So a couple of weeks ago I was out in New York Shooting a series of videos for Android Pay. In the last episode I did a challenge This time around I decided I wanted to take a fan shopping. I know, it’s crazy! We went to B&H photo using nothing but Android Pay And we had a great time check it out “You made it!” “I made it” Guys I put out a tweet: “Anybody available
midtown NYC? Big challenge”, and all of a sudden Jack shows up. Maybe not “the Jack”, but “a Jack”. We are doing an Android Pay shopping challenge here at B&H in New York. We’re each going to have 300 bucks to put
together the best the ultimate travel tech package. Maybe there’s headphones in there, maybe there’s a battery app. It’s up to you. That’s the beauty of it, you do yours I do mine. 300 bucks, 30 minutes. At the end of it fans, they get to pick together the
better package. Are you ready for this? I’m ready! – Let’s do it. So listen, I’m upstairs. We’ve never been to this place before.
It’s insane in here. Millions and millions of dollars of gadgets in here… I’m wasting time talking to you. I need a bag to put all these gadgets in. I
only have three hundred bucks though, so do i really want to spend one third of
it on the bag? Laptop area. Let’s go this way for a sec, follow me. Can I put VR in my kit like I’m gonna have a GoPro? I mean everybody wants to have a
GoPro but… what I need, I need a Playstation controller? Why do I need a
Playstation? I don’t. This is useful to have in your travel
bag, broadcast on any display you bump into. I got that hot new camera, 1939-1966. I
should get some headphones. We’re traveling, we’re gonna need headphones, no doubt about it. I need to find like 80 bucks. As much as it’s a contest about
the best stuff, it’s a contest about the most stuff, because if this is your
travel bag, you’re kind of limited with what you take, so maybe I should leave the room, leave the space, by going with the 60 dollar pair of
headphones, instead of hundred or more. Monstrosity. I don’t know, I’m thinking these are kinda
like the loaded M50X’s. The water speakers! This one is 66 bucks. I could save a
bunch of money and go to $32 with the nice, soft… Oh, that’s hard to say no to. Let’s think though, if I do a hundred on
this, 60 on headphones, Chromecast gets me to 200, I still got a hundred bucks
for a few other things. We only have a 300 dollar budget and this is why I can’t put too much on the bag.
– I’m gonna need a battery! Portable chargers, somewhere there. Where are the bigger boys?
Just over ten bucks it’s not a big battery, it’s only 5,000 but it has the prongs built-in, this means i don’t need to bring a separate charger. What the hell else
do I need? We can do a terabyte over here, for 50 bucks. How
much money do you have left? Maybe I can get two terabytes. Two terabytes, I gotta have two terabytes. I got a lot of stuff to carry around, man. “Unbox Therapy”
– Something… action cam, “GoProey.”
Actually, this seems pretty good. Doesn’t totally blow our budget up. Figure I’ll grab this one. It’s US to Europe. Figure I’m going to Europe. I feel pretty good, I’m pretty confident with what we got. I think we’ll win. What? Is it?
– Time’s up. Okay you know what, listen, if I went over,
I went over. Do I lose immediately if I went over? Woah, that was scary quick. It’s the moment of truth, and you’re
gonna vote in the comments section below and determine who’s the winner of this
challenge. The three-hundred-dollar B&H shopping challenge.
The ATH M40X I got the 30X
Well, look at this team, we’re already one the same page here. Guys, we didn’t know, going into it. You wanna document, what you got. GoPro’s were a
little out of the budget, but uh we found this, it has slow mo, it’s got Wi-Fi, 1080p, small.
Looks like you can take a beating. So you went with an action cam?
– You’re gonna need storage on top of that. So we even got storage. Ok, 64 gigs
– From incase, it’s a laptop
bag. I like the color of it, I like the brand. I like the multiple compartments
here. Look how soft that is! But the problem is I spent $99 on this, so, it affected my other choices. Well, you saved the 30 bucks on the headphones, I saved the 30 bucks on the backpack. It’s fuzzy. but also fuzzy it’s not also as fuzzy, but it’s fuzzy It’s not a huge battery, it’s only five
thousand mAh, but what’s cool about it It’s got the power prongs built right in,
so it actually becomes your charger as well. So you can leave your charger at home. Then your battery backup it’s always charged up and ready to go. On that same note, it’s got two USB ports six
thousand mAh, a little more. Pay for prongs!
The prongs don’t do you any good if you’re outside the country. So we grabbed a power adapter. – Oh, I was gonna get one of those! Here’s a weird one. Let me explain this. Listen,
I don’t want to watch what’s on TV. I want to watch what’s on my mobile device. I want to watch the kind of stuff I’m into Chromecast can do it, and this is only 35
bucks. Fits into a bag, you hardly notice. In case you’re not traveling alone, taking
the train somewhere, taking a bus somewhere, and you want to split your audio with your friends, this
is only like eight bucks.
– A splitter! Five-way!
– I got an external drive, a 2TB. A lot of times I am traveling for work too, so an external drive is with me
most of time. So I got a two terabyte. Then when I’m over there looking at hard
drives, I get this mega demonstration of this
thing called “Grip It”. It sticks onto any device, and allows that device to not
move around, to not float around. I mean I don’t know how travel-worthy this is.
This is genius. It’s going in the kit. But the dude sold
it to me. – It’s also nice- It works on any fabric, glass, wood, plastic, anything.
– Perfect! So there you go, out here in New York
City with a table full of tech. I mean you guys gotta let us know now, down in
the comments. Who’s kit would you rather have? $302.67.
– $300 bucks and 10 cents.
Let us know who did the best. Let us know who’s tech you want, for your 300.