I’m gonna ask you three questions and I
want you to consider these. These are questions that I had to ask myself and I
think all of us as Network Marketing professionals have to ask. Number one is
this, if not Network Marketing then what am I gonna do? You see I asked this
question to myself you know when it got hard. When it got a little tough. You know
I started saying what else am I gonna do? What am I gonna go get a job
and work for the rest of my life. A job and you know it’s the nights when you’re
driving down the highway. There’s no headlights behind you, no
taillights in front of you, and the little mice with the pink tutus; they
start running across the dashboard. That’s when you know you’re really
getting a little delirious and you’re white knuckled right. And you’re thinking
to yourself man, I’m either crazy. I’m either insane or I am destined for
something great. So if not Network Marketing, what are you gonna do? The
second question I’d like you to consider is this. If not now then when? You see now
is really the only time that matters. It’s really actually the only time that
exists. If you think about you know words like someday, one day, guys that’s where
unsuccessful people live. Okay. Don’t subscribe to that mentality. If not
now than when? Most people want crock pot results with microwave efforts and so
you got to understand guys, now is what matters right. Hoping for a future
without investing in today. That’s like a farmer hoping for a harvest and never
planting any seeds. It doesn’t make much sense. So, if not now then when? The third
question is this and this is the big one. If you’re taking notes jot this down. If
not you then who? Who’s gonna do it. Let me teach you something that
my mentor when I was 18 taught me. He said Brandon, listen, no one’s coming to
save you. No one’s gonna come get you up off your couch and tell you to stop
eating Cheetos at midnight watching Dancing with the Stars and CSI. You’re
gonna have to do that yourself. No one’s gonna save your family. No one’s gonna
save you from your destiny that’s being created right now. You have to do
it right. Let me tell you how serious your life is. You’re not gonna make it
out alive. Okay, this is a big deal. This is not a
dress rehearsal. You don’t get another shot. So, let’s make this one the
best shot we can give it.