hello all my cruising friends one trend
in the cruise industry I’m super excited about these days is the progression of
private islands we visited a number of them on our cruising adventures and
we’ve never been disappointed there are so many things private islands add to
the cruise experience I could go on and on about it seriously I could in fact
maybe we’ll dedicate a future episode to the topic for now though we’re going to
talk about a new private island more specifically MSC’s new MSC ocean
cay marine reserve if you’ve seen our vlogs from the past year you’ll know
we’re big fans of MSC we had a blast on MSC seaside and Meraviglia
needless to say we were thrilled when we saw the announcement about plans for the
development of msds ocean cay marine reserve and we were even more elated
when we got this latest press release with juicy details that’s right the
island is opening soon and to help you prepare for a visit to this awesome new
island we’ve prepared a list of 10 things to know about MSC’s ocean cay
marine reserve before we get started we have a little disclaimer most of this
info comes directly from the press release you can find the full release on
our website and we’ll link to it below so you can read the whole thing
otherwise just sit back and enjoy the first thing you should know is MSC ocean
cay marine reserve opens November 2019 yeah for MSC ships will visit the
private island destination in the Bahamas on different days those ships
are MSC Meraviglia Seaside Divina and Armonia here’s the picture MSC paints
with its press release endless sweeping vistas of crystal blue waters and two
miles of white sandy beaches ocean key is the ideal getaway for guests to
discover nature’s pure untouched beauty through a variety of activities designed
for all ages there’s going to be a ton of things to do from snorkeling to
stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking – just relaxing in a Cabana
on the beach there’s also spa treatments a traditional Bahamian Junkanoo parade a
lighthouse light show and beachside stargazing there are eight beaches to
choose from offering different activities and services
MSC promises the island will be easy to get around and accessible from the ship
by foot guests can also simply hop on the electric tram that will transport
them around the island we’ll split the rest of the things you should know into
three categories that will loosely follow MSC’s press release those
categories are thrills family fun and romance now that I think of it the rest
of these are all things that you can do rather than things you should know on
the other hand you should know that you can do them so let’s just stick with
that theme the thrills category starts with something for you sporty types MSC
is ocean cay will offer catch tag and release deep-sea fishing how cool is
that after a short boat ride guests can
experience an adventure field day as they catch tag and release to learn
about the different species of original fish and how they migrate in one of the
most famous fishing areas of the world gray fish the only tagging Research
Centre in the Bahamas will help guess as they catch and tag their fish and report
information about the specific catch the third thing you should know is you’ll be
able to take a scenic boat ride to a stunning Bahama Bank and enjoy a lively
adults-only atmosphere and pristine shallow waters while sipping on
complimentary rum punch you’ll be surrounded by live music and dancing
it’s called rum rendezvous and this one is adults only and now the fourth fun
fact you can rent luxury pedal boats you heard right they’re called Ceclo
luxury electric pedal oh rentals you can explore or simply slowly drift for hours
in the tranquility of the beautiful Bahamas on the
newest invention on the market the Ceclo the luxury yacht of pedal boats who
knew these things have electric assistance ready for all your adventures
and are made of recycled champagne cork wood and aluminum I think
I’ll have to try this one too believe it this 5th thing sounds super fun to me
Glow Night times stand-up paddleboarding MSC says discover the marine life after dark
and enjoy a calm evening paddling under a starry sky with specially equipped
stand-up paddle board fitted with LED illumination that sounds so cool if it
wasn’t for pesky grown-up responsibilities we’d probably be the
first to fly to the Caribbean to try this one out now let’s get into the
family fun if you’ve got adventurous kidlets in your family you should know
about ocean key family club in this ocean cay activity the whole family sets
out on an adventure across the island to help captain doremi save the island in
the process you’ll learn about the environment animal species living on the
island and how to preserve the island and oceans around you now the Bahama
Bank escape a family tour is another awesome adventure available on MSC’s new
paradise this is a fun tour for the whole family onboard a spacious
double-decker power catamaran the captain and crew take families on a
charming boat ride to Bahama banks where you can splash around in the shallow
tropical waters enjoy sport activities and relax on the beach with
complimentary local rum punch for adults eighth and last in the family fun
category is something called kids beachside stargazing adventure this is
another fun learning activity for kids and allows them to discover the universe
planets stars and time and space led by captain doremi children will help a
little star find her way back home to the skies through stories games and
riddles it doesn’t say anything about rum punch for adults in this one though
just saying let’s talk about romance for the last two things you should know this
night thing sounds cool but I’m not convinced about the romance just yet it
called honeymoon harbour stingray adventure you’ll get to interact with a
variety of different raised species including the local friendly stingrays
on an adventurous boat ride to honeymoon Harbor where you can also enjoy the
gorgeous beaches and lighthouse on gun cay sounds fun for sure and any
adventure is romantic with my man but again no mention of rum punch we’ll have
to check that one out a little bit more and finally we have the tenth thing you
should know and this one truly does sound romantic
it’s the sunset beach picnic MSC describes this one as a romantic picnic
on the beach it’s for couples looking for a secluded experience where they can
enjoy the sunset and blue bhajami and see over a bottle of wine and a picnic
basket of snacks now that sounds romantic
there are the 10 things we think you should know about ocean cay marine
reserve so is it just me or does that sound just out-of-this-world fantastic I
love the private island trend what do you think would you like to see this
trend continue what activities would you like to see the cruise lines add to
these islands would you like us to do a full episode on the topic let us know in
the comments below alright my friends we’ll end it here until next time we’ll
see you on the high seas