hi there today let’s talk about what I
consider to be the biggest content marketplace online and how you can use
this to become a better if not an exceptional content marketer and I am of
course talking about Amazon amazon.com is you know it started out selling books
in the 1990s and I think it was the first place where you could buy books
online and eventually you could buy other things as well so from books you
can buy movies you can buy music so a lot of content right is being sold on
Amazon and now there’s live streaming and all sorts of other different
products that you can buy on Amazon but primarily content and it is so huge now
let me just give you some numbers to give you an idea of how big Amazon is
the annual revenue of Amazon the the last data that I found anyways is close
to 180 billion dollars annual revenue that’s 180 billion with a B as in boy
the number of users 300 million users 300 million people shop on Amazon
including me and more than 500 thousand employees so that is how big Amazon is
and in terms of web traffic I believe it is like definitely top 10 in the world
in terms of the highest number of traffic that it gets so because Amazon
is so big it sells so many products so many people use it you know what else is
big about Amazon is it gets a lot of data big data it collects a lot of data
about what people buy what people look at what people are interested in and if
you shop on Amazon as I can imagine that you do then I’m sure you’ve noticed that
when you’re looking at a product Amazon gives you these not-so-subtle
suggestions or recommendations right it says that the people who are interested
in this product also looked at the following products or when you order
something it’ll say the people who bought this product also bought
so-and-so or people usually buy this product along with these other products
so Amazon knows all about our behaviors our interests while we’re using Amazon
and it is because of that that we can use Amazon as content marketers so in
case you’re new I you’re new here my name is Lexi Rodrigo I am a digital
content marketer content creator content marketing consultant and blog editor I’m
also a lifelong learner and a lifelong sharer of what I learned and that is why
I go every week live to deliver these presentations so if you’re watching say
hello in the comments because that is the only way that I know you’re here
whether you’re watching this live or you’re watching a recording say hi I
always check back to see any new comments and to respond to them so I am
seeing somebody here hi Trish yes you made it today after how many weeks of
missing the live training hello hello Trish I hope you’re well and I’m so
happy that you’re here with me today all right so before I move on to share with
you my five ways to use Amazon for your content marketing let’s just go over
some housekeeping first of all turn on your audio so that
you can hear me that is really the best way to experience these trainings get a
pen and paper because you’re gonna want to take notes and if you just even if
you just take one note take note of one thing that you will do as a result of
watching me that will totally make my day and share this video if you find it
helpful or if you know somebody else who might find it useful do share the video
with them there’s a share button at the bottom of this video that will let you
very easily share it and if you have any questions at any point during my
presentation please type them in the comments I will go and respond to the
questions at the end of my presentation even if you’re watching the recording
remember to type your questions in the comments because as I said I always go
back check on the comments of my recorded videos to make sure that I’m
responding to all of them alright so if you’re ready let’s get started now
you’re looking at my Amazon my Amazon account alright and let me just as you
can see here I have been shopping on Amazon since 1997 at the time I was
still living in the Philippines it was really difficult to order stuff from
abroad it took months before I received them and it’s happened at least once
where something I ordered got lost so even when you know despite all the
obstacles I started shopping in Amazon since 1997 so I’m just curious those of
you are watching how long have you been with Amazon when did you sign up for
Amazon type your answer in the comments so five ways to use Amazon to become an
exceptional content marketer the first way is to discover content topics
okay so there’s several ways that you can do this
and it all starts with let’s think of let’s think of a topic that you have any
suggestions for a topic that you want me to explore
well when I’m demonstrating Trish let’s see so the first thing to do it is
through one way anyways to get content ideas is to look at the bestsellers okay
so how do we do this whoops why am i clicking on all right I
need to unfortunately I need to minimize some things here so that I can see my
screen okay we need to go to oh well I I swear I practiced yesterday but it’s
different when you’re sharing your screen I want to go to books oh my gosh
department books and books all right so go to books and the first thing that
we’re gonna look at is bestsellers so you can either go to the New York Times
best sellers or bestsellers and more let’s go to the New York Times
bestsellers so let’s see so you will see fiction and nonfiction and to get
content ideas you want to look at nonfiction all right so so you can get
content ideas just by looking at the titles that’s the first level okay for
example how to change your mind with the new science of psychedelics teaches us
about consciousness dying addiction depression and transcendence like that
