Hey guys it’s Karey Nickel coming to you live from Fresno California – gorgeous gorgeous evening here in central California it’s probably about 65 65 degrees maybe outside it’s gorgeous there’s a beautiful sunset I don’t know if I can switch the camera here and show you the sunset and the palm trees isn’t that beautiful oh it’s nice to see there we go it’s always nice to see the beautiful so you know sunset with the palm trees in front of it two gorgeous gorgeous silhouette and beautiful so I have just a quick training for you tonight something I want to share with you so two or three days ago I actually did a Facebook live training where I gave you the twelve things that suck about Direct Selling and it was a lot of fun and let me just remind you really quickly what they were number one friends and family don’t understand you number two people doubt you three people quit four people say no five go you go slower than you want to sometimes number six personal responsibility kind of sucks sometimes you have to take first responsibility number seven leadership stuff is tough number eight and there’s annoyingly positive people number nine so many new friends that you have to kind of keep up with number ten people get jealous sometimes number eleven you get you can fire your boss and that might make them mad and number twelve you have to deal with extra income then you have to figure out how to manage that income so those are the twelve things that I said kind of suck sometimes about dream Direct Selling but tonight I just want to give you very quickly the twelve things that rock about Direct Selling why I’m doing it so here they are so I’m going to take me very long number one friends and family don’t understand you sometimes when you first get started that rocks isn’t that great sometimes people don’t understand you and that just teaches you some good lessons and gives you an opportunity to spread your wings and be independent and be awesome and just be like yeah it’s okay that they don’t understand me and just realize you know that it’s important to just know what you’re doing yourself and to learn to be confident in what you’re doing and not necessarily have to have the approval of everyone else in your life to do something great number two people down Jew that rocks in Direct Selling people doubt you don’t get funds to be doubted sometimes I mean it’s great to have doubters and haters when you have dollars and haters you know that you’re on the right track you’re doing something great something awesome if you didn’t have doubters and haters some people who doubted you who could who could you prove wrong that wouldn’t be any fun you gotta prove some people wrong right that rocks number three people quit I know it’s the same list people quit sometimes people quit and guess what here’s the crazy truth about that because people quit there’s actually a lot more opportunity this is what creates the opportunity sometimes we say that it’s really hard what we do you know like things things are hard no matter I’m not talking about direct selling maybe you’re talking about fitness training or you’re talking about losing weight or you’re talking about learning an instrument or you’re talking about whatever it is that’s kind of challenging or difficult when people quit you just think to yourself this is what separates this is what makes it so rewarding when I actually break through and win this you know this is what sets apart the boys from the men the girls from the women this is what actually creates the opportunity honestly because so many people don’t follow through it provides an incredible opportunity for those of us that do see so that’s the positive way so look at that and realize that when people quit it’s okay it just helps you find the right ones that don’t quit and it reminds you that this is a great and incredible opportunity number four people say no people say no now that kind of sucks but are also rocks when people say no it develops our character it helps us to understand and separate from separate out that this is not about us personally and we learn from people saying no and we become stronger and so it’s really rock that people say no so that’s a really good thing number five you go slower than you think sometimes thinks sometimes you’re like man you know wish I was going faster and this rocks because you learn so much from going slower and you learn what you should be doing and you would you correct and you’d be get stronger and you become better at what you’re doing and you become more skilled that rocks so that’s why it rocks to go slower than you think you know you wish you you did number six yes personal responsibility now I said that sucks but it also rocks because this teaches you that you have to take personal responsibility in your life for everything I mean what if you’re the employer and you have a bunch of people that are not doing their job that you hired those people right it’s your fault and so it’s personal responsibility your downlines not your problem it’s you and so sometimes it kind of sucks that you have to take personal responsibility but guess what it also rocks and that’s why I say it rocks to take person responsibilities number seven leadership is kind of tough but guess what that rocks that rocks because it’s good to learn to be a leader you have more influence when you’re a leader you can get more done you can create you can help more people you can you more people will look to you and you’ll be able to have more influence you’ll be able to have more impact on a larger group of people and isn’t that awesome hey Josh good to have you with me and thanks for joining me number eight you get to be around annoyingly positive people I said that sucked a couple of days ago but doesn’t suck I mean it sucks but it rocks right isn’t it awesome to be around a positive people now not annoyingly positive but guess what it’s not so annoying when people are positive you’re like you know what this is really great I have learned in direct selling