Hi! I’m Rodrigo França, this is Senna TV, and today we’ll be talking about
the Go Kart 500! So, friends of Senna TV, here we are with a special episode
about the Go Kart 500, the main endurance event
in Brazilian Go Kart racing. But more than that, it’s a big get together
for drivers of several teams, in different categories. And right next to me, I have Renato Russo. -Thanks for talking to Senna TV.
-Thank you. And there’s a reason why he’s here.
He’s our team principal. There’s a team of journalists and Russo
is our manager and our coach. You are an eight-time Brazilian go kart champion, but things are different here. There are F1 drivers, IndyCar drivers… And one more thing about you:
you’ve raced with Ayrton Senna. It’s an honor, for me, to race with you.
I can imagine you felt the same about Ayrton. Because Ayrton already was the biggest name
in Brazilian go kart racing, right? Yeah, it happened at the Pan American
championship, in Porto Alegre. I already was a total Senna fanboy. I remember like it was today.
I was training at the go kart track when I saw a very humble truck arriving. It had “DAP team” written on it.
I thought, “That’s Senna”. -“Here comes trouble”.
-Yeah, “Here comes trouble”. He already was the top go kart driver in the world. The first heat was the most interesting one.
I started in the lead. I was able to hold Senna back for six laps,
but they were the best six laps I’ve ever raced. He bumped on me over and over again,
because he was much faster and I was in the way. Until he finally overtook me and I fell
to fifth or sixth place. Later, I was in front of the pit garage,
very happy. And I saw my idol coming towards me,
looking serious. He looked at me and said,
“Kid, you’ve got balls.” That made my day. -Gialnluca Petecof. He was just…
-What’s up? Fifth place in the World Go Kart Championship. And who was there with you,
pushing you along? Giuliano Raucci, who was sixth in the championship
and is also an F4 driver, and right behind him,
the Senna TV go kart, right? -That’s it.
-There you go! Ayrton Senna always mentioned Terry Fullerton,
his greatest rival back in the go kart days. Fullerton has a go kart tem in England, right? He does! I’ve met him and shook his hand. We’ve talked briefly and he said that Ayrton was always magnificent. Everyone’s mood
changed whenever he arrived at the track. They fought amazing duels,
you can find the videos on the Internet. They were great adversaries. It was great being able to hear from him
a part of the story that not many people know about. It was great meeting him
and hearing all about that. It`s great covering events
like the Go Kart 500 because when you least expect, you can bump into
the British F3 Champion, Matheus Leist. Matheus, thank you for talking
with Senna TV. Matheus has also talked to us
during the Golden Helmet ceremony. He has a title that only 13 Brazilian drivers have won –
he was the 13th. And out of the other 12,
10 of them made it to F1. So, we`re all hoping Matheus will become
one of the Brazilian representatives in F1. And as a big Ayrton Senna fan,
he’s got an intriguing story. We have asked him a few times to talk about
his F3 journey, and we’ve given him the bracelet from our
On the Pulse of Brazil campaign. He took it to the final race,
he was in second in the championship, and he became the F3 champion
in the last race. Which was at Donington Park, in the rain. The bracelet probably did’t hurt, right? It was for sure an incentive.
It was my first time wearing it. I think it brought a little luck, and it matched the feeling
of being at Donington, in the rain. It was a positive feeling,
and it helped a lot. Everytime I went back to the track
I thought about the bracelet and Senna. I think it was great. My team’s headquarters was in Woking. -And my team principal, Boyo…
-Just to give a little context, Woking is where McLaren is located.
It’s a small town, right? Yeah. And he said, “Here, sometimes you go to
small restaurants and you find pictures of Senna there”. You know, places where he’s been
and left his mark. I’m not gonna shake her hand.
Give me a little kiss, Bia. With all due respect. Bia represents women in motor sports,
and here’s the thing, it ain’t easy, right, Bia?
