– Hey, this is Alison
and in today’s episode we’re going to be talking
about the seven deadly sins of running an online store. But I’ve gotten lots of
requests for a house tour since we’ve moved to
Puerto Rico so I was like, “Why don’t I just choose
seven spots in the house “to describe the seven deadly sins.” (upbeat music)
♪ Best day ever ♪ This would be the front entry. Guess what? We just moved in this house two weeks ago so we’re still trying to put all sorts of shenanigans together. I’m gonna sit on the
couch so I don’t trip. You gettin’ a little seasick here? All right, here we go. So the number one sin is thinking
that you have to start off by selling to your
friends and your family. (record scratch) That’s exactly why I wanted to start an online business, because I didn’t want to
have to sell to my friends and family. To make this really
uncomfortable situation come every family gathering, right? So a few months into my journey
of selling products online, my sister-in-law came
up to me and was like, “Alison, have you heard of this new store “called Pick Your Plum?” And I was like, “Mm” a little bit nervous. If she had a bad experience and she’d been like
blah, blah, blah, blah, or she had a good experience, she would be super excited about it. So I replied neutral and said, “Why don’t you tell me about it?” She went on to say how great
this new online store was and the products were priced amazing but you had to get their
early or they would sell out. And she went on and on and on. And I started smiling by the
time she took her first breath and that’s when my brother
walked into the room, grumbling, and saying, “Ugh, I don’t like “that Pick Your Plum shop “because every time I
pull out my credit card, “all I see is a charge
from Pick Your Plum, “Pick Your Plum, Pick Your Plum.” And I burst into laughter and I admitted that it was my online store. My sister-in-law freaked out and my brother looked
me straight in the face and said, “Alison, I never
want to talk to you again “unless you can block my
credit card from your store.” It’s true. You really can start a business
without having to have that, “You want to buy from me?”
feeling of selling to friends and family. You can actually go incognito
and not even let them know that it’s your business. Now yes, there’s absolutely pros and cons of being the face of your
business or not being the face of your business. But if this is your excuse for not starting an online business. Well, push it out of the way because you literally do
not have to be the face of your business. And if you’re like, “Alison,
you probably just got so lucky building your first
business without your face.” Well, guess what? I actually did an undercover
business just to prove that you don’t even need a social account. (loud banging) It’s kind of noisy upstairs and I’ll take you up there and show you that they’re building
furniture in just a second. Anyway, I went on to build
an undercover business just to show people you don’t have to have these massive huge Facebook accounts. In fact, when I started this business, yes, I did set up a Facebook
page just to claim the name but I only have a handful of followers. Which, it’s like my mom and my sister. By year two, year two, it went on to make over a
million dollars in sales. In fact, it was 1,154,695.00. I had to look at my notes because it was such a big number. And remember my mom and sister
following me on that page? I guarantee they did not
buy a million dollars worth of product. Take that thought right out of your brain of thinking that you need to
sell to friends and family and kick it right out of the equation. And you get to build your
business the way that you want to. You can be the face of your
brand and sell to friends and family or you can go
incognito and never tell a soul. In fact, right before I
started recording this video, I got a screenshot from
a gal named Shaylee, who I have been teaching,
and look what she said. She said that she’s almost
at $10,000 for the month and still hasn’t even told any of her friends and her family. Doesn’t just work for me, guys. It works for others and
it can work for you too. Okay, now we’re gonna go on to number two but I’m gonna walk you through. We’re actually gonna
head over to the kitchen and you’ll notice the big
huge, look at this TV. It’s like life-size over here. Yes, the house did come
furnished with furniture and a ginormous jumbotron, yeah. All right, so we’re heading
into the kitchen right now. We’ve got little guys
back here playin’ Play-Doh and let’s go on to the second sin. Is it too messy? – [Makayla] No, all you
can see is the island, the towel, and the jug, and
the plate, and the wipe, and a little bit of the JCPenny bag. And the white rag next
to the paper towels. – Okay, yes I did have to push pause to clean up the kitchen a little bit. It’s real life. Okay, the second deadly sin is commitment issues. You know when you find the
perfect product online, let’s say lipstick. You put it in your cart
and then you go to checkout but there’s a big red flag on the computer that says that you have to sign up and make an account with them. And the only way that
you’re able to checkout is if you create an account with them. Making it mandatory for
someone to create an account with you, is a very fast way
to get people to leave the cart and go somewhere else. Because sometimes people
have commitment issues. It’s okay. Don’t make them get married to you. Maybe, they just want to
take you out on a date and making them commit right away, it’s like throwing a ring on their finger. Like checkout Crate&Barrel, you see how they give you options. You can create an account,
