annyeonghaseyo now i wil unboxing Ateez season greeting 2020 gogo buy here this the box detail i will open this plastic cover lets see inside there is another cover like here and you can see mssg from ateez member thanks for always be with us on 2019! i will make good memories on 2020 to you! on this new year thoo i will make happy memories to you happy new year guys! and please stay with us! hello guys, we will work hard for this 2020, love you guys and fighting happy new year, and always keep with us! hello im minki lets make great and happy new year! 2020 is start now guys, dont be sick keep healthy lets make good memories and we will work hard for you! love you the great 2020 will come, i hope we can make happy year lets make good memories! oh just in first video i read the mssg so much>