– Pinterest is an amazing
site, especially if you’re an e-commerce business
that are selling products. Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m gonna share with you
how often you should be pinning on Pinterest. (peaceful music) The first thing you need to
know is you should be pinning multiple times a day. I’m not talking about one,
or two, three times a day, I’m talking about 10-plus. The more engaged you are
in the Pinterest community by pinning, the better
off you’re gonna be. The second thing you need
to know is you don’t have to pin unique content. Sure, if you have your
own content, pin it up, but if you also see other
amazing content on Pinterest, you can just click the save button and pin it to one of your boards. By doing that, you’ll be able
to pin a lot more content. Think of that as being
something similar to sharing someone else’s Facebook update, right. Pinterest is very similar,
which when you share, or not really share,
but when you save a pin, it also goes onto your board, similar to sharing someone
else’s Facebook status update. The third thing you need to
know is when you’re pinning up content, try to relate that content to the products and the
services that you’re seeling. For example, on Kissmetrics,
one of our most popular traffic sources was Pinterest. Why, because we had a lot of
marketing-related infographics. And these infographics would go viral, we would generate so
many visitors from them, because everyone would
put ’em on Pinterest. By doing that, we were just generating tons of visitors and leads. The last thing you need
to know about Pinterest is you need to participate. If you’re not commenting and participating on other people’s boards,
you’re not gonna be growing your follower
account, and if you’re not growing your follower
account, when you add new pins and new content onto your own boards, they’re not gonna do well. So don’t forget to
participate in the community. (peaceful music)