might spark something like for example if we were to continue
with my topic of content marketing maybe how to create better content
and then what the new science of blah blah blah whatever right
attention attraction I’m assuming there’s a science behind those things
okay so that’s just an example here’s another one a higher loyalty truth lies
and leadership like I like this you know the the three words that can be content
to like higher traffic quality whatever right what else
three days in Moscow let’s say three months of doing Facebook line let’s say
I did Facebook live every day for three months and then I can create content
about that one moments obsessive search for the Golden State killer oh I think I
want to read that but so anyways you know you just go over the bestsellers
the titles of the bestsellers and that will help you come up with ideas for you
know topics that you can create content about and this you don’t have to look
for bestsellers in your particular industry or market can be in any
industry and in fact that’s even more interesting because that will spark
unusual ideas for you right let’s look at paperback nonfiction bestsellers a
brief history of humankind so maybe I could write about a brief history of
content marketing because content marketing did actually begin with the
internet No businesses have been doing content
marketing for a long time but not a lot of people know this so just by looking
and at some of the best sellers I have an excellent topic idea for a topic
let’s see also when you’re when I am streaming websites tend to be slower and
right now like I’m not seeing I’m not seeing the the covers of these books so
again with the three things murder magic and I don’t know what the third thing is
because I cannot see murder magic and madness at the fair that changed America
the power of habit why we do what we do in life and business so maybe the power
of I don’t know about content marketing the power of headlines why we click on
what we click on line something like that right okay so the other thing that
you can do to find topics and for this you will have you know it helps to
browse books in your particular industry so let’s look for content marketing
books okay here’s one content that converts how to build a profitable and
predictable b2b content marketing strategy so now what you want to look at
is the table of contents because on Amazon there’s a look inside feature in
case you haven’t noticed I’m sure you have that lets you look inside the book
and you you can see the table of contents of the book I hope we can see
that here oh no here you go
so what you can do is go over some of the either the new books or the
best-selling books or just any book in your industry right and look at the
contents so developing your content marketing strategy what is the
intersection between what your customers want and or need what you want to be
known as so just by looking at these things you can come up with some ideas
for what to write about in your blog posts or what to talk about on your
videos or your podcast really any type of content for example I’m looking at
six parts of an ecosystem so I could probably write about what is a content
marketing ecosystem in the first place right and what are the different parts
of your ecosystem for example this particular author Laura Handley is
talking about six parts of the content marketing ecosystem I may or may not
agree with this right so maybe I have my own version all right so there’s four
parts okay choose the right audience avatar I
might probably want to write about why you don’t need a customer avatar or what
to do if you don’t want to create a customer avatar or different ways that
you can have the same effect of writing for just the one audience without
actually putting together a customer avatar so I already got three content
ideas and I am only in chapter 3 of this book so another way to get content ideas
is actually to look at the reviews of books and here you can even look at
reviews of very old books but you want to have like a nice readership right to
the book it’s got to be selling in order for it to have reviews so I particularly
like look at the low review so one star to
star reviews and see what is it that people dislike what are about this book
what are they complaining about because maybe they’re saying well this book
didn’t talk about X Y Z whatever so let’s see why did this reviewer give
just two stars it’s all about having a huge number of contacts and friends and
associates and using them to get your sales so it’s assuming that marketing is
what your company does it’s about markings not about content these are
organizations that do more than just try to get sales by using people okay for
yuppies not serious people and not certainly not for creators or inventors
huh interesting okay so let’s see if we can find another the book is not well
edited or formatted the content is used for help useful however it’s not easy to
navigate all right okay um let’s look at something else let’s see how about this
one authority content and again I want to look at the critical reviews let’s
see why this person gave just a one-star the book is in a nutshell who hold a
workshop event hire of the d agra fur hire a video editor hire web designer
and publish your video to social media okay I don’t know about you but that’s
not really very helpful to me doesn’t go deep into the technique and SEO concepts
it revolves around one idea one format I was expecting multiple formats
syndication details across multiple channels so then I might want to talk
about specific techniques then and and go more granular with my content in
two techniques and cover multiple formats I may or may not write it’s all
