Every day, every hour, every minute some new
story appears online where people share their weird shopping experiences. When you buy stuff
online,you usually wait for your haul in anticipation. But sometimes things you get are not exactly
what you expect to see. Some purchases make people faint, quite literally. But you know,
it really isn`t something you should be worrying about. I mean those are just things you buy.
It`s just that you should pay more attention to the types of sellers you dealing with.
There are loads of scammers out there and you should always read comments and check
ratings and things like that. Alright guys, let’s have a look at 55 instances of people
who regret shopping online. 1.Dude, gotta love Chinese shopping! That`s
actually very creative. I mean if it had Paris written on it, it would be boring. And this
is a game changer. 2. Not many people would agree to buy a whole
swimming pool online. Although what could possibly be wrong with a swimming pool? Apparently,
it`s size. 3. This guy bought a scratching post for his
kitty. When it was delivered, instead of utilizing it, the kitty was just looking at it all skeptical.
4. There is a very big difference in meaning here. I want to believe and I wanna leave
has nothing in common. Although perhaps some people take it a bit further and they want
to be adopted by aliens. Yeah, I guess I can see some people implying that.
5. The man ordered an inflatable Santa online. What he didn`t expect is it being so damn
big. Usually people complain they get small stuff but this is something else. I wish I
could see the look on people`s faces when they saw it.
6. This young man wanted to buy some plain black jogging pants. As you can see, these
aren`t black. But what`s actually funny is that he actually loved it and was very pleased
with such a surprise. 7. Those hiking boots look a bit different
in reality, in fact they look very different but it seems that the buyer didn`t mind that
at all. 8.HarryandMegan. Justliketheylookinreallife.
Seriously, I think it`s a very accurate version of the Royal couple.
9.This guy bought himself some tights for Halloween. But they were so small, he could
hardly fit them on his toes. Seems likea Barbie wardrobe item.
10. When you want a beautifully decorated photo of your family and instead you get a
picture of some Asian family with penguins. Nice one.
11. This gigantic plastic shovel was supposed to be a small dustpan. Atlistthat`swhatshewasexpecting.
Actually, that`saprettyneatoshovel. You can really clean up a lot of garbage with it.
It`s like you only need a proper broom for it.
12. Parents bought their boy a backpack. Thanks mom and dad!
13. Another one. This one is from Amazon I think. Well, at list it`s good enough for
a kitty. 14. Hmm… Something tells me those Jordans
are not original. 15. My Boss Bought 50 Chairs In An Online
Auction. It Wasn’t Until We Went To Pick Them Up That We Realized It Was At An Elementary
School 16. Sometimes you feel like you gotta act
swift buying things online. Because on-sale items can get out of stock pretty quickly.
In this case the buyer was a little hasty to buy this cheap swimming pool because it`s
just tiny. 17. Just look at this wonderful calendar with
a gracious beautiful unicorn bought on amazon. Buyers were incredibly outraged to see the
primitive pictures inside. 18. Funny. You want a Trump t-shirt and get
one with Kim Chen In on it. I guess it`s some sort of political joke.
19. She though she was buying a jacket but instead got this. The funniest thing is that
there was no such item in that shop at all. 20. This frying pan is especially design to
fry one single quail egg. I guess in this case you can use any lighter.
21. It was a good half-price deal. But it`s just one half of the good.
22. Buying a telly online is not a very bright idea. I wonder what goes through a person’s
mind when he decides to scam people like that. Hope whoever did this was brutally punished
and the buyer got his money back. 23.This guy expected to receive a 17 mm socket
wrench head but instead got a nice 170 cm one. Yep, it`s good when you have a bigg-ass
dumper in the back yard. 24. Guys, before buying das boots, remember
to check the foot pattern. It might be a swastika. 25.This bear carnival mask looks nothing like
the one they posted on the website. 26.This dress was supposed to say “Small
black dress”. Instead it says gibberish balderdash dress. Looks like someone needs
to learn how to type. But all in all it is indeed a small black dress.
27.Ow! That`saspookylookingprint. It`s just that it`s kinda small.
28. Look at that! This guy actually looks pretty gorgeous in that marvelous dress! I
bet he bought it on purpose and secretly wears it every day at home.
29. Ugh! You expect a brand newcouch and get a worn off shabby something.
30. This guy wanted to be a full package James Bond at a fancy costume party. The pistol
he ordered was a bit smaller than he expected. That`s why you should always accurately read
the description. 31.This lady bought some eyebrow tweezers
and received something that looks like some kind of surgical instruments.
32.LittleMermaidBlanket. Lookscozyandbeautiful. In reality, it looks a lot more likepettitoes.
33. Lady Santa. Nice, sexy, beautiful. Just plain awesome. Whoever ordered it was hoping
to wear it at a dance school event. But that thought quickly left her mind when she saw
that her new sexy Santa outfit is too small, it doesn`t have any fur and frankly looks
a lot more like the kind of stuff you might wanna wear on Halloween.
34. Alright guys, what do you think is up with this photo here? You have ten seconds
to think and leave your answers in the comments! So this is a photo review of some earrings
that never came. The online shop asked the lady to prove she didn`t receive anything
and that`s why she sent them her empty palms. 35.This is size XL in China. Well, let`s hope
spider man gets the proper size costume on time. Because you know, crime never sleeps.
36. You want a screwdriver and you get a sledgehammer with a piece of soap. I wonder what`s the
logic behind this. 37. I guess it supposed to be some kind of
bathrobe. And it looks like it`s a bit bigger than the photo version.
38. Some websites have this option of random pickings. Works well for people who are too
lazy to make decisions. So this user decided he was gonna get 10 t-shirts all of different
color. Much to his surprise, he received 10 absolutely identical things. By the way, there
are only 9 on the photo. 39.This guy wanted to buy a deep fryer but
Amazon though he could do with a candy floss maker instead.
40. This Japanese mask was supposed to be a gorilla.
41. Ah! Isn’tthispillowcaseadorable? That`swhattheparentsthought. So they bought it and when it came they saw
this. Pretty literal stuff, huh? 42. Hmm, seems like everything is pretty much
okay here. Although, no. Not really. Schweppes supposed to be smaller than Jameson.
43.You want to get your son a blue ukulele for Christmas and receive a toy crossbow instead.
It`s almost like a miracle but in reverse. 44. When you buy a super cheap living room
rug don`t be surprised to find out it`s actually a bathroom rug.
45. That acoustic foam panel looks a bit flattened and crinkled. I don`t suppose it`s of any
use that way. 46. Ow, that`s unfortunate. Well, sometimes
you better pay a little extra just to make sure this kind of thing never happens.
47. Never, I repeat, never buy wedding rings online.
48. This guy bought his girlfriend aphoto collage blanket that supposed to be made of
her photos but when it came, he saw that it was full of photos of random strangers. But
he gave it to her anyways and frankly, she seems to like it anyhow.
49. This girl started losing weight and decided she needed to buy some scales. It would be
better if she bought those at an actual store because the once she got were hamster size
scales. 50.That is one spooky Halloween mask right
there. Unfortunately, in reality it just looks funny.
51. Another Expectation VS reality scenario. Somebody`s Christmas was damaged quite badly.
52. This guy bought Apple Watch on eBay for $600. Must be some kind of limited edition
or something. 53. Another tiny object that was supposed
to be much larger. 54. Sometimes you get guns instead of Xboxes.
I hope this guy didn`t shoot anyone out of frustration…
55. Is that ball smaller than it supposed to be or is that an unusually large child?
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