Sarah: Hey, guys. It’s me, Sarah here from Wholesale Ted. And in today’s video, I’m going to share with
you 10 tips for selling online. And yes, I’m going to be giving you some of
my personal tips. I’ve actually twisted the arm of my friend,
and ecommerce genius. Fred Lack [SP], who’s going to give you some
of his insider tips as well, and when I say genius, I really mean it. His ecommerce skills put mine to shame. He has done millions of dollars in online
sales. A huge chunk of that comes from working directly
with manufacturers through driving traffic with Facebook. So, he really knows his stuff. And I strongly recommend that you follow his
advice. So, if you want to know what our 10 tips are,
keep watching this video. Tip Number 1, focus on items that have demand. Don’t use the “go wide” strategy. One of the things I try to teach here at Wholesale
Ted is that it’s better to focus on researching items that have constant, ongoing demand. In fact, that is the basic principle that
we teach in our eBook. How to make $10.000 a month online with drop
shipping, which your ca download for free by clinking on the link in the video description
below. In that eBook. we teach you to find and sell
a small group of items, whether it be 10, 20, or 30 items that you know you’re going
to be selling with constant, ongoing demand every month. Now, the reason why people tend to use the
go wide strategy is because the simply don’t know how to research items that have constant
ongoing demand, so they rely on sheer volume, especially when drop shipping on Amazon. But this is a mistake. It’s a lot easier to focus on selling 10 items
that sell 20 units every month, compared to focusing on 200 items that sell one unit each
every month. Now, both of these strategies will get you
200 sells a month, but one is a lot easier than the other. By focusing on a small number of items that
you sell, you can build and grow your relationships with drop shippers and suppliers. The more you work with someone, the easier
it gets. Practice makes perfect. You’ll become very proficient at working with
your suppliers. You’ll also become very proficient at answering
questions and doing customer service because you’ll know more about the items that you
sell. Whereas, imagine trying to manage relationships
with 200 drop shippers and trying to answer questions for 200 different items. It’s also a lot easier to manage your inventory. If one of the items that you’re selling regularly
gets low in stock, then you’re drop shipper will know to contact you and alert you. Now, this point that I made is extremely relevant
if you’re drop shipping on Amazon. But I also want to make a point about it. If you are drop shipping with Ali Express
in your own online store. Now, I know a lot of our viewers here at Wholesale
Ted are interested in the Ali Express drop shipping model where you drive traffic with
Facebook, like Fred Lamb does. And well, if you’re doing that, this point
becomes even more vital. Paid advertising is extremely lucrative. But it also means that you need to test your
ad, and you need to spend money to make money. Imagine trying to run ads for 200 products
and trying to test those ads. It would be an absolute nightmare. Instead, you need t narrow it down and focus
on a small number of high-profit items. All right. So, that is my tip for you. Let’s switch over to Fred, so he can give
you tip number 2. Fred: Tip Number 2. Sell based on what customer wants and not
needs. Now, this is a very big problem when it comes
to store owners from ecommerce to drop shipping is that a lot of people sell based on what
a customer need and not want. And when that happens, people will never buy
the products on your store. Now, let’s look at the top brands out there:
Louise Vuitton. It’s just a bag, but why does people want
to pay thousands of dollars for a bag? It’s because Loise Vuitton is able to actually
sell based on a customer want. They want the product. They don’t need the product. They need a bag. They can actually go to HNM to by a $10 bag,
but people still buy $1000 handbag, because they want it. And when you’re able to craft a product based
on what a customer wants, you can ask for a much higher price. The perceived value will skyrocket immediately. And when you’re able to sell a higher price,
you can actually make more money, increase your revenue, and most importantly, increase
your bottom line. Sarah: Tip Number 3. Be patient with organic, free traffic. Look, I love free and organic traffic fin
search engines more than anybody, It’s my specialty. That’s why I talk about it all the time here
at Wholesale Ted. A lot of people are drawn to organic traffic
from search engines because it’s free. Making changes to your amazon listing so that
it can get free traffic from the search engine, well, that is free to do. Making changes to your shopify store so that
you can get traffic from Google, that is also free to do. Free, free free. Everybody loves free. and free traffic works. I’m proof of that. But free traffic takes time. Search engine traffic takes time to kick in. In my video, “How to start a business with
