– [Reacher] Sometimes making
your mark and achieving cult status means deviating from the norm. I’ll let you decide if these
are fit to become legend. This is Reacher with Minds Eye Design, and here are 15 unusual
vehicle conversions from around the world. Number 15. It goes without saying that there’s more to an off-road vehicle than simply mounting a
chassis on four wheels. Greek 4×4 rally race
champion Stefanos Attart decided to have a little fun when he took on this endeavor. He started with the powertrain from a Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 series the 6-cylinder 346 cubic
inch diesel engine produces 84 horsepower and 191
pound-feet of torque, oversized 55 inch tires give the vehicle over two feet of ground clearance and a total height of 12 feet, this is the perfect mix
to awaken the inner child and anyone who sees it. Number 14. Nothing really stands out in L.A.’s anything-goes atmosphere, but if you see this one on the street you might take a second glance. Someone got the brilliant
idea to make a limousine using the trim down body of the Boeing 727 and a chassis from a bus. The 53 foot long vehicle weighs 12 tons and can hold up to 50 people inside you’ll find a
fireplace, TVs, a full bar and a dance floor with strobe lighting. It can be rented out for a
hundred thousand dollars a month or you can buy it outright for one million from a guy named Limo Bob. If you’re interested
you’ll find the link below. Number 13. This monstrosity named Phantoms was built by WT Burgess with
a bit of inspiration from a 1937 Bugatti Atlantic. He stripped down a 1968 VW
Beetle to nothing but the motor, suspension, steering, and transaxle. Then, he topped it with a wire armature and covered that with small
pieces of two gauge steel all welded together. The 1900 pound two seater gets its name from the gargoyle heads mounted
on the fenders in front end. LED lighting gives the eyes a blue glow. which adds to the
sinister look of the car. Can you imagine seeing
this blue-eyed beast coming at you in the middle
of the night on a desert road? Number 12. Jeff block who goes by the
moniker Speedy Cop designed this barely running pile of crazy to drive in the 24 Hour of
Lemons, an endurance race for cars that cost under $500 to build. He took a 1990 Ford Fiesta and topped it with an inverted 1999 Chevy Camaro body. The Ford’s wheels are hidden underneath which gives the impression that the car is skidding along the track upside down. Block says he’s an eight-year-old kid trapped in an adult’s
body with just enough know how to pull off these wacky ideas. He’s definitely one of the
people who ignore asking why and just ask, why not. Number 11. West Oakland California
resident, Rebecca Caldwell built this amazing work of art somewhere around the year 2000. I can’t say why she was inspired to do so but it works and it’s street-legal. It’s actually two cars in one as there’s a VW bug on
top of the 1971 hearse. Caldwell says she could get a bit faster than 60 miles per hour
if she was going downhill and the car is a major gas guzzler which she felt guilty for driving. It was rumored that there
was a bed in the beetle accessible by a hole in
the roof of the hearse. That would officially
make this the world’s most metal motor home ever. Number 10. Artist Jeremy Dean created
this as a heavily satirical embodiment of what a post
oil future will be like. He got his idea from the Hoover cars of the Great Depression
where many Americans had horses pulling their cars because they were unable
to afford gasoline. He bought a used Hummer H2 for $15,000, took it to a garage and started
cutting pieces off of it. All of the modifications were made using existing parts from the car. In the end it all weighed
just under 2,000 pounds. If the economy does collapse, Dean could be one of the lucky
few to find work by building vehicles like these for
the wealthy and elite. Number 9. California based water car developed three amphibious prototypes
between 1999 and 2010 One of these was the Python. It’s powered by a 450
horsepower Corvette engine on land while a rear Dominator engine handles everything on water. It can reach land speeds
of up to 127 miles per hour and water speeds of up
to 60 miles per hour. It can be driven straight into the water without reducing your speed. All it takes is the press of one button to retract the wheels
and start the jet motor. Imagine how cool a high-speed police chase could potentially be if the suspects were using the Python as a getaway car. Number 8. The Tryane Two was created by a German carpenter
aptly named Friend Wood. Its base is a Citroen 2cv chassis with two wheels in front and one in back. After shaping the bodies shell he molded and glued three layers of 1.5 millimeter mahogany veneers, which he then buffed to
a mirror-like finish. Because of its light
weight at only 900 pounds, the cars internal
combustion engine is capable of 90 miles per gallon with a top speed of 101 miles per hour. Wood put about 2,000 hours
into building the car so I don’t even want to