Unfortunately it’s a male-dominated sport. But there you are,
representing women. First Brazilian woman in IndyCar,
a Stock Car driver, You’ve won races in Formula Renault. Tell us about your career
as a woman in motor sports. I’m very proud of having come this far, as the first woman to brake
several of those barriers. I’ve won go kart races against several
Brazilian champions. Lucas Di Grassi, Nelsinho,
Jimenez, Campinhos… It’s a good list. They’re all here! And they race in Stock Car,
Formula One, Formula E… So, I’ve raced with my idols
and now they’re my friends. And it’s always a big party. And now I have my team. I’ve raced with them
for a long time and now I have my team. I’ve also raced with Ipiranga’s Thiago Camilo. Several big names. And also celebrities.
We have a special Celebrity Race, which is different. See? Journalists aren’t the only ones who race,
celebrities do it too. Tell us about the Celebrety Race. Long story short, we are in out third year. Marcos Breda, who’s an actor
who loves motor sports… I race a lot, people say I’m addicted to it,
but Breda is worse. He called out of the blue and said, “Hey Bia,
let’s do a race for actors and professional drivers.” I thought, “The guy is crazy”. But I went along and said: “Let’s try it”. I found sponsors, it took off
and now he’s practically my brother. This is our third year. We only skipped last year
because I was getting married. -It was on the same weekend.
-That’s a good excuse, though. We can put up a picture of the wedding. -It was almost a year ago.
-And your husband is okay with you being here? Last year, I wanted to race and then get married,
but he didn’t like the idea. -He thought it was too risky.
-Racing in a wedding gown would be too much. I’d be walking down the aisle
with grease on my face. So I decided to skip it. In this special Senna TV episode at the Go Kart 500, take a look at who I’ve found.
Ruben Carrapatoso. The go kart world champion – a title that Senna
has never won. So that’s nothing to scoff at. And he’s also the race’s current winner.
He won it in 2015. We’re in 2016 and you’re
watching us in 2017. So, by then, we’ll know who won the race,
but today is the day of the qualifying sessions. Is your name going on the trophy again, Carrapa?
It’s hard, isn’t it? We’ll try. We’ve had a few
problems in the qualifying sessions. We’ll be starting a little behind,
but the race lasts 12 hours. We’re used to starting from behind
and finishing at the front. I was the runner-up in 2004
after starting in 72nd place. Wait up. I can’t even do the math. -72nd.
-There were 70 go karts on the track? -There were 78 go karts.
-Can you imagine that? So, we’re used to starting from behind. We’ll try to use everything we have
and see what happens in the end. We’re talking about 12 hours. When you competed in the World Championship
had you watched Senna’s races? Had you ever had any contact with Ayrton
or were you just a fan? And I believe he’s still
a source of inspiration. We’ve met in ’93, at his ranch. I was invited by Zé Dirani,
who was friends with him at the time. And the Dirani family lives
one block away from my place. So, I met him. There was a big party
at his ranch, at the end of ’93. Lots of barbecue and go kart racing,
two things we don’t really care about. I could even do without the barbecue, Carrapa. True fans of Senna TV remember: Giuliano Raucci was in our first episode,
our big debut in May 2016. Our show is almost one year old. -Giuli, welcome back.
-It’s a pleasure to be here. -And it’s still our most viewed post.
-Really? That’s cool. -It’s the most watched video in our channel.
-The first one. And Giuli was amazing, here at the Go Kart 500. -We’ll try to get the footage.
-It took some effort. -I’ll check if the GoPro worked.
-I think it did. It was my best result ever. I’ll be starting
my heat in 13th place. -But just because I was able to follow him.
-I helped a little. -That happens in go kart racing, right?
-All the time. I saw you were behind me
when I started my lap. I looked back and said, “That’s França.
I’m gonna help him.” That’s why in life, you gotta have friends.
Being friends with the king is better than being the king. It’s so cool to be able to talk with drivers
from so many categories. Formula One, IndyCar, Stock Car… It was great. Since you’ve liked it,
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Thank you, and see you next time! -Attention, Rodrigo França, report to the pit garage.
-Those guys…