Sarah: Hey, I’m Sarah from Wholesale Ted and
in today’s video, I’m gonna teach you the six big mistakes that new sellers make when
they start dropshipping in their own AliExpress store. Now, I’ve actually got a pretty cool special
guest today helping me with this video, Dan Dasilva. He is an AliExpress dropshipping ninja. Last year, he did hundreds of thousands of
sales alone, using AliExpress dropshipping with Facebook and Instagram as his primary
sources of traffic. So I strongly recommend that you listen to
his advice. Now, these mistakes are very costly. They cost sellers thousands of dollars in
lost sales. So if you want to find out what these mistakes
are so you don’t make them yourself, keep watching this video. Mistake number one, not buying from reputable
sellers. A question I get asked a lot from people is
whether they need to order an item for themselves before they dropship it. After all, how can they trust that the item
is good quality if they haven’t purchased it for themselves first? And how can they trust a supplier to ship
it out on time? Well, if this is something you’re worried
about, then I’ve got a good solution for you, work with reputable AliExpress sellers. When you’re dropshipping from AliExpress,
you should always be looking for suppliers that have a proven track record and excellent
reviews. Doing that is easy. Firstly, search for the item that you want
to source. Next, come here and tick this box so that
AliExpress will filter the results to only show you suppliers that have four-plus star
ratings. Next, click orders. Now AliExpress will list the results based
on the number of orders a supplier has fulfilled for an item. Use this to find suppliers that have the highest
number of orders while also maintaining a four-star rating from buyers. Working with reputable suppliers means that
you can trust them to send the orders out on time, meaning you will have happy customers. It also indicates that the customers were
happy with the quality of the item that they received. This means that you know you’re dropshipping
good products without having to purchase it first and happy customers make for repeat
buyers. Let’s switch over to Dan so that he can give
you his next big mistake that he sees new sellers make when they start dropshipping
with AliExpress. Dan: So the second tip I can give absolutely
anybody is that I see people all the time not putting enough emphasis on talking to
their suppliers. Now, when it comes down to suppliers, they’re
the ones that determine how much you make and well, how much you either spend, lose,
etc. So when it comes down to it, make sure you’re
talking to your supplier. Go out there and see if you can work out better
rates. If you have to pay for shipping, see if you
can get free shipping, better rates, faster delivery, whatever it is. Negotiate. Talk to them. Get to know your suppliers. Not all suppliers are created equally. Some might only have 500 units of one particular
product, another one might have an unlimited supply because they’re manufacturing it right
there and then at their plant. So again, get to know your supplier. Not all of them are created equally. That’s the second tip that I can give absolutely
anybody. Sarah: Mistake number three, creating a general
store and selling anything and everything. A lot of people email me and they ask me the
same question. “Sarah, should I open a store around a specific
niche like coffee and only sell coffee accessories and items in it or should I open a general
store like WalMart and sell anything and everything that I can find in it? What should I do?” And usually, they close off their email telling
me that they’re leaning towards opening a general store because they want to hedge their
bets and sell everything. “After all, what if I set up a store that’s
selling coffee items and accessories and someone stumbles into the store and doesn’t want to
buy those things? Now I’ve lost out on the sale, right?” And my answer to them is no, this is a big
mistake. And this is because choice is a double-edged
sword. Choice creates distractions for the buyer. The goal here is to set up a store that sells
very best coffee accessories and items so that it will excite someone who is interested
in coffee. That way when they come to your store, they’ll
see exactly what they want to buy and they’ll be compelled to purchase it right now. If instead they’re distracted by a whole host
of other items that they don’t want, then their conversion rates will drop off along
with your sales. And here is something else, by focusing on
one specific niche for each website, that means that you can improve your branding around
it. If you open a general store, then you’re gonna
have to have lukewarm branding that won’t really appeal to anyone. But if you instead choose to focus your store
around a specific niche like coffee accessories, that means that you can pick your store name,
your store logo, your address, and your website theme and color scheme to fit perfectly with
coffee. And by doing this, you will increase your
conversions and sales. Don’t worry about the people that aren’t interested
in coffee and won’t buy from you. Instead, just focus on converting the coffee
lovers. What you need to do is not focus on everybody. Instead, you need to pick a customer base
and stick to it. And interestingly enough, for the long-time
viewers here at Wholesale Ted, you’ve probably noticed that this is quite different to the
advice that I give when dropshipping on Amazon using SaleHoo, a method that we teach in our
free eBook, “How to Make $10,000 a Month by Dropshipping” which you can download for free
by clicking on the link in the video description below. You see, when you set up your store for AliExpress
dropshipping, whether it’s with Shopify or WooCommerce, you’ve got tons of options over
how to brand it. You have choices over your domain name, you
have choices over your website color scheme, you’ve got tons of options, but on Amazon,
