[music] 00:04 Xavier Kelly: Hey guys, it is Xavier
Kelly again, and today I’m gonna give you five digital products that you can sell and
only take about a day to start selling them, so just gonna get into them. 00:13 Xavier Kelly: Number will be a ebook,
and this ebook, you can create this in Open Office or Word, and I also leave a couple
links down below of other sites that you can create if you don’t have Open Office or Word. Two, a member site. You can create any type of member site that
you can possibly think about with these two products, with WordPress, which you can buy
on GoDaddy on a flat $24 for the whole year and MemberMouse, which is just $20 a month. And if you go through the tutorials which
should be about a combined three hours, you can be able to create any type of member site
that you possibly can think of. 00:47 Xavier Kelly: Three, downloadable or
desktop software that automates anything you possibly can think of. And this software is called UBot, and if you
buy this software, you can create almost any desktop software or automate any procedure
or task that you want to on a desktop. And it’s really cool to use, and I’ve seen
people make hundreds of thousands of dollars using this software. I’ll post something down below too as well,
and I plan on doing a whole course on how to make different software using UBot and
sell those online. 01:16 Xavier Kelly: Four, digital software
such as the digital products that I make as well that I sell online that you can sell,
too. And this is going from any applications such
as any application that I make online such as my VuAll platform or any of those things
you can make with bubble.is. And I’ll put that in a link below and I’m
gonna do a whole tutorial on how to sell using bubble.is as well. 01:40 Xavier Kelly: Five, digital assets such
as graphics, icons and logos you can create, and you can create these all on canva.com. And I’ll put the link down below, and you
can do this and you can actually start a whole agency, a digital agency of creating digital
assets as well. I’m gonna do a whole tutorial on that one
as well. 02:00 Xavier Kelly: Thank you, guys, for watching,
these were my five digital products that you can sell online today. And I’m Xavier Kelly, again, and if you liked
this video go ahead and hit the thumbs up, and also do comment down below on other different
products that people can start selling today. And don’t forget if you wanna learn how to
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in the next one. [music]