what’s up you guys it’s Griffin and
welcome back to my channel for today’s video I have something that is so
exciting I have been waiting for at some of these packages for a while now I
found a video a little bit ago on YouTube where someone ordered a mystery
box and basically they had no idea what was gonna be in the box they paid someone
like five hundred dollars to get a mystery box on eBay and I was like I
want to do this because I’m so intrigued to see what I would get. So I decided
to it try something like that mixed with the worth it series that BuzzFeed
has going on so I’m doing three different mystery boxes at three
different price points. The first one is twenty dollars the second one is two
hundred dollars and the third one is five hundred dollars. I think that we
should start with the cheapest and work our way up. So let’s grab this $20 box
let’s cut it open. Okay there’s like newspaper in it. Okay the first item it’s a lint roller which I guess is kind of
convenient because I am wearing all black however, what? Wait I
thought I was gonna break whatever it was but whatever it was it was an
eraser that’s used, a pad a car charger and a tape measurer. What? I’m literally
so confused. First if all, ew no thank you. Second of all this is used third that’s all. Fourth, I can actually use this because I just lost mine so this is actually good for me but otherwise I’m kind of
confused. So I reach in and there’s a bag of Halloween eyeballs. Okay Halloween is
coming up. You better not pout something days until Christmas. Okay Christmas is going up too and I’m very excited for it and my mom and I
want to start watching Hallmark movies together. This is cute
but I don’t really know if I’m gonna have a Christmas tree this year I also
just don’t know what to do with this stuff until it is time to use it.
I don’t know what I’m gonna do with this and then next thing I know I’m gonna
need to measure something I think where to go I’m gonna have thrown away because I think that I need it oh my god what the heck It’s a gnome. Okay I don’t think this gnome has
pants on and he’s smoking this is an inappropriate gnome but I kind of like it
that’s so strange like literally all of stuff in this is
so weird. Okay so that was it for this $20 mystery box. I mean I guess
no that was not worth twenty dollars. I would definitely say that wasn’t worth
twenty dollars. two hundred or five hundred is probably more worth it. Let’s
take a look and see what is inside the one that’s worth two hundred dollars I’m
still kind of grossed out that there was a pad in the last one. This is the two
hundred dollar mystery box it’s in an Amazon Prime box well this one looks
like it’ll be good so far. Okay inside this little brown bag
is what? A nationwide dog tag is this literally gonna be another thing of crap?
I’m gonna be so upset it’s like $200 of just crap oh there’s a ring box. okay I see you
let’s see if it fits it is huge it’s like literally dangles
off of my thumb. There’s another freaking tape measurers like what each box is
from a different person so tape measures must be common in mystery boxes also got
some spoons. Ew this is literally a nail clipper but look how dirty in it
and zip fizz. I also don’t know what that is but like literally you it’s like
actually nasty in there this is so gross and then on the inside there’s a
despicable me sticker actually that one can be useful. Okay like this see this is
more my speed this feels more like what the stuff
should be in a 200-dollar mystery box but what’s in this is a Renewed Hope in
a Jar is a daily moisturizer and overnight
moisturizer and an under eye moisturizer I’m excited to use this stuff. Let’s see
what’s in this cute old granny. The bags new okay okay so there’s some stuff
in here there is a Neutrogena makeup removing wipes which is always useful
like I love having these in my purse. I literally just was trying to find my
wipes last night and I couldn’t find them and I was so stressed out because
it’s the easiest way to take off your makeup oh my gosh there’s so much in here.
