleness in complicity. It offers a sense of novelty. I used to worry about the production capacity. But in this design you use just a few embroidered details to make themselves highlighted parts. So we can solve the problem of the necessity for high complicated technology. If we see it in a bigger scale, it can be said that this design has solved a very big problem of ours. I want to take this idea as a foundation to design a variety of products. I’ve also come up with the name. What’s it? Simple complexity. Simple complexity. Director Yan, these are some main reports about this time’s loss. The products in the area nearest to the broken drainage pipes are the most severely damaged. But there are some products are normally water-proof. Any products soaked in water can’t be offered to sell. But some of them are ordered goods that are await to be delivered. Contact the suppliers to get more goods immediately. Try to make sure we can deliver those orders as normal. If we can’t make it, ask for the customers’ consent to extend the delivery. Then offer them a certain amount of compensation. But, director Yan, don’t you think this pipe breaking is so coincidental? One day before the notification for goods inventory, this incident happened. But we haven’t got any evidence yet. So you mean… Give the warehouse director a temporary leave. Don’t let him resign. Conduct another goods inventory and arrangement. Okay, I’ll do it now. It seems good. Happy sheep. Did you draw them all? Compared to your previous firefly dress, it looks different in style. What do you think? Applying this embroidering style is like adding the icing on the cake. It can help to give off a special style while not being exaggerated. Very good. It’s nice. It’s good. I really like it. I think you have gained a lot from your study recently. People have to go through those things to get the chance to grow up. Now when I think back I find my previous designs a bit superficial. But at that time, I still felt that I was so great. What do you intend to do now? However good your designs are, you still need a deserving playground, a good chance to show off, right? About this, I haven’t figured out. The other day I saw Wang Jie’s go-betweens posted a status saying that Wang Jie was looking for a suitable designers to make her an outfit for the red carpet in Cannes. Really? Yes. But in the previous competition, her impression of you might not very good. My sister, can you please not so straightforward? We’ve come a long way here, we’re supposed to encourage her. Is she a baby in the kindergarten? We have to give her a certificate of merit? A certificate of merit is filled with love. Alright. What Ming Lang said is true. Let me think more about it. By the way. because you guys have come a long way to visit me let me take you around. Sure. Is there something delicious? Yes, there is. In the alley over there, there’s a street full of tasty foods. Is there any pork leg dish? Of course yes. It’s her favorite food. Ming Lang. How long are you going to stay? Till the end of this weekend. Then come to see me everyday. We came here for you. Normally he hides it so well that no one knows he has such a good body. He must have had some hormone injections. I can never believe he usually does physical exercises. Aren’t you swimming? So handsome. He can swim quite well, too. He’s quite outstanding. Last time when we went golfing, he was like a log. Now he can swim quite well. It doesn’t seem that he doesn’t know every kinds of physical activities. What are you doing? You didn’t expect it, right? Not having any chance to speak ill of me, are you a bit uncomfortable? I really didn’t think your body is so well-trained. Isn’t it just swimming? Is there any big deal? What are you doing? Between you and Ye Ming Lang, what is it actually? What do you mean? Are you still pretending? Don’t you fall in love with her? Do not reveal it. It turns out to be the truth? Are you scared she would know or are you shy? When did your thick face become so thin now? I’m not very used to it. What’s now? Now you want change your figure into the explosion of hormones? What can you understand? Talented people will have their own ways that works. Mind my business less. Alright. She can swim quite well. Not bad. Don’t let her know about it. Let me think for a second. Otherwise, I’ll beat you to death. What are you talking about? We are talking about Simple Complexity. Let’s talk about it. I