up to you really what you take from these reviews and if you really want to
be organized about this you can create a spreadsheet and copy and paste some of
the things that you’re finding here because you know you’re not going to
remember and also sometimes you’re going to want to you’re going to find problem
language that you’ll want to use in your content and when you’re marketing your
content okay great book okay there’s there’s not really a suggestion
okay here’s why overall this book was okay but seem to assume the reader had a
head start already on content creation and their business roadmap a lot of
promotion of SEO services handful but wouldn’t read a recommend so again this
person is seems to be looking for something more basic in terms of content
creation and you’re someone who’s not a newcomer they said they’ve had an
experience for over 15 years I was waiting for that
aha moment when I could actually discover an enlightening idea not quite
that appear but still worth a read okay so you get the idea right if you want to
get topic ideas look at the titles of bestsellers look at the table of
contents and read the reviews okay that’s just the first way that you can
become a better content marketing through Amazon the second way is you can
use Amazon to learn how to write better headlines and titles for your own books
your ebooks your online courses what else the titles of your videos and the
way to do that is again by looking at the titles of bestsellers so here now
you can look at New York Times bestsellers and
even just Amazon bestsellers and this time let’s take a look at Amazon
bessemer’s and you’re gonna want to look at New York Times bestsellers as well
because those are not independently published those are published by
publishing houses and these companies they hire editors who you know they if
they make a living out of coming up with the really good book titles right
because the title of the book plays a very strong role in how well the book
sells it’s unfair right but it is just so true that people judge books by their
covers that includes me and I think that
include see you as well so look at the lists of bestsellers so you hear you
have several choices you can look at New York Times bestsellers you can look at
Amazon charts of the most read books Amazon charge of charts of the most sold
books so let’s look at the most sold and disclaimer I have not actually explored
this Amazon charts so apparently these are weekly charts that let you know that
top 20 most sold and most read books of the week so Amazon’s most sold they
ranked books according to the number of copies sold and pre-ordered on
amazon.com audible.com Amazon bookstore so meaning Amazon bookstores in other
countries like amazon.ca amazon.com dot JP so all the Amazon bookstores and
books read through digital subscription programs so you’re looking at a huge
amount of data here okay so let’s see most read again you can choose fiction
or nonfiction let’s take a look at nonfiction excuse me while I take a sip of my tea I also want to see if we have any comments
so far ok just a comment from Trish Lexi this great information I never thought
of looking at the table of content contents but that’s brilliant for not
having to recreate the wheel when you’re writing tutorials for workshops or for
writing a series of blogs ahead of time and then scheduled them it helps to
break things into a clearer format so true ok Thank You Trish and that is yes
that is so true not a lot of people maybe have thought of looking at the
table of contents I always do and so I hope that you’ll start doing that now
right so going back to headlines here’s facts and fears so the
alliteration that’s a really good way to come up with a headline let’s see I’m
not gonna try to come up with headlines right now because it’s gonna make this
this training longer then thinking of something a war around words and
something else for content marketing some another word that starts with W
anyway here are 12 rules for life write an antidote to chaos and what about 12
rules for content creation an antidote to overwhelm or an antidote to obscurity
the subtle are here subtitle I can’t I cannot actually read out loud the subtle
art of not giving up you know what a counterintuitive approach to living a
good life so maybe the
subtle art of what the subtle art of not of not being hi P a counter to it of
approach to selling online something like that again how to change your mind
girl washer phase the restless wave hmm I don’t know that’s not very compelling
to me bad blood there you go again with the alliteration I’ll be gone in the
dark fact fulness well I like that title so you get the idea okay when you’re
hard-pressed to come up with a good headline or a good title for your own
book your courses as I said videos just try you know scrolling down these things
because these are the things that people are reading their buying act anyways
right they’re buying these books what about most read what can we see in
most read is it and is it different so most read books let’s look a
description look at the description so Amazon ranks books based on the average
number of daily Kindle readers and audible listeners so now we’re looking
at not just you know the the clickbait the clickbait tennis or the click
worthiness of a title but this is actual readership so let’s see if there’s an
overlap or is it the same as the most sold it’s very similar right
there is definitely an overlap and you even have some old older books are still
here seven Habits of Highly Effective People so I hope that this is opening
your minds right to how you can all this wealth of information that is
on this website called amazon.com all right so that is number two write better
