You are watching the 3dcart Review, brought
to you by the Top10sites. With so many eCommerce builders out there,
it can be a real challenge to start selling online on your own. One way to help guarantee your online store’s
success, is to build your store with 3dcart. 3dcart offers store owners a great combination
of powerful tools including SEO, product reviews, gift certificates, and more. With 3dcart it’s easy to build, launch,
and market a mobile-ready eCommerce store using one of their many beautiful eCommerce
themes. Let`s take a look at their pricing. 3dcart offers 4 plans. Basic, Plus, Pro and Enterprise. The Basic plan costs $29 monthly and has all
the essential eCommerce features. This plan allows for 2 staff accounts. It also gives you features like Built-in SEO,
Real Time Shipping, Ebay Integration, a Facebook Store, POS Module and Single Page Checkout. The Plus Plan is $79 per month, has 5 staff
accounts and is perfect for small businesses and startups. In addition to the Basic plan it offers an
Abandoned Cart Saver, E-mail Newsletters, Customer Groups, and a product comparison
feature. The Pro Plan is $229 a month and is perfect
for growing businesses. It allows for 15 staff accounts and includes
product Q&A, a gift registry, pre-orders, autoresponder campaigns and Facebook Dynamic
Ads. The Enterprise plan is for businesses selling
over $400k per year and has unlimited staff accounts. You’ll need to contact 3dcart for custom
pricing. This plan has even more features like E-mail
Marketing and Accounts, Group and Daily Deals and a dedicated account manager. All plans include no transaction fees, unlimited
orders, unlimited products and bandwidth. 3dcart offers a free 15 day trial, no credit
card required, so let`s test it out! All you need to do it is fill out your name,
e-mail and phone number. The 3dcart panel is easy to navigate and the
first thing to start with is to choose your store’s theme. There are lots of free templates available
and since we’ll be building an online cosmetic store, let`s pick this one. The builder is not drag-and-drop style, which
makes it a bit difficult to handle, but you can always open a quick chat session with
their customer support team. To customize your logo, go to your Store Settings
and upload your desired image. Then, you can quickly switch the sample sliders
with your own by directly clicking on them. It`s time to add our products. Click on the Products List and enter the name,
description, pricing and fill out the necessary shipping info. Add your product’s images in the image section
and fill in additional details like size and color. You can also add discounts and check up on
the products statistics. 3dcart really does give you all the tools
to build a professional product selection. Now that we’ve entered our products and configured
the main outlook of our store, let`s check the store functions. On the side panel, 3dcart offers a helpful
marketing checklist which contains all the steps necessary to build a successful store. The checklist ranges from beginner to intermediate
to advanced and covers everything from social media to selling on Amazon and eBay to establishing
domain authority. You can scroll through and simply check the
ones you have already completed. 3dcart is there to help you every step of
the way. The sidebar also contains an SEO section where
you can add all your social links like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You also have advanced SEO settings like URLs
and Sitemaps, and though these can seem confusing at first, 3dcart offers a short explanation
next to each box. When it comes to payment methods, 3dcart offers
dozens of options including Paypal, Amazon, Stripe, Square, and Offline Payments. The site accepts credit cards such as Visa,
MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Furthermore, in the same section you can directly
set up and configure your taxes. Going down to Reports, you can find a detailed
selection of graphic reports based on your sales, inventory, marketing and shipping. You can compare your records on a daily or
monthly basis to track and ensure your growth. The last section is your store’s Modules
where you can add apps to help spread and grow your business. They offer Amazon Integration, eMail, a Facebook
Shop, Google Analytics and many many more. These apps are all available just with a quick
install. Now let`s take a look at our brand new e-commerce
shop. It’s Perfect! Overall, here are the main pros:
Free hosting & templates SEO friendly platform
No transaction fees Unlimited Products But there are also some cons:
Limited templates No drag-and drop builder
If you are looking to build a top notch eCommerce shop, 3dcart may be the right choice for you. Take a look at our next e-commerce reviews
to discover other top eCommerce builders.