Welcome to my new video In today’s video I’m gonna share on 4 websites that actually pays you for uploading high-quality photos To know more about these websites do watch this video till the end let’s move to the video. The first in the list is Adobe Stock Most of the Photographers, and online content creators must be familiar with this site Now I’m gonna share on how you can make money with this website by uploading photos or uploading the video footages that you’ve captured. Just login to the website and you can see an option “sell” click it To become a photo contributor in this website you need some requirements and you can also see the type of contents that you can upload here. Like, technology fashion-related, food, lifestyle these are some of the preferred choices in this website You’ll receive the payments by PayPal or Skrill from this site you can request payout once you’ve 25$ in your Adobe stock account that is, in this website account and in this particular website you get 33% commission on the photos you upload and this will be around 0.35$ to 0.40$ per photo whenever someone downloads your image from this website You can easily create an account here in this website and for that just click “Get Started” Just fill in your basic details to sign up as a contributor How much you can make from this website really depends on the number of people who downloads your image. Another important website is Shutterstock Whenever we search for images online we’re most likely to see the website’s Adobe stock as well as Shutterstock results upfront. In this website you can upload images, videos as well as music tracks To upload or sell images or videos you can see a “sell content” option here simply click on that. You can easily join this website as a contributor, then submit the content that you wish to sell in this website. Whenever someone downloads the image that you’ve uploaded, you get paid and pay rate is around 0.25$ to 0.30$ per image that gets downloaded. You can earn from here by not only uploading the images but also by referring contributors and customers to this website. “ALAMY” is the name of the third Website and you can easily join here as a contributor. Fill in your basic details to sign up here as a contributor. This website actually pays you more than Adobe Stock and Shutterstock in terms of commission “ALAMY” offers a commission of around 40% to 50% per image (Interesting) You can sell the quality images that you’ve taken in this important website named “TWENTY20” Account creation is really simple in this website and along with the other 3 websites this one too (Adobe stock, Shutterstock, Alamy) offers a similar pay rate of around 0.2$ to 0.25$ per image, whenever your uploaded image gets downloaded. This website offers payments through PayPal So, all these 4 websites have PayPal as a common payment method. You can easily create a PayPal account and it’s absolutely free as well. You can post your suggestions, feedbacks as well as doubts about this content in the comment box below. Will see you all in my next video and till then Keep Sharing and Keep Supporting.