headlines and titles on Amazon the third way that you can use amazon.com to
become a better content marketer is by finding influencers now here what I like
to to do of course you can find influencers by looking at you know the
authors of these best-selling books but sometimes they’re not actually easy to
connect with right for example I don’t know Stephen Stephen King if you wanted
to interview him for example it’s probably not gonna be easy so what I
like to look at is to look at the new books and especially books that are just
coming out so here you go to books again and then click on new releases so these
books are either you know they’ve just come out or you’ll also see books that
are still coming out and here you want to look at the books within your
industry so let I’m gonna look at let’s see business business and money and then
let’s look at the marketing books marketing in sales and then I want to
look at new either new releases or still to be released so why because when
somebody has a book that’s just coming out or has just been released they want
to spread the word about their books right they want a lot of people to know
about their book and to order their book so that they’ll get on the bestseller
list because you to get on the bestseller lists you
have to sell a lot of books within a short period of time and so these
authors are going to be more open to connecting with you even if you don’t
have a huge audience yet right so I might be looking for people to interview
on my weekly marketing insights live so then I can look at ooh
side hustle millionaire that sounds interesting right because a lot of my
viewers have side hustles and so I might want to connect with Tony Watley see
look at this author page on Amazon and I’ll see about him and sometimes he’ll
have see here here’s updates okay so I get to see what he looks like they might
have links to their videos and then I can see if they’re okay to to interview
on video right and there might be a see there’s ways for him for us to connect
with him he’s on Instagram he has this website right so I can connect with them
and I can say hey it’s on Tony I do this weekly interview I have a few hundred
subscribers who are very engaged and a lot of them have side hustles and I
think they would be interested to hear from you about how to become a
millionaire especially to hear about your new book so then I can connect with
him and ask him to appear with me right on on this weekly live video so that’s
the third way that you can use Amazon find interesting people that you can
connect with and by the way while you’re at it another type of content is to
review books in your industry especially new books and that’s one way
you can become a thought leader in your industry that’s a little bonus for you
by the way I have another bonus coming up I’m actually sharing six ways that
you can use amazon.com for content marketing so the number four way that
you can use amazon.com for content marketing is to become a topic expert
and that is you know find the books within your industry and just read them
really if you want to become an expert you can’t get around having to read the
books in your industry so you know keep abreast of what’s what are the new books
coming out and also you know read them be familiar with them be familiar with
the authors in your industry definitely the books and you have you
just have to keep reading and nowadays you know I I know people who say they’re
just not readers but hey take a look at this there’s this thing called
audiobooks and a lot of the people that I know we’re not readers they’re able to
read or consume more books by getting them through audio right so here we go
so these are just some of the books that I should be reading although I tend to
write read more business books nowadays content cookbook it’s still coming out
in August so now I can put this in my calendar already to interview this
author right before his book or around the time that his book is launched all
right so let’s go to number 5 you can use Amazon to promote your content now
this is not very easy because first of all you have to have a book up on Amazon
and you know that’s not it not it might not necessarily be hard like kicking
just put together a short book publish it to Kindle digital publishing KDP
right and put it up on Amazon and when you do guess what you get an author page
so I have one just a single book on Amazon that I co-wrote with Danny ne and
Jim Hopkinson and that is why I have an author page and by the way this is not
automatic you have to create your author page and take a look at this you seeing
this author updates you can link your blog and that’s what I did so every time
I publish a new blog post it gets syndicated here on my author page can
you imagine that and so people who are checking you out
on Amazon they can discover your blog or whatever platform that you’re using that
you can connect in your author page I don’t know that I have a wordpress blog
I don’t know what other platforms you can connect but if you remember Tony
Tony Watley he has something else connected I believe this is his
Instagram okay so really depending on where you’re most active you can connect
it with your author page and and that is one way that you can promote your
content on amazon.com and you know what this actually performs quite well in
Google let me show you what happens when I search my name on Google so there’s my
website okay my facebook my see author page images ooh what’s this my linked in my Twitter my YouTube some
random stuff that have nothing to do with me my business to community author
page and look at that my Amazon author page okay so I wonder if we search Tony
