twelve step process to start an online
business without experience okay so in this video I’m going to show you how you
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successful what issues did you run into put those comments below so I can help
you out let’s go through each individual step so
that you have a real game plan to actually make money online number one
find something you’re interested in and keep in mind you’re gonna have to work
on this subject matter every single day so you want to have something that you
have some interest in okay it’s that the cool thing really is online you can
actually find your interest and make money on what they are the next thing is
you want to kind of take an assessment of what your skills are you know do you
know web design do you know graphics you know can you play an instrument do you
build a website what is it that you have that are these talents that you have
that you can actually apply to your business right now it’s super important
to list those things out because there’s a couple of ways you can go you could
either get better at some of these skills if you need them to grow your
business or you can actually hire somebody to do those things for you if
you don’t choose to do it now the first thing most people do is they go to
youtube to learn how to do something so if there’s something that you’re not
good at and I do this all the time if I get a new piece of software I’ll
actually go to youtube and type in how to use Camtasia how to use to buddy
whatever it is that new software I have I want to get immersed in it so I really
know how to use it if I’m going to be using it every day a lot of times the
instructions that come with a product and why they do this I don’t know we’re
not real good or they’re not real in-depth but other people have been
using this product or the software and they know more about it and they make
videos and you can watch them for free so that’s the step 2 now step 3 make
sure your business is a niche business now what do I mean by a niche business
well I had a client a while back and she came to me and needed help with her
business and building funnels and that type of thing and I asked her I said
what is your business she says my business is I sell jewelry and I said
well that’s not a nice she goes yeah jewelry is my niche and I said well no
it’s not your niche because any woman or any man could buy jewelry and it’s
impossible to target people I said what is your best selling product she says
well it’s a necklace I had well I said well tell me about the necklace and she
says well it has these little turtles on it and we sell a whole lot of would be
like $2,000 a day and these turtle necklaces and I said oh my god your
niche is not jewelry it’s Turtles because a woman who buys a
necklace that has Turtles dangling from it doesn’t care about the jewelry so
much she cares about self-identified she wants people to know that she’s in the
Turtles that she wants to save Turtles that she loves turtles so what did we do
with her situation we changed her niche to Turtles and now she sells hats and
mugs and bracelets and guess what they all have they all have turtles and now
she’s able to target people who are saving the Turtles with all of her
different products instead of thinking she was just in the jewelry niche by
selling a necklace with Turtles on it so you’ve got to make sure that whatever
your business is it’s got all these other products you can sell and it’s an
actual niche okay so we sell survival food and we can go after people who are
survivalist people who hunt and fish and camp and that type of thing
and that gives us the ability to sell that type of product so when you’re
picking your business make sure it’s not product related its niche related I
talked to a gentleman the other day and I said what’s your product and he says
we sell wooden watches and I went to a site and sure enough that’s all he sold
with wooden watches but that’s not a niche that’s a product and it was
impossible to target any customers with wooden watches so I want you to think
about that when you’re setting up your business make sure it’s a niche not a
product the product is not gonna be a business for you but a niche is and you
can solve so many related products step four once you’ve picked your niche make
sure there’s a market for it how you gonna do that
well you got to make sure there’s enough people that are interested in your niche
like its survival food or turtles or whatever it is and how do you do that
well it’s really pretty simple the first thing you want to do is go to youtube
and start searching videos on your topic so if I was selling survival food I’m a
type in there what is the best survival food you know how how much survival food
do I need and if there’s a lot of videos on that subject matter I know I’ve got a
niche then I’m gonna move over to Facebook and the next thing I’m going to
do in Facebook is I’m gonna go to the top the search bar and I’m gonna type in
survival food emergency survival food and I’m gonna look for groups
now groups are things that you can make on Facebook where everybody who has the
same interest will join so they can share ideas and if I find a lot of
groups with like thousands of people in these groups then I know that that niche
is gonna work but if I can’t find any groups and I don’t find any videos on
YouTube that niche is probably not gonna work and I better move on to something
else number five don’t try to come up with an
idea what yeah don’t try to come up with an idea the thing to do is search within
a niche and find other people doing something that is successful the best
way to be successful online is kind of copy success find what’s working find
the kind of videos that are out there find the kind of groups that are out
there for your subject matter and do something similar don’t try to reinvent
the wheel you can do that later on once you’ve built up your group or built up
your business you can add you know products that people aren’t selling that
you think are gonna be cool in the future but in the beginning you want to
kind of copy what success is already out there step 6
check your finances this is something a lot of people don’t do you know certain
products don’t take a lot of money to sell in certain products to take a lot
of money to sell ok so if you’re gonna be doing affiliate marketing well
certainly you don’t have to worry about it but like our company’s survival food
well we have to manufacture it we have to warehouse that we have to ship it out
if that takes a lot of money that if you’re starting out you may not have you
may even use some of your skills you could go to Tex broker comm and you
could write and get paid for that and a business like that doesn’t cost you
anything to start you just go sign up at text roker calm and you can start
writing for other people if that’s an interest that you have but like I said
something like our survival food that’s a big investment and that may be
something you want to stay away from in the beginning now the next thing I’m
going to tell you step seven is something almost nobody does and that is
develop a business plan now I know you don’t want to sit down and write all
this out but it really is the best thing you could do as a matter of fact I’ve
made it super easy for you because in the description I’m gonna give you a
link where you can download a sample business plan right for my
website and this is absolutely free so you don’t want to look for this in the
description at the end of the video this business plan is actually a completed
one by the Small Business Association and you can exactly see how the person
