Hi, we’re Joel & Lia, and today’s video is
five things Americans do that drive Brits crazy! Craaazy! Crazy town! Mental! You have sent us to crazy town! okay just so you know guys
before we get going we have made this exact same video in Reverse
so things that Brits do that drive Americans crazy yeah, just so you
can’t get too offended. Lots of you will probably be triggered by this video and be like oh my gosh I’m so
offended but we have just done this for Brits as well and on how annoying
Brits are so … triggered! “I’m triggered!” get over it we make fun of everyone regardless of
who it is even ourselves take it with a pinch of salt a pinch of salt. Honestly, coz don’t take it personally it’s all a joke British people are sarcastic I don’t want to see
any hateful comments okay, none! If you’re gonna leave a comment just leave an
emoji yeah just leave a dagger emoji yeah if you want to say something horrible… that’ll do! So obviously the UK and the USA are very close there
are lots of similarities between the countries yeah but there are also a lot
of differences and we both piss each other off
so should we kick it off with the first thing that they do yeah okay the first
thing they do is say oh my god, say water! Say it again. Say table. Wait, table is the same. Say table, oh wait it’s not as good as water yeah just saying that I love your accent and
it’s a compliment I guess but it’s just when you hear all the time yeah and it’s
the making fun like oh you say water so funny it’s like no we just pronounce
all the letters yeah yeah it can be a bit annoying just constantly like coming
back to the accent it’s like yeah we speak differently carry on talking yeah
which I know it’s kind of ironic because we’ve made videos like oh
Americans say this but let’s ignore that we know we’re hypocrites
let’s move on also on the note of accents like what’s even more irritating
and annoying and uncomfortable is when Americans try and change like how they
speak a little bit to sound like us but they’re still … because it’s so
jarring like it’s really hard not to cringe they’re like “oh it’s just like
laughing” and you’re like ahhh it’s so painful I can’t deal I don’t know
maybe it’s a slip of the tongue but it’s too much. It doesn’t bother me but it bothers you. I find it hilarious. okay this next one’s to do with the
service industry in America it’s when they take your plates away too soon so
say if you and I were eating and you finish first cuz you eat fast and so do
I – but you’ve finished even faster than I have (correct)
and they’ve taken your plate but I’m still eating yeah, hate that. HATE that. I’ve said it before
I’ll say it again don’t do that to me don’t clear Brits plates until
everyone’s finished eating. It’s so rude! SO rude. It literally grinds my gears and we know why we know that
you’re efficient your view is that yeah you don’t want to a dirty plate sat in
front of you, you want it gone as quickly as possible but that is so rude in the UK. yeah
it’s so rude I hate it yeah it makes me feel like I’m the only one eating yeah
I’m just like this sucks so much titties titties titties titties also if
everyone’s got their plates still and people are coming at the end of it you
know sometimes you’re like “oh can I try a bit of that?” and I’ve still got my plate there yeah anyway so
that drives us nuts. That’s another thing that drives us nuts. The next thing that drives us absolutely crazy bonkers is the
inability to use indoor voices we wrote this down before we filmed the video and
I was like I’m sorry but they’re just always loud yeah Americans are we’ve
spoken about it before, physiologically the way that American accents work the
sound reverberates more than British voices we won’t bore you with the
explanation just take it as correct yeah Americans are just louder
in general than we are, there’s no such thing as an indoor voice with them
no every conversation is sort of a few decibels higher imagine if one of us was
American we would have to constantly adjust the levels of the sound, coz one would be
shouting and the other one would be absolutely it wouldn’t work, it’s maybe a bit offensive but yeah I can’t deal with it my dad’s the other
way around though like…. he’s so annoying in America we laugh at it!
