five best ways to make an effective
simple lead magnet hey in this video I’m going to show you how to make five
different types of lead magnets that will draw customers to your business and
allow you to build a huge list and enable you to have an eager audience to
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results you got and what type of lead magnets you did I’m gonna give you a
list of five that really worked well and they’ll get you customers and help you
build your list let’s get going okay so before we get started you may not even
know what a lead magnet is there was a time I didn’t either okay so I’ve got a
little definition for you what is a lead magnet a lead magnet is an incentive
that marketers will use to offer potential buyers in exchange for their
email address or other contact information so lead magnets usually
offer a piece of a digital downloadable content such as a free pdf a checklist
and report an e-book the white paper or video anything like that it doesn’t have
to be long okay so let’s talk about what a lead magnet should do before we get
into how to make them okay so inch
a lead magnet should actually just solve a problem okay so it’s got to be really
specific and it should be really quick to digest so don’t worry about having to
make something long you don’t have to but it’s got to have super high value
it’s got to be instantly accessible so as soon as they put in their email and
name they can just grab it and get it right then and it’s got to be able to
kind of demonstrate your expertise because if it does they’re gonna want
more of what you have to buy your product to get more of your courses
whatever it is you’re selling they want to be able to look at that go that’s
pretty good what else does that person have so they can move on and give you
some money now after the lead magnet now let’s start off by talking about the
five different types of lead magnets that you can do number one is a video
now a video is something that demonstrates you or your company’s skill
to get results now I have a lot of videos training videos if you’re
watching one right now and they demonstrate that I basically know what
I’m talking about it that that I got results and I can help them get results
and here’s the key too in that video if you can get them results for free
they’re gonna assume that whatever you have for sale is really valuable because
they already got results from your video so an example would be like if any of
the video you want to teach them how to lose weight or be able to cook a steak
properly or play golf better or get more sales for their company any of these
things that people may be searching for they don’t know how to do is a perfect
idea for a lead magnet and videos are awesome for this because you could
record it and you know millions of people could watch that video and get
good results out of it so those are really cool you don’t have to be on
screen if you don’t want to you can use a PowerPoint you could use words that
pop up on the screen or the words that you say or you know videos of you doing
something just showing your hands and cooking that steak or you know different
ways to lose weight and showing recipes or something along those lines but
videos work really well and that’s a great lead magnet let’s move on to
number two and number two is an audio okay so an audio is really a video with
no pictures it could be a recording there could be something where you went
live it could even be a podcast that you did and you could offer this as a lead
magnet now I would suggest that no matter what lead magnet you have you
attach some value to it like a $19 value or $29 value something along those lines
so they know it does have value but number two is just an audio so do an
audio recording they can listen to it and they can consume that information
and actually get results number three is a PDF okay a PDF is
really simple it’s basically a word doc but we save it in PDF form so people
can’t change it up but the PDF really should be sure you know it should be
like you know five steps to lose ten pounds in 14 days for new mothers now
see how specific that is I gave them the weight I gave them the time and I even
gave who it’s for and if you do something like this this is gonna speak
a whole lot more clearly than if you say here’s a PDF on how to lose weight that
doesn’t really speak to anybody but if I say five steps to lose 10 pounds in 14
days for new mothers they know exactly that I’m speaking to them and you know a
new mother is gonna see that go that’s exactly what I’m looking for
and it will push away all the people that don’t fall in that category but
really attract all the people that do fall in that category so remember what
I’m saying here keep your PDFs specific I know most
people always want to do a PDF that’s gonna that everybody wants but the thing
is if you speak to everybody you basically speak to nobody and the next
thing I would tell you is keep it super short it can be one or two pages it
doesn’t have to be long remember they don’t want a PDF they want the results
of getting that PDF so that new mother wants the results she wants to lose ten
pounds that’s what she wants she doesn’t want to have to read a 20 page report on
how to lose weight that’s not what she’s interested in so you want to keep it
short the next one number four is a webinar webinars are great that’s where
you bring people in and you teach them about a
subject these are generally a little bit longer maybe a half hour hour two hours
it can be an evergreen webinar or it could be a live webinar when people come
into the webinar and they get all this information at the end we usually offer
them some product to sell to them okay so a webinar basically is just to
demonstrate our expertise and at the end offer them a product you can do this on
screen you can do this with you know PDF you could do this with a PowerPoint
presentation it doesn’t really matter but you have to demonstrate your skill
or knowledge in a particular area and then offer them a product at the end
that they can actually buy and our last one number five is a simple checklist a
lot of times people want a checklist to complete a task so in the example of
videos that may be you know 10 things you need to do to put a video on YouTube
and get views it could be something along those lines so a checklist is
super easy it could be a one-page thing and they can use that checklist over and
over again once you demonstrate your ability to help them to achieve this
particular goal with this checklist they’re probably going to want to buy
more products from you if this checklist actually works now what if you don’t
have knowledge in one of these areas it’s simple you go to youtube and you
type in you know five ways to lose ten pounds for new mothers and you could get
the information and not copy but emulate that so if you’re not real good on a
subject the information is already out there and somebody’s probably already
done it so you could just google that you know like the one I just gave the
example about the videos you could go to youtube and type in you know how to get
more views on my videos get some of those ideas and incorporate it into your
checklist so that you do have something you can give them now we’ve got all
these different ways of doing lead magnets but how do you market a lead
magnet how do you how do you get people to opt-in for these lead magnets there’s
so many ways you can do it if you have a social media following you can post it
in your social media area you could post it on your timeline in Facebook you can
post it under videos they you have and talk about it in your
videos kind of like the course I’m getting ready to give you right now the
e-commerce course it’s worth $97 that you can get for free that’s in the
description it’s really that easy you can just use social medias you can
actually put it in blogs you could write on your website about it or you could
even run ads if you want to do that so those are the best lead magnets there
are and that’s the best ways to really market your lead magnet now if you
follow these tips you’ll be able to grow your customer base and get more
customers and have more people buying from you which is what we ultimately
want now it’s time for you to get my lead magnet okay so if you look down in
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