Small things can add up to some real growth! Whether you’re trying to get your first or
your 10,000th sale, there is something for everyone in this video. 10 Fast Hacks to Grow Your
Ecommerce Print-on-Demand Store Hey, it’s Wes from Printful! Let’s be real for a second. There’s never enough time to do everything
you could to boost your store’s sales. We’re all busy. We often get overwhelmed with everything that
we should be doing, and end up not being able to find time for any of it. The next time you have spare 15 minutes, take
a look at this list of fast hacks and check off something you can do that doesn’t take
long, but will still help your business grow. Before we begin, make sure you subscribe to
our channel and tap on the little bell icon to get notified about our latest videos. This way you’ll never miss out on new ways
to make your store more successful. 1. Search Instagram for your product photos. When you’ve got a bit of downtime on your
hands, browse Instagram and search your product name or any associated hashtags for user images. Not only will it make you feel good to see
people who love your designs, but you can also save the images and place them in a gallery
on your site, or use them for social media posts. Remember to always ask permission and credit
the author when you do this. While you’re there, be generous with your
likes, and hit that follow button on different accounts that you find—liking and following
other users will help you get noticed. 2. Improve the product description for your best-selling
item. Product description is a key factor in convincing
site visitors to buy your product, and it can always be improved. Take your best-selling item and think about
how you can make it sound even more appealing. You can find tips for writing killer product
descriptions in the description below. And don’t forget to optimize for search engines! Check out our video on SEO, there’s a link
below. 3. Update your packing slip text. Take those 15 free minutes to update the text
that gets printed on your packing slips. Go to your Printful account, Settings and
Packing slip to alter the text. Consider writing a simple thank you note,
or adding a discount code your customers can use for their next purchase. You can also add your brand hashtag on the
slip to encourage users to use it when they post photos with their purchases. That will increase the outreach of your brand
and make it easier to find pictures to later use as social proof. 4. Put an existing design on a new product. Use Printful’s mockup generator to try out
an existing design of yours on an entirely new product. For example, if you have a great t-shirt design,
why not put it on a hoodie as well? If it looks good, publish it on your store! Make a big deal of it, send out emails to
your subscribers, put it up on social media, and generally remind your followers that you’re
there and you’re constantly working to expand your store. 5. Style a flat-lay photo with products you have
on hand. Flat-lay photos have become a major staple
of ecommerce images. Lay out any sample products you have with
other relevant items. You’ll have more content to post on your website
and social media feeds, plus—it’s cheaper and faster than hiring a model and arranging
a photoshoot. 6. Take a behind-the-scenes photo or film a short
video. Fans like seeing the behind-the-scenes of
brands they love. Why not take a selfie of you designing a new
product? Post a photo of your workspace, share something
you’re proud of or are struggling with—people will feel more in touch with you. You’ll create stronger bonds with your followers,
which equals repeat customers! 7. Have a brainstorm session. Sit down and think up new ideas for upcoming
sales or marketing campaigns. We believe that the optimal campaign amount
is about one per month. Bonus points if you can get a business partner
or someone else who supports your work to join you—two heads are always better than
one! Write everything down and save it for when
you’ll have the time to plan out those ideas. 8. Sketch out an outline for a blog post. Blogging is an excellent way to develop new
leads for your online business. Take a moment to sketch out an idea for a
blog post—it should be something that helps you build an audience and engage your readers. If you’re out of blog post ideas, check
out the list in the description below for some tips. 9. Take a look at Google Analytics. Go through your store’s analytics to see
how sales are doing and spot some trends. Which products are most often bought together? When do you have the highest sales? Where does the most traffic that leads to
sales come from? If you don’t have a firm grasp of Google
Analytics yet, check out our beginner’s guide to Google Analytics, link in the description
below. Write down your conclusions, use them in your
brainstorm sessions, and keep them in mind when making decisions in the future. 10. Comb through support emails for reviews. Go through your customer support emails to
look for satisfied and grateful customers. Follow up with them to ask how they’re enjoying
the product, and then gently ask for a review. This form of social proof will help boost
your conversions by up to 63%. Use the reviews on your homepage, product
page, or social media. That’s it for now! You can find all of the resources I mentioned
in the description below. Bookmark this video, so the next time you
find 15 minutes to spare, you won’t be struggling to think of something productive to do. You don’t need all the time in the world
to grow an online store, it just takes a few minutes here and there throughout the week. What else do you want to know about growing
a print on demand store? Let me know in the comments below!