you don’t. On there, you have very limited options for
branding your Amazon merchant store listing. And plus, very few people click through anyway. It’s just not the culture of Amazon buyers. The only reason why they’ll usually click
through is to check out your feedback score. Because, you see, it’s actually kind of funny. On Amazon, customers are usually buying from
third-party merchants but they don’t tend to think of it that way. Instead, they tend to think of it as though
they’re buying directly from Amazon. So branding your store on Amazon isn’t going
to increase your conversions. Because of that, it’s far more
important and a much better strategy to just list any item that you find that is profitable
using the method that we outline in our free eBook, even if the items aren’t related to
each other. But with your AliExpress dropshipping store,
you have a huge opportunity to manage your branding so take advantage of it. All right, I’m going to switch back to Dan
now so that he can tell you his next big mistake that he sees new sellers make when they start
dropshipping on AliExpress. Dan: So the fourth tip I can give anybody
right now is don’t go off of the best sellers. Now, what do I mean by that? Well, when you go into a site like AliExpress,
right, you’re going to see a best sellers tab and I know so many people go there to
take a look at what’s selling and they think, “Man, I can add this right into my store.” Well, it’s not how it works. The best sellers might not work for you. What you need to do, and we’re going to talk
about this in step number six or tip number six is actually go out there and do your research. So when you’re going out there and using a
site like Alibaba and AliExpress, don’t go for the best sellers. Best sellers are great to do your preliminary
research on the category or the niche that you want to dive into but it’s not the end-all-be-all. So what I can tell you is that, like I said,
it’s a place for you to get an idea, the groundwork of what you need to dive into. But when I talk about tip number six, you’re
gonna fully understand exactly what I’m talking about and why you need to do your research. Sarah: Mistake number five, losing money by
focusing too much on acquiring new customers rather than trying to get upsells. Now, this is something that I’ve talked about
a lot here at Wholesale Ted and it’s because of the fact that this is gonna give you a
massive edge over your competitors. Implementing upsells is an advanced idea that
can double your revenue overnight. For an advanced method, the application of
it is very simple. In a video I uploaded a few weeks ago, my
friend Fred used a great example of a company that uses upsells, McDonald’s. When you go to McDonald’s and you order a
Big Mac regular combo, what do they always ask you? “Do you want to upsize that?” They do this because they know that you want
fries and a drink so chances are that you want a bigger fries and drink. Now suddenly, instead of spending $5, you’re
now spending $6 and the only thing that they had to do to get that $1 extra revenue out
of you was simply ask. Now think about it. If McDonald’s successfully upsells five customers
by simply asking them if they want to have a large combo instead of a regular one, they’ve
now increased their revenue by $5. That is the equivalent to one whole new customer
buying a regular Big Mac combo. Now, what’s easier, spending a few seconds
asking your preexisting customers if they’d like to upsize or investing in new marketing
and research and outreach to acquire a whole new customer? Obviously, it’s the former, but most people
ignore this and they slave away and spend tons of money on paid ads trying to get new
customers and leave this free, easy money on the table. And this point doesn’t just apply to AliExpress
dropshipping. In my video where I discuss slow eBay sales,
upselling was one of the major points that I made. In that video, I gave the example about how
you might have an eBay store that sells second-hand smartphones. Well, what other types of items might people
who are interested in smartphones want to buy? They want chargers. They want cases. They want accessories. So apply this to your AliExpress store. What items can you upsell to your customers? And don’t worry if you aren’t tech-savvy because
there are plenty of plug-ins for both WooCommerce and Shopify to help you add upsells to your
cart checkout page. All right, that’s my final piece of advice
for you today. Let’s switch back to Dan so that he can give
you his last mistake that he sees new AliExpress dropshippers make. Dan: The last tip I can give you is stop doing
what you think will work and let the market dictate. So what do I mean by this? Well, you have a bunch of tools at your disposal,
which is the Google Keyword tool which tells you the amount of searches that are coming
in for that particular keyword or that particular search phrase every single month. Then you have the Audience Insight tool from
Facebook themselves, which tells you purchasing behavior. It tells you other pages and other demographics
of people that you can target. So when it comes down to it, don’t ever waste
your time on what you think will work. Rather, go out there and get data that is
proven to actually purchase your products. So when you go and create a store, you’re
not going out there blindly and trying to figure out something that works. Rather you have data that’s there, that works
100%, and you know exactly where you need to go. So those are the top six tips that we can
go ahead and give to you. Sarah: So those there are the six big mistakes
that new AliExpress dropshippers make that cost them thousands of dollars in lost sales
and profits. Now that you know what they are, you can avoid
them and shortcut your way to success. Thanks for watching. If you liked this video, I’d appreciate it
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