imagine the pile of kindling this would turn into if
it got in an accident. Before you get caught
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date on all the latest and greatest from Mind’s Eye Design. Number 7. This fully functioning
hot tub on wheels gives a whole new meaning to the term car pool. Engineers Duncan Forrester and Phil Wacker came up with the original idea in 1996 using an 82 Malibu as their prototype. After years of testing and redesigning they switched to using
a 69 Cadillac DeVille. They tested the equipment
for heating, filtering, and pumping the water,
as well as redesigning the suspension to account
for the added weight. The Cadillac’s 472 cubic inch V8 can still hit speeds of 50 miles per hour even when the car is full of water. According to Forrester
you haven’t really lived until you’ve sat in a hot tub
and watch the world roll by. Number 6. The Transition is a folding
wing two seat street-legal aircraft billed as the world’s
first practical flying car. It flies like a typical light aircraft in the air and drives like a typical car on the ground. It runs on unleaded gasoline and converts from driving to
flight mode in under a minute. When in flight it has a
ceiling of 10,000 feet and a cruising range of 400 miles with a top speed of 100 miles per hour. There’s even a full vehicle parachute in addition to the normal
vehicle safety features. Terrafugia is finalizing production and compliance testing
in preparation for a 2019 delivery date for the first vehicles. Number 5. Vehicles with advertisements on them are everywhere these days, but this one designed and built by Big Daddy Vinnie of Discovery Channel’s The Customizer may be
as unique as it gets. Vinnie started with the 1999 Monte Carlo on a pool table from Brunswick Billiards. After weeks of crafting and consulting with people such as
famed custom car creator George Barris, the car was
finally ready to hit the road. The pool table is fully detachable and the car itself can reach speeds up to 100 miles per hour. The car has become such
a popular attraction that there’s already talk
of changing the front end to a new Camaro, Rolls-Royce, or Bentley to update the look for the future. Number 4. Ron Patrick an extremely daring individual built this jet car for fun and yes, it’s street-legal. He chose the beetle
because he liked the look and how well it showed off the jet engine. 700 amps of current go into the motor for 20 seconds during start-up. To light the afterburner he
holds a starter button down and a half second later presses a hot streak button on the floor. Then, some very noticeable things happen. The idea is that you drive
around on the gasoline engine and when you want to have some fun you spin up the jet and get on the burner. This is the guy who plays GTA and sees nothing but inspiration. Number 3. MG Vrbanus make specialty gates and fences but a bit of inspiration pulled them away from their usual work to
create this ornate work of art. The design was first sketched
before the sheet metal body was removed from a 1970 type-1 VW Beetle. The metal work was so
precise that the window glass could be refitted into the
original rubber moldings. The seats were redone
with hand-stitched leather while the exterior was
given an extra flourish with Swarovski crystals and
24 karat gold leaf accents. The car actually runs and is great for a leisurely drive
assuming it doesn’t rain. Number 2. No explanation is needed
as to where the inspiration for this one came from. It was built in 2012 for
reported $4.2 million. Details are sketchy but if this is correct it would make it the most
expensive limo ever built, even topping U.S. Presidential limos which run one to 1.5 million each. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be legal but I’m wondering if it
features all the gadgets used by Batman such as
the missile launchers, ejectable wheels, and
that awesome jet engine. Even if it isn’t fitted with all the gadgets the original had this limo is definitely the one to choose when your average limo simply won’t do. You’re absolutely gonna
love our number one pick. Be sure to tell us in the comments what you thought of this list and as always we welcome all suggestions. Number 1. This all-terrain gamer started as a 2009 Tacoma
double cab long bed pre-runner. The B-pillars were removed
and Goldwing doors were installed to increase space,
and add shelter for gamers. A theater style seating
configuration was created to intensify the gaming
with leg support being added for the outer chairs. Four interior monitors
were placed on swing arms to allow the cab to be converted from a drivable truck to a video haven. The gaming system is complemented by a two channel kicker audio system. A 304 horsepower four
liter V6 provides the power to get you to your destination so you can enjoy the great outdoors while still pursuing your passion for gaming. – Hey guys this is Cassie, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments
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