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search hey cruisers if you’ve been following the cruisetipstv clan for a
while you may know we tend to be a little fearful of germs it’s true we’ve
had our share of cruise colds and most have popped up at very inopportune times
like before during or after our long-awaited cruise vacation so yeah
we’ve come up with quite the arsenal of extreme tactics to avoid getting sick
but the ridiculousness doesn’t start on the cruise it starts before usually on
the plane when we employ step one in the paranoia process swabbing our noses with Neosporin I don’t know when or where we heard that putting antibiotic
ointment in our nose before a flight could help us avoid germs from making
their way into our bodies but yeah we do that in fact the process goes something
like this when we settle into our gate at the airport husband hey is that
neosporin handy honey me yeah babe let me dig through my carry-on bag for that
five minutes later stuff flying everywhere and out of breath I locate
the goop and we try to be as subtle as we possibly can about sticking a q-tip
or our pinky finger up our nose for a few brief seconds it ain’t pretty oh and
if we resort to using a pinky it must then be sterilized with an alcohol wipe
first if you haven’t clicked away from this video yet you’re probably thinking
these people are nuts yeah we know we say it right in the
title of this video it’s ridiculous but it doesn’t stop there once we’re on
the plane it’s a full-on Clorox wipe assault on our seating area nobody is
allowed to settle in and buckle up until I armed with my trusty germ killing
wipes touch every surface possible with a Clorox wipe tray table check armrest
done volume control button but yeah it’s got to be done folks
have you seen those memes of people sleeping and slobbering on their tray
tables just know we’re not done in the flame though
alcohol-based hand wipes are an ample supply to wipe down our hands after a
restroom run or a chance encounter with a stranger shoe delicately resting on
our armrest you get it we’re fighting the good fight even before the cruise ok
enough about the flight let’s get on with the ridiculous things we do to stay
healthy once we’re on the cruise the first tradition is to wipe down most
surface areas of our stateroom with norovirus killing wipes these wipes are
special because standard cleaning wipes don’t do the trick
so it’s a handy little baggie full of those guys why a baggie because I am NOT
packing this huge canister but I will pack a glove to protect my hands from
this powerful stuff everything from the remote control light
switches and coffee tables gets a wipe down with these puppies
speaking of wiping down surfaces we usually wipe down our meal tables with
alcohol wipes like these especially when it looks like the table didn’t get
tended to after the last guest left gross huh
probably a little bit obsessive but we’re not messing around here and one
more reminder about the word ridiculous in the title we warned you so have you
ever been through a buffet line only to look down at your hands and wish you
could wash them before you sat down to enjoy your meal yeah me too
and sometimes we’ll find a sink and do just that but if we can’t find a sink
the good old alcohol wipes once again come in handy we’re not sure how well
they work but it beats the hand sanitizing goo that a lot of people pack
and it removes that sticky residue from your hands that commonly finds its way
off the salad dressing scooper and onto your fingers are you following me here
so you may think that that’s where it stops but we’re going to surprise you
with one more fun fact mr. cruisetipstv and jr. even when as far as wearing face
masks on our Asia cruise it’s actually quite common in certain countries so we
popped in to a convenience store in our first port stop in Japan and chose some
fun masks to wear periodically throughout the trip it’s true
story guys we have photos to prove it now for the big question
ah does all of this madness work well we don’t really know like I mentioned
earlier we have been gifted with plenty of little illnesses over our 33 cruises
but most of the time we do okay much of this is probably driven by an irrational
fear of norovirus and the worry that our vacation can be ruined by an untimely
virus or bout of some illness we’ll probably keep doing what we do and hope
for the best we’ll link to a few of our favorite germ busting products in the
description of this video too in case you want to join in our ridiculousness
but before you go we would love to know what your germ fighting rituals are if
you have any of course let us know in the comments and until next time thanks
for joining us and we’ll see you on the high seas