Hey everyone I am back at the whiteboard
and today I’m talking about eight ecommerce email templates that you
should have to boost your engagement and sales then you can implement these eight
templates effectively I promise you it will turn email into a key part of your
customer acquisition and retention strategy alright so let’s get started
first off we have welcome emails now these really have become expected
by your new customers following either a purchase or a sign up for an email list
you want to remember that this is your first impression with that customer or
email subscriber so you really want to get the message and tone right please do not bombard them with sales content in this first email we’re really just
starting off the relationship on a good note not trying to push an additional
sale and you want to think about setting these in this sequence maybe a sequence
of three we have a past video that goes over a welcomed series in more detail
and you should check that out next up we have those discount in promo emails
maybe these come after the welcome email series these are there to capture the
interest of your users by offering them what is really valuable to them which is
a discount on your products that they’ve obviously already shown interest in
these can be discounts latest offers or seasonal sales and you want to really
try and give them that first access or exclusivity
this will make them feel that they’re in the know and it will make them feel that
it’s worth being a part of your subscriber list also always remember
that a personal touch is best so use language like we thought
you might like this next up we have those abandoned cart emails
these are so so important in e-commerce because 69% of users are going to
abandon their cars so if someone has placed your items in their cart but have
failed to click that final buy button you want to try and give them a gentle
nudge in the form of a reminder maybe first followed up by a small discount
these emails have the highest conversion rates of all triggered b2c emails and
they’re best managed by an email automation software that can actually
trigger them based on that cart being abandoned next up we have an order
confirmation email this e-mail lets the person know that their purchase has been
made and it allows you to transition into a variety of other reengagement
strategies which we’re going to go into over here so re-engagement emails really
are there to reclaim the interest of formerly active people in your list that
have become disengaged and this really is it’s really natural for this to
happen with your brand over time so don’t freak out but what you can do is
to send out these reengagement emails and it’s really important to do this
because it’s less costly and has been shown to be less costly to re-engage
these users than to acquire new ones you really must feature a truly
captivating offer though and you want to remind them that they are valued tell them hey we miss you next we have upselling and cross-selling emails so someone who
does a great job of this just even on their site is like an Amazon so in terms
of upselling we’re talking about convincing them to purchase a higher
value item but this really needs to be based on a purchase threshold so if they
bought something that was $5 you’re not only in all the sudden going to upsell
them something that was a hundred dollars
keep it within the range of the initial product and you can’t pair these with
credit or discounts maybe even just on shipping free shipping with an
additional item constantly emails on the other hand are a recommendation of
related or complementary products so this is even show you know trying to
only a handful of products you don’t overwhelm the user and keep the price
range appropriate again to their purchase history also think about
presenting as a bundle or set like I said Amazon does a great job of
this anytime you are looking at a product it says you know you may also
want to purchase these related products or purchase these three products in a
bundle next up we have customer satisfaction emails now these are mostly
for your benefit in terms of allowing you to improve your marketing in sales
but it is really worth it because you can also make your recipients feel that
they are heard that you care about their opinions and their feedback surveys will
require some sort of an incentive so you can think about entering them in a
drawing or giving them some sort of discount on a future order but really
any investment you put in this is going to be worth it because you’re gonna get
great insights into their goals desires and pain points so that moving forward
you can provide an even better customer experience lastly and what’s often
forgotten in the e-commerce and b2c email space is content centered emails
these are non sales oriented really they’re just allowing recipients to
learn more about topics that are related to your product or the industry even
think about them as an informational care package that comes along with that
product they can also give them tips on making best use of the product and and
things like that so it’s been shown that open or another great thing is that
you can use the open and click behavior on these emails to segment based on
interests in the future so if they are interested in particular topics you can
make sure to send them content or discounts related to those interests
that is all I have for you today so thanks for joining me at the whiteboard
this has been Tammy marketing manager at campaign creators
thanks for nerding out with me