I believe in God and Jesus too but God
must not like me to put me in the lifestyle I am forced to be cooped up
and bored with Christian Western Chandler’s religious beliefs have long
been a complicated matter for most of his life Chris would declare himself to
be in Christian yet his stated religious convictions would often diverge starkly
from his actual peculiar beliefs about God sinfulness and the nature of good
and evil incorporating a grab-bag of other beliefs from unrelated traditions
and other sources moreover chris has long believed himself
to be of unique spiritual importance believing that he has received multiple
visions from God and that he has magical powers now before we dive into this deep
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special shout-out in our next video already in his comics as characters
would regard Chris as their Almighty Creator and father
creating yet another tear on this wedding cake of theological
contradictions since 2017 under influenced by the idea
guys and others chris has come to believe that he is a goddess cpu
blueheart orchestrating an apocalypse that will end in a heavenly new creation
much of his mythology was lifted from the Hyperdimension Neptunia enemy
the result is an unholy amalgam of authentic religious traditions for all
forgeries and narcissism mixed together with neither forethought nor consistency
Chris’s narrow view of the world requires that sonichu and Rosa chew in
the comics and his true and loyal fan base in the real world
share his religious beliefs is demanded that watchers worship Him and believes
it feasible that he could convince half of the world population to join his
personality cult beyond his self infatuation visible from any of Chris’s
creative output Chris had shown from an early period the nascent belief that he
might have been specially chosen Chris might have developed a god complex as
early as 2000 as the halo floating over his head on the cover of Christians
favorite hits seems to indicate in his emails to Reggie he seems to call
himself Jesus you have my word as an avid gamer Lamb of God and humble human
being that I will work very hard to save save save however this could also be a
Mela prappas ‘im forward of God more definite signs first emerged in late
2009 and have accreted over the decade sense and to Chris’s current apotheosis
starting on page 42 on issue number 10 Chris displays a somewhat disturbing
twist to the plot such as it is of his comics ultrasonics you freeze zilina
Rossiter from her stony state using his chaotic powers then appears to dark bind
sonichu with a message similar in tone if not outright text to prophecies of
the coming of Jesus Christ complete with arms outstretched as if he
were suspended on a crucifix later on in the issue ultrasonic who travels to the
world of asper qu were the characters of that comic inform him that they were
forced into their roles by alec and that they had been praying to christian
weston Chandler for deliverance and forgiveness lo and behold Chris did send
the Messiah son Andrew to end their suffering sonichu uses the chaotic
remedy to miraculously cure them all they’re Asperger syndrome even though
only a spur to himself and the condition and gives them new names and new better
looks it should be noted that like Jesus Christ sonichu was born to a virgin even
before this Chris had directly compared himself to God in issue number seven
after Christian is lost at the time void sonichu says this in the meantime he
will receive the accumulative memories of the passing moments so in a way he is
looking down on us like our Lord and God are able to but the vision may be
blurred sonichu Sahni true number seven possibly in response to criticism about
acting as God in later pages Chris addressed the issue of the non-canon
chaotic gumbo worshiping him in an incredibly ignorant manner first he
declares that he is not God but a servant of him and Jesus and immediately
after goes on to forgive Michael the copycats on a choose made over name for
bearing false witness against Chris as if he has the authority to forgive the
breaking of the Ten Commandments like he’s God or something
in addition only five pages later Angelica condemns those who prefer Alex
artwork over Chris’s as blasphemous further evidence of Chris’s blossoming
god complex comes through his answer to some of the frequently asked questions
that were put to him via the mailbag where he states that he considers slide
you to have over 1 billion fans the only other character who can claim such a
number is God Jesus this mad mentality is compounded by the fact that Chris is
like a god to sonichu this means that his opinion of himself as that of a gods
God or maybe a gods bear Chris moves in mysterious ways
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in the comments for you as a goddess myself I am unable to worship in
churches Chris June 2009 it was under the idea guys manipulation that Chris’s
gathering apotheosis came to a head in November of 2017 Chris became obsessed
with Hyperdimension Neptunia a video game slash anime series he declared a
belief and body sharing with a goddess character who represents the Sega
Dreamcast in the series by consulting with Maji Chan then leaving his
Dreamcast console powered on for 24 hours in order to focus his own psychic
power onto it and pulled the goddess into his body
since then Chris has come to believe but he’s actually a goddess to the Sun and
shoe universe Chris depicting how he came to share his body with a video game
goddess doctrines of quicky anity Chris’s convictions not that kind or a
confused tingle ever shifting as wings twist his malleable perception of
reality and his mental state continues to deteriorate
the below seeks to describe Chris’s contemporary beliefs as accurately as
possible with all information is subject to change in light of new revelations at
any time chris has hesitated to describe his
beliefs as a religion April 13 2018 Chris claimed in a Twitter post but he
no longer follows a religion yet he is neither atheist nor Satanist and over a
year later would describe what follows as a belief and faith system not a
religion critical to Chris’s newfound religion is
that he believes that he is sharing his body with a clone of the CPU goddess
Azumi Tinubu she naming the clone that resides within his body as orange spiral
CL Chris believes that he has the powers of the four main goddesses as well as
his own powers in a way this is a bizarre continuation of his classic love
quest not only does he believe that he can create a new CPU goddess from the
ground up but that with the CPU he will bring crystal into reality and
create her as a CPU goddess saying that is something that God Jesus would never
grant to him Chris’s religion has little in the way
of ethics but he has indicated that he believes in the Hindu concept of karma
administered by himself as an instrument of his vengeance against the gern cops
who tormented him in years past in August of 2016
Chris revealed that he thinks of God as a goddess
chris has long considered women to be good and men to be evil and since chris
does not want to think of himself as God or evil he simply swapped the genders in
his mind making Tom grill Christine and Goddess Emmanuel during a conversation
with Joshua wise chris revealed that he had forsaken christianity altogether
believing instead and the cpu goddesses from the enemy Hyperdimension Neptunia
speaking of Hyperdimension Neptunia some of you have requested that we dive
deeper into learning about that and how it relates to christian if that’s
something you would like please leave me a comment right now letting me know
chris’s view of god’s nature as naive and even childish he has used the fandom
jargon acronym OSI as a rough quick ISM synonym for God and uses this broad
category to include Christ men respected but not worshiped in their own separate
traditions like the Buddha ancient pagan gods such as Zeus the Neptunia CPU
goddesses and other anime characters himself and his viewers and lazy ponies
he is incredibly syncretic believing all of these including the latter categories
of clearly fictional characters intended and universally understood as such to be
real and divine monotheism the cornerstone of Christendom but cannot be
compromised was apparently never assimilated into chris’s thought
processes allowing him to continue regarding Christ as a God he claims to
converse with and be friends with Jesus in several other deities nonetheless
Chris does not worship literally everybody and in 2019 Twitter post he
was alarmed by jakub sock misses apparent Satanism saying that no one
should ever worship Satan worship as late as August of 2017 Chris could be
seen in a normal Church albeit irreverently wearing his uniform cosplay
however he has since stopped attending believing that he is unable to worship
Jesus or any other deities on virtue of being a goddess himself and belief in
the o’seas and deities Chris appeals to his viewers to send positive thoughts to
fictional characters as though through telepathy perhaps indicating that he
believes divine power requires worship and oblations implicit in this is
Chris’s long-standing secular belief that he has hundreds of millions of
earnest followers across the globe on December 22nd 2018 and a long rant on
Twitter about the marriage see the next section Chris encouraged his audience to
pray for him I encourage everyone to keep faith and pray to the sea
yeah I’ll pray to me as well Chris blaspheming afterlife and eschatology is
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