think how we should promote Simple Complexity is a big deal. Are you okay? No problem. This phone is highly water-proof. It doesn’t matter. I think only when we have a good way of promoting you can benefit from that. I still want to try joining Wang Jie. So aren’t you scared… My dad used to say: Don’t be afraid of failing because it won’t disappear in front of your scare. Good saying. During the time I learn embroidery in Suzhou, I can calm down and recall a lot of the words my dad used to say to me. Unfortunately I wasn’t thoughtful at that time. Now when I reflect on it, I find it absolutely correct. The future’s ahead. It’s not late for you to figure it out now. Where you fall down, stand up right there. You really want to leave? Yes, I do. I’ll be back in Shanghai tomorrow. I want to meet Wang Jie in person and take this opportunity not for my design but also to widely promote the art of embroidery. Take this with you. This is… This is the last video that your dad left behind. I know that you don’t want to watch it now, but if one day, you want to, at least you have it in your reach. I’m really not brave enough to watch it. Take it together with your dad’s hopes to courageously face up with everything. I’m looking forwards to your good news. I tell you, those previously dishes are so yummy, right? You’re leaving tomorrow, and you haven’t packed up yet? What are you watching? It’s my dad. So let’s go for a walk. You don’t have to. You are both the friends that I had from the adversities. I really regret that I don’t have any chance to introduce you guys to my father. So you don’t need to go out. Alright. Let’s see uncle Gao’s thoughtful notes. Gao Yang, if you see this video, I am not existing in this world. I’m so sorry to choose this way to say goodbye to you. How could it be? Uncle Dai, I bet my dignity to bet that this video used to be cut and added. I’ve seen fashion shows broadcast on TV several times. But this video has two conclusions, The sequence of the other parts is also messy. Trust me, it can’t be different. I don’t doubt you. I means who was the person that cut the video? Anyone who interfered with this video can get an opportunity. Anyone who can benefit from it has the motive to do that. So who is that? It’s likely that England lawyer. And his motive is to hide off something related to the property. So it must be him. That mean lawyer guy even dares to interfere with the client’s legacy. Wait a moment. Before there is an official in the field examining it clearly, we can’t reach any snap judgment. We can’t just make a guess. Supposing this video was really cut what if Gao Yang’s father did it himself? Gao Yang, if it is that English lawyer I’ll go back to England and investigate it thoroughly. You want to come back to England? Right, I’ve been away for so long, it’s time for me to come back and have a look. Don’t worry. If there’s any problem, I’ll inform you first. Shall I go with you? You’d better come back to Shanghai first, and finish your stuff. If you can get a chance to promote our traditional embroidery art, I believe if your dad can see it from the heaven, he will surely be comforted. We’ve known each other for so long, so you must help me with this. I told Wang Jie about that. She didn’t agree to have an appointment. I’ve got no other way. I know what I did in the previous competition didn’t leave her with good impression. My design competence was poor, and I didn’t act appropriately. Don’t say so. Actually Wang Jie mostly found your designing style not suitable for her. This is the biggest problem, in fact. After my previous study, I’ve thought twice. My current designing style is totally different from it used to be. I hope she can give me a chance. I also want to offer her my apology for having been unreasonable. Just wait for another chance. This time, she clearly declined. I cannot interfere too much, though. This is… It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t want to see me. This is my design draft. I hope you can give it to her and get her to have a glance. After she has had a look, if she doesn’t find it suitable, I will not insist on that anymore. So I’ll try it out. Thank you. Alright, I’m leaving. We rely on you. Goodbye. Goodbye. Thank you. She took it, which means we can be hopeful. We’ve tried our best, anyway. Just follow the God’s arrangement. It’s not early anymore, you’d better get back to work. What about you? I I want to be alone for a