Hey LegalShield family this is your servant CEO Jeff Bell and it’s time for #5MinutesStrong today I want to talk about Network Marketing I want to talk about direct selling I want to talk about MLM Perfected the reason is that recently you may have seen that Advocare abandoned the multi-level marketing business that Avon is either being sold to a Brazilian or a South Korean company I just want to make very clear that LegalShield formally Pre-Paid Legal is completely committed to Network Marketing and that is because we are MLM Perfected you know the reason that those companies have had problems I believe are two-fold one Amazon and number two the FTC let me talk about each on in turn you see those companies that are in to potions and lotions and shakes and creams they’ve got a problem they’ve got a physical product and they are competing with Amazon because any of their distributors who have problems with sales which have a problem with sales which they seem to they put all of it on Amazon some of it on eBay they are competing with themselves it is fundamentally not a robust model second is the FTC the FTC quite frankly has a problem where all of the sales go to distributors and all of the money is being paid to sign up more distributors but nobody is making sales on a retail basis well you see LegalShield is different number one we are the only Network Marketing company that has legal service plans and identity theft protection plans Amazon doesn’t sell those things second the FTC quite frankly we are a poster child for MLM Perfected for the right way to do multi-level marketing why nobody’s got a garage full of legal plans that they’ve got to sell we don’t auto-ship a bunch of identity theft plans every month for people to hold in their garage and then sell to others or to try to use themselves no it’s not like that we have no inventory second we do not pay to recruit third we do not make outrageous lifestyle claims in fact everything that is good about LegalShield can be summed up in the 4 Truths so what are the 4 Truths of LegalShield number one the product is real number two the money is real number three personal development is at the core of everything we do and number four this is a human business and that meetings make money let me talk about each of those in turn you see we are the only company in Network Marketing That takes a product and actually reduces its cost we take a $300 an hour legal service and we bring it down to $25 a month that’s the power of community that’s the power of the shared economy and my friends that is what really sets us apart we seek to protect and empower members with LegalShield and IDShield and the only money that is paid in this business is paid by a member who is satisfied engaged and retaining of their membership that is the key this product is real tremendous value a product that changes people’s lives by letting them live free worry less and live more the product is real the second reason is that the money is real last year we paid over $120 million to our independent marketing and sales associates an all-time record and quite frankly that was up 35% in just the last four years alone and growing you know what 42,000 independent marketing and sales associates receive residual income because the members find value and they keep the membership this is not a pyramid this is MLM Perfected we are owned by Stone Point and MidOcean Partners private equity firms that have seen for the last 30 years we have been both profitable and cash flow positive that’s why they invested for us to grow my friends this is stable the money is real for those that work for the money third is our personal development no one has demonstrated a greater commitment to personal and leadership development than Pre-Paid Legal and now LegalShield just in the last few years we have had Mel Robbins John Maxwell we’ve had Jack Canfield Grant Cardone Daymond John just to name a few and more to come my friends personal development means that if you decide to become a member you are going to learn life-transforming skills and it will improve your life no longer living in fear no longer being put upon by the man whether that’s the government a neighbor or local business no and if you choose to join us as an independent associate you actually have a chance to make money part-time or full-time we say don’t quit your day job most of the people that make money in this business are part-time they build their fortune with LegalShield while they earn a living doing their regular job we present an opportunity for people to find a chance to build a lasting legacy of financial freedom that’s what it’s all about but we do so from the bedrock of personal development and leadership development together we go higher my friends that is why P.D. is at the absolute base of what we do the forth thing is that we know technology is crazy-good but only to bring people together where meetings can make some money meetings make money because it is a human business we know that technology allows us to duplicate it allows us to leverage our time but we need to get people together because we build community we support each other we help each other we also know that that’s the kind of connection when you are trying to change the world when you are trying to disrupt what is a broken system for legal access to justice what is a broken system of everyone’s identity for sale and being compromised on the web you need to be able to sit down and really explain how to live a better life with LegalShield and IDShield meetings make the money my friends that’s the key in our business so friends let me close by just saying that hey if you are a LegalShield associate you should be more excited than ever before get out there and go and help people with our membership go out there and recruit more people on to your team to help change their lives as independent entrepreneurs and you know what if you are listening to this tape if someone shared this with you and you are bitter maybe even disappointed let down by other network marketing companies that have exited the business or driven out of business or you found out they just didn’t have the integrity friends welcome home because we are LegalShield and we know that together the best is still yet to come join us change the world be part of the change because together we go higher together my friends we are committed to building a better world I’m Jeff Bell and I speak on behalf on everyone that loves LegalShield as a business and as a subscription membership we know we are just getting started won’t you join us?