You guys okay next is the Burberry complete eye palette with four colors. I’m
excited hopefully the colors are really great you can tell its new those are
pretty colors too I like this I’m gonna use it I wish I
had that this morning literally before when I was getting ready and then there
are two packs of Ardell wispy lashes these are clearly new which is good
because like literally some of this stuff was used and I was like kind
of confused about that other bag wow there’s so much in this okay so first of
all there’s a Too Faced cat eyes palette woah this is so pretty
it has a day, a classic and a fashion look and this is three looks and three
minutes in this little notebook thingy um if you guys want any cat eye tutorials
make sure to leave a comment down below wow this is like actually good stuff and
you can tell that none of its been used yet. Next is bare minerals smile play wink
it has a lasting line long wear eyeliner lash domination ink liner and intense
black and around-the-clock intense cream glide eyeline
so it’s three different eyeliners that you can use one of them is like a felt
tip of them is a pencil and one of them is a cream gliding pencil there’s some
fashion tape which always comes in handy and then you have the urban decay naked
smoky palette I actually don’t have this one oh that’s awesome I do I have been
wanting to get the one that’s like the fire like it has like the red and the
orange and the burgundy color well I guess that one really bad so I kinda wish it
was that one but this is just as good because I literally don’t have this and
it has all these colors that I normally use it’ll be good for me to
like test different colors and try different looks and like maybe I can
bring you guys a new look. So that was all of us in this bag. Urban Decay
Burberry Philosophy Bare minerals Neutrogena – things like there are so
many things in here that are actually good quality like I’m sure I’m so
excited this is literally like the most fun haul because now I’m gonna get to
like go play with all of this stuff after. Now it’s time for the $500 mystery box
this one is the biggest craziest Mystery Box ever. This is the one where they
ask for my size so and hope they pick something cute we’ll see. Okay there’s
red wrapping paper see like the first one had like newspaper the second one
didn’t have anything and the third one is like tissue paper. it’s pretty we’re
going places in the world guys. We’re going places. This bag is the softest thing I’ve
ever felt what did I just pick up? I’m excited this is actually so cute this is like a
little hoodie that has these little crisscrossy things on the shoulder so
it would like show your shoulders a little bit it’s a purse it is a
beautiful lovely purse that it’s filled with even more things. So I like this
purse it’s just cute simple black like it’s you can wear it with anything
it’s from the FRYE company they’re like 300 or 400 dollars so I’d say that’s
like a pretty good thing to get in this bag because it’s like a $500 box and
there’s still more stuff to go in this box. There’s this little rag-and-bone
cute little wallet this is really cute though. I love the snake print. I love
that print lately I feel like it’s been so cute. Here’s a pair of glasses
and they’re so cute they came in like this cute little carrier case but look
how cute these are. They’re Kate Spade – okay so the next ooh this is pretty. It’s
Freida Rothman it’s her jewelry collection. Next is this pomegranate
currant Oh it’s a candle oh oh let me tell you I
wish I just be like you like smell. It smells so
good oh there’s another candle in here this one says says love me I have a few
candles from this company actually and they all have a bunch of really cute
quotes on here called an a and it’s supposed to be smelling like floating
fields Oh oh that’s nice. That’s some floating
fields if I’ve ever smelled some. It says hi and then it’s like this little jar of like a
bunch of different matches Florida Island Resort a tennis swim and
racquetball place a casino a resort a lodge oh my gosh this is so cute
so that was the last piece in this box I would say the most worth it to me was
probably the $200 mystery box and I would say I got very very lucky with
both the $200 and a $500 mystery box because I did watch graveyard girls
video of the $500 mystery box that she bought basically they said they had like
all of these high brand names and then she got the box and was like samples of
all the stuff. It was like these tiny little baby samples and I got like these
full-sized actual products and I couldn’t be happier. I got a really lucky
mystery box but the first one was definitely little strange. and guess I
could suggest mystery boxes if you just kind of want to like see what the world
has to offer and if you want to make a video out of it even if you guys do make
any videos or you get your own Mystery Box make sure you leave a comment down
below telling me what’s in yours or even leave a comment down below telling me
what you would put in your mystery box if you were to sell one I love you guys
so much and that was it for this video I hope you liked it if you did make sure
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hopefully I will see you guys later bye he took me back to