no money. I gave you free search engine advice for your
store. But I also make sure to put in there the fact
that it’s going to take time or treat traffic to kick in If you want instant, fast results,
then paid traffic is the way to go, but if you don’t want to pay, that’s absolutely fine,
but you need to be patient. All right, so that is my tip for you. Let’s switch over to Fred so he can give you
his next tip. Fred: Tip Number 4. Use paid traffic to find your golden products. Now, if this as a retail story, and we’re
back in the traditional way of creating an ecommerce store, or even a retail business,
people would have to look for products. They would have to buy in the products, put
it into the warehouse, and hope that the producer will sell. But now, in our modern industry, in our modern
ate, you actually want to reverse it because now you’re giving the ability to actually
do drop shipping. You could simply upload the product, run advertising
to the product, and see if it sells. So, you eliminate initial investment needed. And the ore you do this, the more you actually
invest in to paying paid traffic, to find your products, the more scalable your business
is going to be. Now, let’s look this at a fact, if you’re
able to find five products every day, not all five are going to sell. But if you’re able to find one golden product
that is selling through paid traffic, you can actually scale that product to a six-figure
business right away. So, it’s very important that you need to rapidly
test new products, with paid traffic, and getting customers to buy, and you repeat that
process to really build your ecommerce store. Sarah: All right. Awesome. Let’s move on to Tip Number 5. You don’t need to a have the lowest price
or the most feedback to compete. When selling online, you don’t always have
to have the lowest price or the most feedback to compete. There are other ways that you can add value
to your listings so that you can win the competition war. For example, if you’re selling on Amazon and
you’re selling an item that already has a preexisting listing, then the easiest way
to get sales for that is to win your shared of the buy box. I have a vide that explains how to do this,
which you can find a link to in the video description below. If you’re drop shipping items on Amazon though,
that don’t have a pre-existing listing, and you’re going to have to create one. Although my advice would be the exact same
that I’d give to someone who was private labeling. Create better listings than your competitors
who are in the same niche. This means you need to do things like upload
the maximum number of photos in HD, so that the customer can zoom in on them. This has been shown my Amazon to be the number
one factor when increasing conversation. And focus writing great bullet points and
descriptions that entice the buyers, to buy. The key is presenting yourself better than
yourself better than our competition. If you project an image of confidence, then
you can charge more for your items. It’s why nurofen are able to sell their tablets
for double the price of other generic ibuprofen drugs. The tablets are the exact same. The difference is simply that nurofen comes
In better packaging because they have better marketing, it means that they are able to
charge more for the exact same product. Price competition like this is really only
something you have to worry about if you’re selling on open marketplaces like Amazon,
eBay or Etsy. If you are instead selling on your own woocommerce
or shopify store, then price competition is something that you don’t have to worry about
that much. Let’s take the example of this Meh mug. On Amazon, if someone were to come here and
buy a Meh mug, they can’t help but see a lot of other competing designs, listings, and
prices. Amazon’s layout is designed to give the customer
lots of options and choices. On the other hand, if someone comes to your
store in search in a meh mug whether they came in through Facebook, or through google,
they will only see your option. You set the price expectations. They can’t easily compare your prices to your
competitors. All right. Let’s switch back to Fred so he can give you
his next tip for selling online. Fred: Tip Number 6. Build a sales funnel to beat your competitor
Now, let’s look at McDonalds as an example. A lot of people just go to McDonalds to by
a hamburger. But if you actually have a person coming up
to you and saying, “Would you like French fries with that?” and if the burger was $3,
and then the French fries was $2, now you’ve almost doubled your revenue, because you’ve
built a sales funnel in place. This exact same model needs to be applied
to your ecommerce store. So, let me give you an example. If you have a flashlight that you’re selling,
right. You’re selling the flashlight for $10. The person came to your store. They love the flashlight. It’s amazing. They bought it, and then immediately before
they check out, you ask them, “Hey, would you like to add batteries with this for 50%
off?” Now by asking that one question, you’re upsell
