Hello everyone it’s Ted with OAXray and today
we’re going to talk about the top five things for you to buy for your business under fifty
dollars to send in your first Amazon shipments so I want to first start talking about the
most important thing whenever you’re sending items in and that’s to make sure you get your
items they’re protected and they’re not damaged so I’m recommending the Home Depot box it’s
only a buck sixteen for one of the larger ones this is going to be for your toys or
just your larger items that are not going to be too heavy so you don’t go over Amazon’s
weight limit if you want to sell books then home depot also has a smaller box which is
twelve by twelve by sixteen it is the perfect size for books and make some approximately
forty to forty five pounds each box if you’re selling books and a larger size like I said
works for your Larger items they also have an extra large box but I don’t use it too
often unless I’m using something that is really oversize this is a great place Home Depot
is great because you can pick up as many as you need Normally they have fifty or one hundred
on hand if you’re doing a larger shipment or you can skip a few in storage but Home
Depot is definitely my box source. Let’s move over to tape you’re going to
have a lot of different options I like to buy things on Amazon so generally I am going
to purchase my three inch wide box tape you can buy it for about seven bucks here. In a pinch I’ll also buy the Home Depot tape. No problem with that generally works pretty
well it’s just often it’s a little bit more expensive than just buying it online the reason
I do not buy my box on Amazon is because after all the shipping it’s generally going to be
very expensive. Now let’s talk about some labels that you will need for your packages so to
find the proper labels to label different products on Amazon.com I generally type
up thirty of labels and they actually have their own brand Amazon choice seven dollars
you get three thousand labels Now these are the labels that you stick on the product and
that covers up the barcode for Amazon F.B.A. as you can see here they’re pretty cheap but
you’re going to have to have yourself a printer already whenever I first started I did not
have a lot of cash so I would go to my local library I had my labels I would put them in
there if they let me sometimes they would not let me change out the paper but whenever
I could I change out the paper and I use the library printer because I do not have the
resources so purchasing them here for eight bucks is about as good as you can get you
can find them at supply stores locally to you if you do not want to wait the Two days
for the Prime shipping but I found these labels to work pretty well the only thing
is if you list items in a quantity of less than thirty you waste some of the label so
if you have fifteen items in a shipment and then these other fifteen will be generally
wasted you can slip over the paper and try it again and try to get another fifteen out
of it but it’s kind of difficult but later in another video we’ll talk about the rules
in which you only print exactly what you need but to get started to save money I would use
these right here. Next thing I’m going to say that you will
need is Goo Gone and this is going to get some your labels off this is going to remove anything
that’s on something especially if you doing books I mean we get a wax pencil and there’s
just all of these different things that will be on a book and y’all just need to clean
it up goo gone it works really well it’s five sixty four here but I have seen this at the
Dollar Store the quantity varies depending on where you get it so this is a dollar item
at the dollar store but if you don’t have one near you then you can purchase it here
for five bucks and you get more out ounces here so I’m not sure of the breakdown of how
many ounces you will get from the dollar store. And finally I am going to my Good old Scottie
peelers I’ve been using these things for years for seventy eighty eight you get yourself
a set of Scotty peelers they allow you to scrape off any labels I like to use the metal
one is the fastest way to get the labels off of anything that is stuck on so you have a
book or you have a product and there’s just that sticker there that says big locks are
always or whatever it says it’s going to be pretty easy for you to disuse this remove
it with goo gone and you’re clean and there’s no damage to the package. Also I like to use the metal one to cut down
boxes if I need to it’s really sharp just watch your fingers and those are my top five
items that your brand new seller is going to need just to get started I didn’t mention
a few things your scan your printer you can always use one that you already have so I’ll
mention that in another video and also a scale most people have a scale lying around somewhere
and whenever I didn’t have a lot of cash to get started I definitely use my home scale
and weighed the boxes so I could get an accurate rate Thank you guys very much, have a great day and make some money using OAXRAY