you can checkout as a guest, you can login, there are
beautiful options, use them. And I want to show you in Shopify how you can set that up too so that you’re not forcing
people to get married right away. If you’re using Shopify, you just come right down
here to your settings, and then go to checkout, and then customer accounts right here. You’ve got three options:
accounts are disabled, accounts are optional,
and accounts required. Chose the optional section. This one, anh, you don’t want. This one, anh, you don’t want. Chose the middle one. By giving them the option
to checkout as a guest, it’s kind of like you’re putting
them in the friends zone. Which is a good thing in the online world because then you get to
send them your product, you get to send them emails, to make them fall in love with you so that they’ll want to commit
to that marriage later on. Let’s go outside. Come on out. So this is a bit of our oasis right here. Come join me in the swimming pool ’cause it’s hot out here. Look at this beautiful place. There’s a swimming pool in the backyard, there’s a golf course right there. That’s the beautiful thing about being able to start your own business is you get to make the rules. So if you want to live
somewhere in the world that’s dreamy, you get to do it. Okay, so let’s dive into number three. Only your mom uses it. You know at the bottom of a website, how they’ve got this little box that says enter in your email. Ha, newsflash. No one, except your mom, is gonna put their email in that box. The only reason why they
scroll to the bottom of your page anyway, is to find out how to
contact you for a refund or contact support for some other reason. Not a lot of people head
to the bottom of the page. Remember the huge commitment
issue I talked about on the second deadly sin? Well, it’s the same
thing with asking someone for their email address. You’re asking them to commit to something that they don’t even know
what they’re committing to. How many times are they gonna get emailed? Are they gonna be sold-to all the time? No, they just don’t want it. Now, to get them to give you their email, you actually have to give first for them to give back in return. If you’re like, “Hey, sign
up and get a discount.” Or, “Sign up and get a
free PDF to X, Y, and Z.” The chances of them giving you their email and making that commitment
go a lot higher. And it can be anything from, “Woo, how to cool down
on a hot summer day” or, “how to get stains out
of your kids clothing.” If you’re a clothing line,
selling little kid’s clothes, what happens? Well, kid’s get stains. Help them with their pain point. When you give to your future customers, they’re going to happily
sign up for that email and you can create that
longterm commitment with them. All right, let’s go inside. It’s hot out here. Yeah, it’s Saturday cleaning day and apparently we haven’t
gotten to the cleaning part. Come on in and you will see
that we’ve got more boxes to the left. We just got our Ikea order and Makayla, who’s nicely holding– – Hello. – The camera, has been
putting together bed frames left and right. Come around here, this is what I’ve been
using for my office space. The lighting makes me happy. So we’re gonna dive in (drum trilling) to number four. The fourth deadliest e-commerce sin is don’t make them pay for
the ketchup and the straws. Have you ever heard the
story about restaurants keeping their prices
super low on their food but then charging for the
ketchup and the straws? Well, let me just tell you
the ending of that story, it ticks customers off. And I don’t want you to do that. And how I want to relate this is to shipping products to your customer. Your customers are going to
need the product shipped to them just like they need a
straw for their drink or ketchup for their french fries. But with shipping, you
don’t need to be excessive. Keep shipping costs low and
don’t turn it into a money grab. People don’t like to pay big
huge prices for shipping. My sweet spot for
smaller items is anywhere from 3.99 to 5.99 and if
it’s a large or heavy item, I’ll go clear up to 9.99 or 12.99. But what I first like to try
and do is offer free shipping and how I do that is I will
put the cost of the shipping into my product price. So let’s say my product
price is normally 9.99 and I charge 4.99 in shipping, what I’ll do is I’ll go up to 14.99 and charge free shipping. There’s something magical
about adding free shipping into your products that
helps to convert more. Now, you can always add
priority shipping as an upgrade but don’t try and nickel and
dime them on the shipping costs because they actually really
need you to ship it to them so they can put it in their hands. All right, let’s move on to
the next part of the house. The stairs! I know, pretty exciting, right? But check them out,
they’re kind of pretty. Even with fingerprints on them and a box of Legos at the bottom. Number five. I term this one: ‘hello, is
it me you’re looking for?’ I can see it in your eyes. But I really won’t. Okay, adding a chat box to your site, like the bottom lower hand corner, that pops up and says,
“Hey, can I help you?” is gonna help your
customers from having to dig through your site to
try and find an email, open up their email provider
and then email you a question and then hope to get a
response 24 to 48 hours later. Let it be easy for your
customers and guess what? Putting that chat box on
your site for them to be able to directly communicate with you, bum-bum-bum-bum, you can do it for free. And I will leave a link down