because this one restaurant we went to Outback if you know it’s an Australian
restaurant in America “Australian” anyway Australian it’s just burgers being like it’s
Australian anyway we went there and the waitress obviously is very loud and she
has to be because she’s talking to like over all of the restaurant and my dad is
very quiet and she goes anything for you sir like drink wise and my dad went
“nothing for me thank you I’m fine” and she was like what and he’s like nothing for
me thank you I’m fine and she’s like huh? And we had to translate for him because he
speaks very quietly and he doesn’t just give one answer just go no thanks he always goes
“nothing for me thank you I’m fine” we’re like Dad why can’t you just A)
speak louder or B) just say no thanks like you’re confusing her by going
“nothing for me thank you I’m fine” it’s just so funny like a complete clash of cultures where he was just very quiet
and saying a million words and she’s like “eh?” the next one is their over zealous
patriotism in that very posh accent, it’s just too much yeah the kids the school’s the
National Anthem, standing up in your classroom like with your hand on your heart or a
baseball – so this is funny yeah my mum and dad went to a baseball game in
America oh the celebrations after they score no no no no even worse! but
before the game they all stand up hand on heart sing their national anthem
and I was like oh so what do you do just sit down she was like no I stood up
and joined in! I was like mum you’re not even American, and it’s just imagining her
standing there Debbie Wood this British woman like joining in with the song, it’s so funny! And she didn’t know the words either! What was she like? I don’t know I wasn’t there but then we
went to a basketball game all together and me and my brother’s girlfriend
refused to join in we just sat there like this isn’t our country like I’m
happy to watch like go for it America’s great but I’m like I’m not joining in
this isn’t my country whereas the rest of my family, all there like! I don’t know the words. Did Luke do it? yeah! and I think Ben stood up I don’t think Ben did the heart thing but then me and Caitlin were
just like we are not doing this that’s so funny you because you’re an
attention seeker you wanted people to look at you and be like why aren’t you doing it? Plus, I’m like that’s essentially pledging allegiance to America and I’m sorry but
I’m English yeah, fair play. I’d probably join in. God save the Queen yeah? God save the Queen! Yeah? Just add a yeah on the end of things. God save the Queen yeah? we’ve never sung our national anthem in
class or at school we don’t even know the words we don’t even know the words. God save our gracious Queen, God save our gracious Queen, we don’t even know it and that’s not because we’re not proud to be British it’s just because we’re kind of
like “Britain’s great but so is other country’s” yeah and we’d all rather not sing yeah please don’t make me sing! Please don’t make us all do the same thing, altogether. There’s nothing worse is there, “turn to the person next to you and say your name” make friends with the person next
to you! Urgh! Stop! I’d rather die. I’d literally rather die. The next one is the fact that you always assume you’re
the only country that has freedom of speech and I get it we’ve touched on it
before we’ve had some comments being like yeah but we’re the only country
that puts in our Constitution or whatever it is and we haven’t got a written constitution. and by saying… hate speech in the UK can get you in prison but I’m
like that doesn’t mean we haven’t got freedom technically I guess it does mean
we don’t have complete freedom to say anything but we don’t want people who
say hateful things to be allowed to live, if anyone incites
racism and hatred and things like that they deserve to be locked up and every
British person’s like here here get them locked up no one wants them yes I don’t
understand and that’s why we don’t have the sort of equivalent of the Ku Klux
Klan in the UK because we wouldn’t stand for that and they’re instantly in jail
instantly so I don’t understand why people like yeah we’re the most free
country in the world I’m like no you’re not like every country is free and we
just don’t stand for bull beep yeah I was gonna say we’d rather be safe than
be free but we’re neither are we. We’re not safe and we’re not free. Do you feel free? yeah I feel like we can say anything
yeah but the thing is the thoughts that I have are not necessarily gunna offend
people no but I do feel like I can say anything coz you’re a nice person but anyone who does
have those thoughts doesn’t even deserve to live
so yeah freedom of speech thing I completely agree but anyway, America
yeah I guess you are free like congrats Congrats you’re a very free country! jaw really forward. this
is something Brits do all the time when they’re really pretentious. So there we have it that’s five things that
Americans do that piss off British people like we said we did do another
video of British things that we do that piss off Americans so go and watch that
as well and if you have been triggered then please leave a comment below we’d
love to hear your comments, yeah we love triggered Americans No seriously we got so much hate from
Americans and it’s like how many times do we have to say this is all a bit of fun
this is all just a bit of fun. Just lighten up America! Lighten up darling! I know you’ve got Donald Trump as a President but lighten up all right guys please leave us a comment
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