while. You are expelling me? Go quickly. Then I’ll leave now. Goodbye. Don’t be sad. I’m sorry. I didn’t know you are at home. I was passing by and I wanted to have a look so I didn’t call you in advance. No problem. I’ve just got back to take some stuffs. Is there any matter? Didn’t you say you had found some of my stuffs? Right. In your room. Black night’s falling down, and I’m still lingering on you. The cold light represents the miserable loneliness of mine. When the sunlight comes, I still miss you, the hug of the bright sunlight… Why my stuffs are so many? There are so many stuffs, so I’d better call for a delivery car. Let I give you a ride. What I’m lingering on is the memory which has been unforgettable as time passes by. What I’m lingering on is the blessing of protecting our love for the whole life. Protecting our love for the whole life. Hello, Xiao Chen. Director Yan, there’s another problem with the stockpile. What? There’s a matter with the equipment in the freezing storage. If we can’t fix it timely, all of the goods in there will go wrong. I’m now near the storage, wait for me for a while. Now inform the equipment department and ask them to send someone there. Okay. You’d better go to the storage now, don’t worry about me. I will call for a cab. It’s not easy to call for a cab here. Moreover, there are many stuffs of yours. It doesn’t matter. After this turn, just let me off. Let me ride you home first. But… Director Yan, we don’t have much time, we have to make good use of every second. Is that Ms. Gao? Can you come here too? You used to help us solve a lot of problems. You are our life-saver. Don’t be big-mouthed. Mind your own business. Let me go there with you. Then you can do your job, I’ll call for a cab to collect me. I’ll go and have a look. Put it over there. Okay. Alright. It doesn’t matter. Director Yan. How is it going? There are problems with the freezing storage, so our technical department is fixing them. The goods are being moved out. Why it happened? It’s probably a technical check problem. Have you contact the factory? We’re still discussing. When will they send someone here? This is a problem suddenly arising. So they are mobilizing the workforce to come here quickly. Have a quick checkup. Verify the product damage. We’re already in the process. Take me in to have a look. Alright. Hello. Hello. Gao Yang, are you back already? I’ve just be back. Why do you know that? I’ve just met Xiao Zai. Where are you now? I’m in Yi Neng Gou’s storage. Why did you come there? I met Yan Li to take some of my stuffs. Then wait for me there. I’ll come to pick you up. You don’t have to. I’ve already called for a cab. Alright. Get in touch later on. I need to give him the key. The driver is coming to collect me soon. I have to give him the key soon. He may be in the freezing storage. Yan Li. Yan Li. Yan Li. Yan Li. Yan Li. Why you come here? I couldn’t reach you via phone. I need to give you the key. I’ll take you out. How is it going? It’s not a big deal, right? They’re still examining. We can’t conclude anything. It’s locked. Isn’t it? When I entered, it wasn’t locked. Why is there no signal? There’s no point in calling. There’s no signal inside the storage. What should we do now? When you got in, was there anyone? There wasn’t. Anyone out there? Is anyone there? Open the door? Anyone out there? Open the door. Is there anyone? Anyone out there? Ming Lang. I heard you also went to Suzhou to visit Gao Yang? I had nothing to do so I went there for fun. How is it between you and Gao Yang? You guys’ relationship seems to be so much different from it used to be. According to what I can remember, you didn’t like her much. Previously, I may have had some misunderstanding about her. But then, after some fighting and arguments, we got to know each other more. It seems I’ve missed a lot of things. She’s really a nice girl, who is kind, generous and open-minded. At least she used to be open-minded. Isn’t her condition better? We’re having an appointment tonight. Join us if you’re not busy. Sure. Thank you. What are you laughing for? Don’t you realize the temperature is getting lower and lower? It means the equipment has got fixed up. So the goods in there won’t go wrong. What are you doing? Put it on. Don’t let yourself get a cold. What about you? I’m still fine. If we can’t get out, are you scared? Don’t worry. That can’t be. Someone will discover us, anyway. Maybe there is a person helping