below for you to be able to get access to the chat
box that I use on my site for free. Yay, we like free stuff, right? The one that’s I’ve been using is called Pure Chat. And what happens is when your
customers come to the site and they get stuck or
they have a question, they can easily ask that
question in that box, helping with conversions. Because it can automatically
come to your phone or to your desktop as a notification so that you can respond back. And if you’re like, “Oh my gosh, “that would completely overwhelm me “’cause I’ve already got a
bajillion things going on.” You can either hire it out or there’s something else
that’s crazy magical about it, you can put on there “email me”. So you don’t have to sit at your computer 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in anticipation of when your customers going to ask you a question. You can just have it open when you’re working in your power hours or when you’re working some
other time during the day so that you can respond quickly. And then when you do step away, let’s say to take a dive
in the swimming pool, and you can’t be there
watching your computer. Feel free to put it on “email me and I’ll get back to you right away”. That’s just another way
of letting them know that there’s a friend on the other side that’s willing to help them. It totally increases conversions. You should try it because guess what? It’s free. All right, now we’re
gonna go up the stairs and we’re gonna talk about the sixth one. So here’s the cute little sitting area and you can see, makes a momma’s heart so
happy when the Wii controllers are left out. Love my kids. – None of that was me. – So this is kind of the play area that overlooks the downstairs. And where we throw our boxes off the side so we don’t have to carry
them down the stairs. Number six, do you see the stars? Not being able to add
customer reviews to your site is a huge deadly sin to
your e-commerce business. If you don’t start
building those good reviews then the day that you
get in a horrible review, it’s gonna tank the way that
your site feels and looks. Have you ever gone to an Amazon store and it’s like one star? And you’re like, “No, thank you.” But then you go to other
stores that have thousands of reviews and they are still
having five star reviews even though there’s a
handful of negative reviews. It’s because those positive
reviews helped dilute out those negative reviews. Reviews that are negative are
a guarantee in your business. No matter what you do, people are human. There’s been times in my business before where we’ve gotten a one
star and their review was, “The product was perfect,
I just wanted blue.” But they ordered pink? I don’t know how we’re supposed
to read their mind, right? But those reviews were diluted because we had so many
positive reviews on the site that it really didn’t matter. And the app that I chose
to use on my Shopify store for that is something called Judge.Me and guess how much that one costs? Free.99! Let’s go on to number
seven, the last deadly sin. Walk with me this way
down the hall of bedrooms. Push pause ’cause I gotta find which room is the most presentable. And I chose the boys’
room because their beds are all put together where
the rest of them, not so much. Remember, we’re week two of this house but I think we’re doing pretty darn good. Okay, number seven. I actually titled this one, “yeah, the adult diaper pail that you ordered.” What? I know, watch this video. So Jared and I found out last week that our credit was stolen. That’s nice. By someone who bought, you ready for it? This is what they bought
with our credit card. Odor-free receptacle, ideal
for adult brief disposal. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors. Or what about the time the
credit card company called you and said, “Did you just order
a flat screen from Target “and a whole bunch of diapers?” Three states away. No, that didn’t, oh, that was us again. Hm, has your credit card ever been stolen? Well, when you go, or your
customers go online to buy, give them the assurance
that their credit cards are not going to be stolen. Put up the verification badges, give them the assurance by
putting up those symbols to let them know that your site is secure. Now, if you’re using
something called Shopify, your site’s gonna be secure. They have put in prevention
measures to make sure that all that credit card
information stays safe to keep you and your
customers happy shoppers. All right so those were the
seven deadly sins of e-commerce. Now, if you want the list, all you have to do is click down below, leave a comment, click the link, and I will send a free PDF to your inbox so that you can check off and make sure you’ve got every single one of those on your site ready to go. And I hope you liked this home tour. Yes, we’re still getting moved in. Yes, we’re buried up to our neck in boxes but you know what? It’s kind of cool that we’re
able to live on an island because we chose too, in Puerto Rico. To have adventures with our family, why? Because we created a
business around the lifestyle that we wanted and I want to
encourage you to do that too. Go out, live your dreams, that’s what we’re meant
to do on this earth. Not be crammed up in some little place and just dream of everything. Live your dream. Building businesses allow you to do that. If you want more information
on how to get started there’s gonna be links
up above, down below too, to go watch the master class that I teach to help you get started on your way. So click those links,
there’s a whole bunch here, a whole bunch of goodness, and
I’ll see you on the inside. Bye! (upbeat music)