for those of you that are following me
to learn affiliate marketing now I earn six figures as an affiliate marketer
alone but I want you to understand that that is through software affiliate okay
I’m a teacher trainer marketer I own a marketing company and much of that most
of that has been built up over the last few years teaching training and building
in integrations into my marketing company I’m just really starting to play
with Amazon and affiliate networks and niche websites okay so I am learning
along with you guys we’re all learning together okay so I’m just kind of
popping on here and showing you what I’m doing and you can take what you like and
leave the rest and go yeah that looks like a good idea no that doesn’t look
like a good idea today I’m gonna show you how to take a wordpress website and
add products affiliate products to make a store and then I’m going to show you
how to add on Amazon links to this as well so that you get more options now I
do like a good blog post I did a blog post the other day on all of the fashion
trends of 2019 but I also like products and I find that
they can rank you can actually rank for these things as well the drawback is
that these types of plugins and things can
slow your website down so I’m using WooCommerce I’ll go ahead put a link to
WooCommerce in this video I am an affiliate and I do benefit if you end up
making a purchase through my links and my marketing company builds these as
well so if you want one of these you just say hey you know what you guys
could build it for me I don’t wanna mess with it you check us out at but if you have WordPress you can add the WooCommerce plug-in and if you have
the Amazon Associates you can do what I’m about to do so I’m going to show you
how this works specifically with ShareASale so I am on ShareASale right
up here shares tail ok and I have partnered with any dress for this
particular I like their cardigans I actually bought one and I get so many
compliments on it that I started looking more into this in this company what I
think I think you can get these sweaters cheaper or wholesaling on amazon and I’m
guessing the penny dress is more of a website themselves and marking it up but
for now this is what I’m doing and I’m putting these in and then I’m putting
Amazon affiliate links in there as well so I just did this one so let’s go ahead
and do this next one so there’s trendy color so here’s what I do
you click on get link first thing I need is the large image so
I’m gonna save this large image that they’re letting me use now you can’t just save images if you
don’t have permission this is part of the feed here that they’re giving us now
what I do next is I go over here to text links and I scroll down and I find the
one that said the price in it so you can see there’s differences this one has the
brand name this one has a brand name in the title but nothing underneath this
this one has the price I want the front so I’m gonna go ahead and scrap that I’m
gonna go over to my website here mid like monarch comm I’m gonna click
new products now you can do this without WooCommerce you can do this and just
make these all pages now you don’t have to have WooCommerce to do this but I’m
showing you how nicely it looks with WooCommerce
I’m checking speed on this on a regular basis with my team to kind of watch what
happens with it now down here I’m gonna put in the product short description
okay and then up here I’m gonna grab the affiliate link so I go back over to
share sale and this link right up top that’s where you must direct them to so
I’m gonna put that affiliate product paste that right there then I’m going to
select the product image that product image and then so I’m gonna
select where I want this to go and I’ve already created category so I have a
category called cardigans this is gonna go in my cardigans and then right up top
I’m going to put the name I don’t put the brand in my titles or URLs because
there are so many regulations with people not wanting you to outrank their
own brand so I don’t put it in unless it’s part of their code which it will be
I’ll show you where it shows up and then here I’m gonna say this as a draft
because I like to change the URL and I’m just gonna call the URL trendy color
lump actually patchwork long now just dig out there we go I may
try to make those shorter and then I’m going to grab the Amazon coat so what I
do is I go over to Amazon and I find similar cardigan so I might put long
color cardigan because if they like that one
I’m hoping they’re gonna like these other suggestions that I’m making do my
amazon associates account so I’ll grab a little strip of those copy the code go
back over and I just paste that right up the top okay you can make this a grid or
like the carousel for mobile you can make it a list all kinds of ways you can
do that all right this is it so easy now I’m gonna hit publish I mean guys it
takes me like a few minutes for each one now what I’m going to do is I’m going to
view the product make sure it looks right I put everything in the right spot
see how pretty that is and then they put this vinidress trendy color
luck that’s their code so they’re putting their own brand name in there
I’m not bidding on it or anything and then look scroll down there’s our slider
on mobile you’d be able to click through and see more cardigans okay or if they
click on one they just go to there and then here’s my related products I love
that alright and then that’s really all there sit now I’m going to pin this so I
want this one Pinterest so I’m going to use the Pinterest share
brought the cardigan that I once got all the detail they won in it women’s
fashion over 40 go down to cardigans now you can see what it looks like it’s
gorgeous and this way I’m generating traffic to my website not just to that
company so it’s more compliant it’s less spammy it’s generating more traffic my
website and now I can even tag this like let’s just say this bag she’s holding
I’ve got a I’ve got a page on my website that a similar bags or similar jeans or
that white tank top I could actually click tag now and tag the white tank top
tag the sweater tag the jeans tag the purse and call this outfit of the day or
something which I’ll show you that on another video okay and then also I can
go back and share this share this to Facebook so it looks like this Facebook after debug I have to do the Facebook
debugger and get rid of that script because I want that to have the other
description so anyway once you have this fixed up you just click that and then
share on Facebook and it’ll be gorgeous and you can put that on your website so
that is all we have to do to add these awesome affiliate products I mean I got
Zappos approved yesterday you realize how many I mean it’s thousands of
products so you need to start with one at a time and build out your website and
I’m really pleased with how this look there’s lots of customization options as
well that you can do all right so I’m Lori Ballen thank you for joining me
please subscribe to this channel I make lots and lots of videos for you