you around the most the most awesome people and I go to the Direct Selling events that I go to it’s like I’m at home with family it’s like I am these are these are my peeps this is how I feel I’m like these are my peeps these are the peeps that are like me they’re positive they’re strong they’re encouraging they’re inspiring they can do people they want to get past all the struggle all the trouble all the difficulty right so that rocks that you’re around so many positive people number nine you make so many new friends and that kind of goes right hand-in-hand with number eight it’s just about making so many new friends you know people think like you lose your friends when you become a direct seller no no no you make friends I have more connections more friends more people that I know that are so great and not only that the quality of the people right the quality of your friends these are not your friends that are like pulling you down these are friends that are pulling you up right hey Kevin thank you for that I appreciate that you rock my friend pit so it’s about it’s about more friends so doesn’t that rock it rocks to be in direct selling because you have more friends way more friends and such better friends do there’s there’s good quality friends and not so good quality friends I think you do that number ten people get jealous why do they get jealous because there’s a reason sometimes they get jealous because you’re doing something that they’re not and that’s okay that rocks it’s a good thing right it’s not a good thing that they’re jealous and of course that’s the downside but we can look at the other side of it rocks that they’re jealous because obviously we’re doing some of pretty incredible things and there’s something to be jealous of right it’s a good thing number eleven and we’re going through these pretty quick is you already heard them the other day you can fire your boss if you’re in a toxic environment that rocks I mean that’s really good right I mean if you’re in a bad environment in a job that you don’t like and it kind of sucks it’s a good thing to be able to fire your boss I would say that’s true now not in every case we don’t want you know a lot of people that join network marketing Direct Selling companies aren’t looking to fire their boss they’re not looking to change and that’s good because we need people in jobs jobs are excellent and we were now I never want anyone to hear me saying that jobs are bad jobs are great they make the world go around and very grateful for those of us I mean if I’ve had it I’ve had a job that I’ve been very grateful for I’m sure you’ve had a job that you’ve been grateful for and that helps us right and it helps so many people provide so many services in the world however sometimes you’re an environment where you really want to fire your boss and that’s a good thing so that rocks actually that you can fire your boss when you become successful and Direct Selling and finally number twelve you earn extra income residual income and this is the number one reason to do this is it challenging yes it is is it difficult sometimes yes it is is it sometimes discouraging yes it is that you have wall kicking moments yes you do sometimes does it go slower than you think it should yes it does sometimes but I will tell you this if you stick it out the residual income that you will will achieve the residual income and what I mean by that most people don’t even understand what that is you know how you get a bill every month no matter what you do and that just keeps on coming and that bill just keeps on coming that’s a residual bill you have to do any things about you just you just keep on getting that bill and they guess what residual incomes the same way only you’re getting income every single month no matter what it doesn’t matter what you did the work now or you did it previously so currently I have a residual income and that’s an income stream a flow of income and whether or not I did anything this week at all or not or not that income is going to come to me why because I develop that over time I work hard in the past to create that income stream so that now the the in the next weeks and months and years to come I will enjoy that flow of income and yes does that bring on some extra challenges to learn how to handle that income and what to do with it not invested in all that good stuff how to keep it how to not pay so many taxes content all those things yes it does that’s right but is there not awesome that it just absolutely rocks this is the reason why I do Direct Selling because it is so awesome to develop residual income that will go on paying you for years and years to come do you want that I hope you do alright guys thanks so much for joining me I appreciate it there’s a number of you guys is that a drought-tolerant something yes this fountain is not not flowing right now so yes it is a drought drought approved California fountain so it is a gorgeous evening I will end with thee well there’s not what to the sunrise or sunset sorry here left to show but it is there there is the palm trees in California there’s a few of them right there and a gorgeous sunset behind me and I’m looking forward to an incredible money Monday tomorrow and I am going to take the bull by the horns and I’m going to work really hard and try to get to a goal this week and push hard in my business and I hope you are going to to whether you’re a drug seller or not maybe you’re not in direct selling maybe you’re doing something else completely different that’s okay I want you to really think about pushing hard tomorrow and just attacking what get what you’ve been given to do in a more powerful way and moving your business and your income and your and your life forward in the way that you want to tomorrow tomorrow is a new day it’s a new week it’s a new opportunity to do incredible things impact more people serve more people and create a positive change in the world alright thanks so much for joining me guys have a wonderful night and we’ll talk soon bye guys