Hi my name is Seb and if you’re on this video
you’re most likely looking for direct sales strategy and marketing tips and in this video
I’m gonna share with you 5 golden tips that are really gonna help you to get your business
off the ground up and running very quickly because most likely you’re here because either
you’re already in a home business/direct sales/network marketing/MLM opportunity whatever you want
to call it, or perhaps you’re doing some research on different businesses and you’re just trying
to see which one is the best for you. In this video I want to give you some tips that are
gonna allow you to not only prosper but to avoid struggling on your own trying to figure
things out because I’ve been there my friend and it really is a painful road that I don’t
want you to go down. So the first tip I would say, when it comes
to starting to build your direct sales business, is to use a system. Can you find a way to
make your business more efficient? So one example of using a system is using autoresponders.
So instead of you having to manually send out emails to your prospects, what you can
do is you can actually buy an autoresponder for $20 a month which will allow you to email
as many people as you want, as many times as you want to, you can actually get your
time freedom and your life back to an extent. The second thing I would say is follow up.
Now autoresponders kinda tie into that, but you also want to have good follow up skills
in regards to wanting to contact people on the phone, sending them maybe something physical
perhaps if this is applicable for what you’re doing, but you want to have a systematic way
of following up with people that’s not annoying but is also following up with people who are
interested who maybe need multiple exposures of your company or of your brand before they
make a decision, before they buy. Third tip is using third party tools. So do
you have a company presentation or an event maybe a seminar or something like that where
there’s someone other than you giving the prospect information about the company, information
about your team and about the products, because what this does is it creates social validation
and the great thing is if you can get your company founder or someone who’s quite high
in the company to do these presentations you’ve got all sorts of different people backing
up what you’re saying but at different levels in the company, people see that and respect
it and a lot of times people join just because there’s that third party validation, just
by using a third party tool you can get plenty of signups and you don’t have to do extensive
work to do it. The fourth question, or the fourth point even
is asking questions and listening to your prospects. So instead of you asking wild random
questions, you wanna ask your prospect relevant questions which are gonna bring you to a result.
So one example would be, asking your prospects “what kind of income are you looking to earn
in 2015 in this direct sales company?” That can be a really great question because it
also pre-qualifies them and a lot of the time what you need to do is listen to not only
what they’re saying but the meaning behind the words. and that can really determine whether
someone’s really serious or whether someone’s just curious and we want people who are serious
and not curious! The final point is you want to leverage your
business. Now direct sales companies and having a direct sales strategy, you want to always
run it like a real business. And so the way to leverage your business is thing about hiring
staff, think about outsourcing online possibly to other companies, other countries just to
sort of begin with because it’s cheaper than in the US for example. but also think about
your team that you’re bringing in as well, people you’re working with perhaps, people
in your network and see if they’ve got a certain skillset or certain talent which perhaps you
don’t have, and by acquiring that you possibly could leverage your business even more and
have even more success. So I hoped you liked these 5 tips and if you
did, if you go to my website which is www.MLMSuccessWithSeb.com I’m actually going to share withy ou even
more tips. There’s a 45 plus minute video from a six figure earner showing you how to
build a direct sales/ MLM company using the internet by working with some top people in
the industry. So if you go to this website you get that free training and really hope
that you enjoy it. So thanks so much for watching this video, (please like share comment and
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