us out soon. You need to believe in in the administrative department of your Yi Neng Gou. Moreover, I think it’s good for us to stay here. Isn’t this the world that you are fond of? Quiet, deserted, neat and tidy. There’s no need to hustle. You’d better feel happy. I’m sorry. The number you have dialed is temporarily out of reach. Please call back later. Mustn’t she be home yet? I’m sorry The number you have dialed is temporarily out of reach. Please call back later. What are you doing? You can’t take off anything else. You can’t get cold. I’m still okay. It’s getting so cold here. You took your jacket to give me. You can’t have nothing on. I can stand it. You can’t. Suddenly one night I lost everything of mine. Open my eyes to see everything back to the beginning. Bringing along the hopeless heart… So… Talk no more. Save your energy. …, which is your presence. In the endless night, I can see sparkling stars. Quietly and decisively moving forwards against this world. Watch out. Watch it out. Okay. Don’t worry. Although this equipment has been fixed, you guys still need to keep a close eye on it. If there’s any problem, contact me anytime. Okay? Alright. Xiao Chen. Director Li. Why do you come to our stockpile? Where’s Yan Li? I have no idea. Why don’t you know? Isn’t his car over there? I really don’t see him. Why are you looking for our director Li so hastily? I’m looking for Gao Yang. Ms. Gao. Ms. Gao Yang used to be our director Yan’s girl friend. I can’t get in touch with Gao Yang. Where’s she? Did you see her? It’s just normal. The signal usually isn’t very good. But Ms. Gao may be with our director Yan now. So you don’t have to be worried. Ms. Gao and director Yan haven’t met for long. Maybe two of them wanted to find a place to have a chat. Those who have nothing to do with them should be understanding. Don’t bother them. How long have they been inside? It’s been for a while. Gao Yang. Hold on. Gao Yang. Wake up. You can’t sleep now. Alright. Gao Yang. Come on. Don’t you like chatting most? Chat with me. Alright? You can’t sleep. Talk with me about anything. I don’t know what to talk about. My brain seems to be frozen. Just talk about anything. Gao Yang. Gao Yang. Gao Yang. You have to hold on a little bit. Talk with me. About anything. If if I die, can you forgive my dad? Don’t think about that nonsense. Gao Yang. Gao Yang. Gao Yang. Wake up. Gao Yang. Gao Yang. Wake up. Here they are. Gao Yang. Director Yan. Gao Yang. Gao Yang. Gao Yang. Director Yan, are you okay? Director Yan, let me help you stand up. Gao Yang. Gao Yang. Hold on for a while. Don’t worry about Ms. Gao anymore. Let me take you to the hospital first. Take me to the company. But, is it okay? Director Yan. Slow down. Director Yan. You’d better go home and take a rest. If you keep staying up like this, your body can’t stand it anymore. Have some water. I want to change the style of the flowers. Is it possible? Alright. Alright. Ms. Huang. Wait a moment. What’s the matter? You’d better have a look at director Yan. If he continues to be like that, his body can’t stand it anymore. I’ll call back later on. I’m sorry. Yan Li. Are you okay? I’m okay. We still need to deal with the inventory as quickly as possible. You are having a fever and you still say you’re okay. Stop working. Let’s go to the hospital. Wait a moment. Wait a moment. Xiao Chen. Bear in mind whatever happens, you have to finish the inventory report by tomorrow. Don’t worry. Why you still insist on finishing that inventory report? Director Yan. Are you okay? Director Yan. Are you okay? Director Yan. Are you okay? Can you walk? I can. I can. Take it easy. Take it easy. Mind the stairs. Director Yan. Why didn’t you listen to the doctor? You left the hospital so hastily. What if you still have a fever tonight? It doesn’t matter. Haven’t I had a medicine infusion? Moreover, the doctor said there was nothing else to worry about. Take a turning and there my house is. If you are busy, then go home first. Take a turning? Aren’t you staying at Wang Xiao Zai’s? I rent a small house myself. It’s not so convenient to stay in his house, anyway. Gao Yang. I hope you still bear in mind what I said to you. Whatever problems you have, you can always tell me. I will help you for sure. I’ll always be by your side. Being your companion. It can become in force now. Thank you. It’s right over there. Gao Yang. Text me once you come home. Don’t. Don’t go. I’m not going. Gao Yang. Don’t go.