My name is Katy Fryd and I am an artist and author and illustrator of the
Cat inspector children’s book and I’m making these videos
to share some tips on how to become a successful artist
and today’s video is about etsy and selling your work online
I think etsy is a really good company to use if you don’t have a shop on your website
and you are marketing to lots of different people
like facebook and twitter, using your mailing list
and your able to direct people from all these different places to
somewhere that you can actually sell your work
and etsy accept credit and debit cards and paypal and their listing is really cheap
it’s like twenty cents or twenty pence for four months
the only downside I would say is that you get a few people that
find you just browsing on etsy but most people you have to direct there
you have to tell people to go there so um but I think it is really good,
because it’s reasonable you have final listing fees but
the up front fees for listing your work on there are really cheap so
definitely worth a go another downside you don’t have the same
amount of people like you would on ebay who are actually going there
to spend money so you don’t have those sort
of people there necessarily but I think that will change,
I think in the USA it’s a much more well known and popular site
and I think in the UK it’s just starting out and blossoming
and the more people that are on there the more people we can get to visit
there so I think it will take off I have sold work through etsy
in my shop so I’m going to put a link below this video so you can go and
check out my shop and have a look around the rest of etsy so you can
see if it’s suitable and want to use it. thank you,