take rate is all the way up to 50%. That means that for every 100 people that
actually bought the flashlight, 50 more people will actually buy the batteries. And by just asking that one question, you
will now literally double your revenue by simply doing so, and in ecommerce you want
to do it the same way. And the reason why is that it will give you
more opportunity. It will give you more power to actually go
and actually advertise and compete with your competitors. If your competitors can only pay $10 CPM for
traffic because that’s all they can make, with their one product, but if you’re able
to build multiple product in a sales funnel wrapping around it, and you’re able to afford
$20 CPM, that means that you can out beat your competitors right away and clear out
the market without even your competitor actually taking a piece of the pie SO it’s very important
for you to actually build a sales funnel for your ecommerce products. Okay. On to tip number seven. Don’t take anything for granted. Did you know that Amazon has closed off the
Amazon FBA program to new seller for Q4 this year? If you’ve never seen a shipment into the Amazon
FBA warehouses, then you need to wait until January to do so. They did this because their warehouses are
so full and busy that they simply could not take on new sellers during the Q4 season. If you have been putting off taking action
and becoming an Amazon FBA seller, then you’re going to have to wait even longer because
you dragged your feet. But you shouldn’t be letting this stop you. Instead you should be preparing your inventory,
writing your listings, so that you can hit the ground running when they open it up to
new FBA sellers. And take it as an important lesson to never
take anything for granted. Think about Amazon’s restricted categories. The ability to become ungated and gated categories
are only going to become harder. Not easier. The people that didn’t drag their feet, and
got into those categories while they were open are now being rewarded. They don’t have to jump through the same hoops
that new sellers do, because they have been grandfathered in. So, don’t take anything for granted. Get started ASAP. Okay, let’s switch back to Fred so he can
give you his text tip. Sarah: All right, Tip Number 9. Shoot first, Aim later. So, disclaimer, I’m not actually suggesting
someone go out there and shoot and aim later with a real gun. This is just a quote from a good friend of
mine, Mark Ling. What it means is that you should put something
out there and optimize and work on it later. In ecommerce terms, it means that you should
bite the bullet and start your own ecommerce store. It means that you should bite the bullet and
create your first Amazon listing. It means you should bite the bullet and create
your first Facebook ad. And you know why? No, your Amazon listing won’t be perfect. No, your store won’t be perfect. No, your ad won’t be perfect. But that is okay because you are learning. But think about this. If you go out there and you actually create
your first Amazon listing, if it means that you’re going to better understand the advice
given to you and the videos and the articles that you read and watch on how to optimize
your Amazon listing for traffic. You learn a lot through doing. So, go out there and try, even if your first
attempt is not perfect. So, that is my final tip. Let’s switch back to Fred so he can give you
his final tip. Fred: Tip Number 10. Diversify your product. Now, you may have several products in your
niche. Let’s say the survival niche, right. Inside the survival niche you can have accessories,
you can have camping gear, you can have water filtration. There’s a lot of things that you can actually
go and market for. In the beginning, you will focus on one core
segment. Let’s say camping gear. And then you want to slowly diversify around
the camping gear in survival market. What else can you sell that these people that
are interested in survival and camping will actually buy? Things like water filters. Things like accessories. Things like credit card tools. All these stuff are going to be building around
your hub, which is the survival market, and the more products you have, the more you are
going to succeed. Now, another very interesting thing that I
want to bring to your attention is that if you want to actually scale to a seven-figure
business, you want to actually look outside of Ali Express. We all know Ali Express is one of the best
source to find products at a very low cost, and they allow drop shipping. But guess what. let me tell you the truth. Now days, there are a lot of large retailers,
branded products, that allow drop shipping. So, what you have to do is use Ali Express
as your foundation. Build your buyer’s list. Build your brand presence. And then take those as a portfolio and then
find other vendors outside of Ali Express to build upon your central hub. This will make your store unique, sell more
products, and sell higher priced products as well. Sarah: And those there are our 10 tips for
selling online. If you like this video, I’d appreciate it
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