Watley if his author page will come up on the first page of Google as well so
we have LinkedIn Facebook that might not be him some Instagram and there you go
yep so Amazon consistently the author page will apparently is more than one
author page Amazon author page and I wonder if this is the same person now
anyways it always shows up on the first page of the Google search results so
that’s you know worthwhile looking into especially if you want to publish a book
anyways right okay and here’s the bonus the bonus way that you can use
amazon.com to become a better content marketer marketer is use it to monetize
your content so let me see if I can aha yes sign up you can sign up to be an
Amazon associate which means you be a philly –it of amazon and then you can
promote products on amazon get your affiliate links for them and publish
them on your website and when people buy through your links then you get a
commission now i have to warn you the commission is extremely small
but you know it does add up and if you’ll be mentioning products anyway why
not get something for it right and what I did here is you can also get your your
yeah I can’t remember what it’s called but it’s my Amazon shop page on em
that’s within Amazon and you can add products here that you want to recommend
like I have you know products are the use or videos for productivity I have
this one random kitchen thing because I really love these super peel pizza peel
write some books this laptop desk that I am actually using right now the web
camera I’m using right now the microphone I’m using and more books and
so on now the difference is you this link the link to your Amazon shop you
are allowed to share this link on social media unlike your your affiliate like
the regular affiliate Amazon link for specific book sorry for the specific
products I wonder if I can show you suppose what I’m talking about for
example if I just want to promote this camera I can go to the page and I can
get a text link for this camera now this text link I can add it to my web page
right any web page on my site but according to the Amazon Terms of Use I
cannot share this link in social media I can’t put this on on Facebook for
example but so this link I can use it on my website but not on social media and I
think not on not an emails either but the the I’ve lost it the link to my shop
this link to my shop to this page which is within Amazon I can share this in
social media so I can put this on the description of my YouTube videos for
example or just on Facebook right I can be probably talking about what do I use
when I’m going live online and I can share this link now of course the
disadvantage is that it’s not to a specific product that gets got all the
products that I’ve added to it which could be like a whole bunch of things
like pizza peel and business books and Kindles but you know it is what it is if
you are gonna follow Amazon’s User Agreement affiliate agreement then
yeah you have to have this so that’s it the five ways for you to monetize I mean
to use Amazon to become a better content marketer so let me just go over those
again so one use it to discover content topics to use Amazon to learn how to
write better headlines and titles three you can use Amazon to find influencers
and to connect with them for use Amazon to become an expert in your content and
your topic that you’re talking that you talked about five use it to promote your
content by creating an author page and bonus six use it to monetize your
content there you go so any questions let me just look at the
comments to see if there are any questions
mousou Mandy says I like your way Thank You Musa let’s see anything else Trish
says her topic is painting on fabric okay so Trisha is a very specific topic
very narrow I do know there are books about painting on fabric but you can
expand right you can look at other fabric arts book about fabric arts book
about even sewing right crafting different things that you can do with
fabric sewing I don’t know what else but yeah you don’t have to be so narrow and
you don’t have to just look at books about painting on fabrics specifically
but definitely every time a new book about painting on fabric comes out I
expect you to read it Trish and to talk about it or review it on your blog and
on your facebook lives I know that Trish does face book lives what else what else
do we have here too long okay Trish does have a question
what is the average number of words in a title are the best ones really short it
depends the title of what so if it’s a title of a blog post now you’re gonna
wanna have look at your SEO title and your actual title the title that people
see right because those can be two different things when you’re when we’re
talking about your blog the SEO title is a title that the search engines crawl
that they’re robots see and then there’s a title that human beings see and so
there’s a limit right you don’t want to be too long like I don’t have the actual
number of words again with email there you don’t want to be too long because
nowadays a lot of people are checking emails on their phone and it’s it gets
cut anyways I don’t know if you can see that the titles are truncated ooh I show
that to you again the titles are truncated to just about five or six
titles at words five or six words so I’m not saying that your title should be
just five or six words but your first five words have to be compelling the
first five words of your email subject line have to be enough to hook your
readers to read the rest of it right and then again for books I think if you
scroll through the titles of the bestsellers they tend to be on the short
side and there’s even I’m noticing a lot of books now that are just one word you
know like decisive or whatever we we ran into a couple of them when I was
