G’day all, A number of people asked me how I access cash overseas? One of the ways that I accessed cash overseas is with a Debit card and my goto debit card is the Citibank Plus Debit card. That’s right. I’ve been using this card for over five years. It’s always done what I needed it to do, get my cash from an ATM and some of the benefits of this card is that it has No annual fee. I’ve used my Citibank Plus Debit card overseas in ATMs to withdraw money extensively in America, New Zealand and Canada and have not incurred any ATM fees. I do understand that on, that even though Citibank Plus Debit card advertises no ATM fees that people are now experiencing fees in Vietnam and Thailand, so it is worth doing your research before using it over there. I have had family members that have used it extensively in England and Europe and have not incurred any ATM fees with withdrawing their money. The other benefits that I’ve found with this card is that there’s No foreign transaction fees, that it uses the Mastercard exchange rate, that which if you dine at a Citibank dining program partner restaurant you will receive a free bottle of wine, if you choose to pay with this card. I have not used that feature but that is one of the benefits of having this Citibank Plus Debit card. I hope you find this video useful for your future travels, please give this a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE as well. Thank you for watching!