went through it and what you need to do it doesn’t have to be super long but
this one will give you a good starting plan I highly suggest you do this most
people just do it and then they get stuck along the way and they run into
things they didn’t know we’re gonna happen so I highly suggest you doing
this step eight get a business license you know I’ve had a lot of people say do
I need a business license for an online business you know online or offline it’s
still a business and it’s gonna be required now I’m not speaking for your
country or your city or whatever I’m just saying for for the most part in the
United States if you’re starting a business you’re gonna need to get a
business license why because they want to collect taxes from you so you have to
have this you can’t run your business without a business license then you need
to decide you know what kind of business is it gonna be is it gonna be a sole
proprietorship is it gonna be a corporation and there’s different types
of you know packs I guess benefits or you know higher
taxes on some and lower on others but you want to check all that out with an
accountant or you can just go online and look it up pretty easy to do in your
city just type in their business license and fill it in like San Diego California
business license requirements once you do that you’ll see what you need to do
in the United States you also need to have a federal tax ID and you can also
google that and you can actually do it online so it’s super easy to do it you
can have it no time and get going but make sure you do that so you’re set up
properly and if you don’t you’re not really taking your business seriously
so that’s super important that you get your head right did you understand it’s
a real business you actually need a business license step 9 get a bank
account now you have to get the business license in step 8 before you can go to
step 9 because normally when you go into a bank and you say you want to open a
business account and some people don’t do this they run it through their
personal account that’s a really bad idea
you want to run it through your business account so you can keep your personal
and your business separate super important that you do that step 10 is
get credit card processing you can use many of the ones I’m gonna talk about
right now and get your business going once you set up the business account you
need to then set up a way to do credit card processing so you’re gonna need to
collect money from the things you’re selling online now if you’re going
through a site like you know eBay or something like that yeah you’re not
gonna need that so much but you’re gonna accept credit cards which you don’t want
to do at some point you’re gonna need to use a provider to accept credit cards
and some of the best ones I’ve seen out there are square in an actual website
for that is square up comm and the next one I would tell you about is PayPal com
now PayPal com people can actually send you money through PayPal or you can
actually process credit cards there too some of the fees they’re a little bit
higher and I don’t like some of their rules so I don’t do it but it is
available there to you too and it’s super easy to set up the next one I
would recommend is strike strike calm you could have that set up in 10 minutes
and be taking credit cards on your site you’re gonna need one of these
processors so you know make a list of all these check them out see what’s best
for you and the last one I would recommend is now we use
PayPal we use stripe and we use we use all of these so
for different sites and different situations you know we use these if
you’re gonna use something like Clickbank you don’t have to have your
credit card processing because it’s actually done on the site all you need
is a bank account for them to send you money to so that’s pretty easy step
number 11 get an email provider oh my gosh this is so important so many people
don’t understand this you have to have a way to email your prospects and your
buyers and you have to be able to automate some of this stuff you’re not
gonna be able to use your gmail account or your you know personal yahoo account
or any of those things you need an email provider that can automate this and the
best one out there is Kartra I highly recommend Kartra Kartra awesome and
Kartra is awesome not just because it’s an email provider but because of all the
other things it does that you would normally have to buy more software for
so let me give you an example at some point you may have a membership site now
I thought to myself I’ll never need a membership site now I have a bunch of
them because these things just kind of develop
your business so Kartra has a membership site where you could put all your
training videos and all that in there you’re gonna need sales pages Kartra
has a way to build sales pages in there you’re gonna need email funnels Kartra
has a way to do email funnels and here’s the cool thing
Kartra actually hosts videos so if you’re using like a youtube link now or
Wistia or any of these other platforms and putting that link into your let’s
say click funnels page you don’t have to do that in card trick and the cool thing
about putting it in Kartra is that when somebody watches the video you’re gonna
know how far into the video they watched and you can send them an email sequence
to pick up where they left off you can’t do that on any other platform now in the
description like I said I’m gonna put a link there and you can actually get
Kartra for one dollar you can try it out and see all these cool things it does
it’s got helpdesk and there’s got all these I don’t have time for listening
them all but I’m telling you that’s the one you want is Kartra so check that out
step 12 is decide on the products you want to sell it not product now here’s
the problem that most people have they will pick one or two product to try to
market it it doesn’t work and they say hey selling online doesn’t work and
that’s just so not true you need to get ten or twelve different products in the
same niche and try each one of them you don’t have to spend hundreds or
thousands of dollars if you know you know for a few ads that $5.00 a day can
test out a product and see if you actually get results so what I’m telling
you here is don’t try it with one or two products you get ten or twelve different
products now if you use something like Aliexpress you don’t even have to buy
the product all you got to do is list it somewhere and see what the reaction is
see what sales you’re getting so what conversions you’re getting and then you
can tweak it once you get one that sells a little bit let’s say you don’t make a
profit on it but you’re able to sell it that’s okay
because what you can do is add more products in the funnel after that
particular product to up your customer value and to make your ad profitable so
keep in mind step 12s decide on your products not product and run test it’s
all a testing processes do you find something that works for you now I’ve
got a bonus step for you I know that’s 12 you got you got what you came for
right but I’ve got a bonus for you go to clickbank and find an offer that matches
some interest you may have okay if you do that then you don’t even have to go
out and find these products you’ll know that these products already work because
on Clickbank they’re already tested they’re already proven they’ve got sales
pages they’ve got banners they’ve got all of that I highly recommend
Clickbank so check that one out as a bonus now as I promised in the
description there’s a $97 ecommerce course and it’s absolutely free to you
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