scrolling earlier I just can’t remember so it’s like a one word and then you
have a subtitle to explain what the book is actually about so again it depends on
what you’re titling right so for a book it can be really short with a subtitle
let’s see but definitely the first few words of your title are the most
important okay another question from Trish o audible listeners make me think
of something should you write a blog and also do it in a shorter version as a
video blog okay oh my gosh is such a good question
because I am all the belt and you might have missed this Trish but earlier I
talked about the three hours three hours of content creation which is we reduce
reuse recycle so reduce the number of original content that you create reuse
your content meaning if you create a video like this which is going to be on
my Facebook page reuse it on other platforms so I will be uploading this on
YouTube I will be embedding this on my blog and then recycle the third R is
recycled meaning reformat your content so this video is going to turn into text
in the form of a blog post I’m going to extract the audio from this video and
put it up as an audio recording on my website I could also put it up on on
soundcloud I do have a SoundCloud account
I don’t actively use it right but so my answer is yes if you write a blog post
you might want to then I highly encourage you to also create an audio
version of it so just read it right and then create a video out of it absolutely
in fact you know you can take a look Trish at your most popular blog posts
right now and turn them into your live stream videos easy peasy way to create
content without having to reinvent the wheel and because there’s these are
based on your most popular blog posts you already know that there is a lot of
interest in that particular topic all right Kim is asking are you still alive
the video is frozen if so at least for me oh yes I am still live is everyone
still hearing and seeing me am I still alive I don’t know let me quickly check
on Facebook but maybe Kim first of all hi Kim thanks for joining you might
think the video is frozen because I was sharing my screen maybe that’s what was
happening let’s see am I still alive I am I can see it isn’t
that okay the live one is a few seconds delayed from me but yes I am still alive
thanks for asking Kim all right another question from Trish please let
me understand you can link directly to a product you recommend them to purchase
but only on your website not on social media but if you want to share in social
media you can only share what this page is called what ok yes
Trish so the last time I read the agreement for Amazon Associates that’s
what they call of their affiliates is I am only allowed to use my affiliate
product links on my website so on a webpage right but not on social media
what they do allow you to link to from social media is the link to your Amazon
okay you know what I am forgetting what it’s called it’s your Amazon influencer
page that is what they call it so you have to apply to become an Amazon
influencer and when you’re approved then they let you create this page your
Amazon influencer page so let me show you mine again this is my Amazon
influencer page and okay so the link to this this is amazon.com for it slash
shop forward slash Lexie and that is a link you know you decide what the last
portion will be what the slug will be is it just Lexie or is it Lexie Audrey
though it’s Lexie Rodrigo so amazon.com forward slash shop forward slash Lexie
Rodrigo is my influencer page so I can share the link to my influencer page
pretty much anywhere on social media and my emails so then that gives me more
leeway to promote Amazon products all over the place right and not just on my
website okay so yeah Trish you I mean this page
that you’re showing the Amazon pages products and affiliate for is where so
yeah this is my influencer page all King yes so yep just going over so people are
just saying that they I am still live they can see and hear me that’s very
good so this is very helpful to know there’s such a thing as an influencer
page on Amazon who and you well I did yes because I am all about monetizing
your web presence and I have been an associate of Amazon I think for 10 years
since I started building websites yeah so yes and I only recently became an
influencer when I was investigating how I can share my Amazon links and social
media so that’s how all right so any other questions again type them type your questions in
the comments even if you’re watching the recording type your questions because I
will check back and I will respond okay now if there are no more in questions if
you don’t have any more questions for me then I just want to say thank you thank
you so much for your time and your attention I do appreciate you joining me
I hope that you got something out of you this presentation let me know what you
learned from today’s live training church is saying that it has helped her
even if I only know about what is available it is helpful there’s so much
info it is overwhelming okay I didn’t mean to overwhelm you Trish but if you
can take even just one thing out of this make me very happy and you’re very
welcome Trish thank you for being here with me
and I will see you again next week and I believe I will go back to my regular
Wednesday schedule 11:00 a.m. Eastern I hope you can join me again thanks and
see you next time I forgot to say I have something for you
go to Alexis Rodrigo comm /contents to get my free PDF okay and now George is
saying no you are not overwhelming what is being made available online is
overwhelming Thank You Trish thanks for clarifying that and so this is really
really thank you and goodbye