I recently made a video analyzing deep web
mystery boxes purchased by YouTubers, and since then I’ve received many requests to
compare them to mystery boxes sold on eBay. 9. A YouTuber named KiKi Pepper buys a mystery
box off eBay for a hundred dollars and eagerly pops the lid. There’s some basic things inside like a
stick and a wig, which KiKi Pepper uses as props to joke for a bit before putting them
aside. Next up is a grim discovery that probably
makes her wish she never put on the wig to begin with. A number of pins have been forcefully driven
into this baby doll’s back and jut out prominently. She also finds a rotten kid’s tooth in a
jar. Put these two items together, and it kind
of makes me think whoever sent this could have been mentally disturbed. Lastly, KiKi comes across a small and heavy
package marked “RIP”. Inside is a vase filled with some dirt from
somewhere far away, possibly an unmarked burial site. Maybe this person is sending mementos from
all of their favorite evil pastime activities. If so, this would be pretty foolish considering
KiKi now has the seller’s name and address. Then again, this package could their way of
begging to be caught before they are compelled to commit these acts again. 8. Hunting The Dead is a YouTube channel with
a paranormal focus, and today he is opening a Dybbuk box, a type of malevolent spirit
box in Jewish mythology. Just when he is about to open the box, this
happens. Merely talking about the box appears to have
created some type of paranormal chain reaction as he repeatedly sees and hears things clamoring
around his house. Inside of the box he finds hair, bone fragments,
ashes, and a handwritten note describing a demon named Corbi. He describes a sudden change in the atmosphere,
kind of like the room is becoming smaller and cramped, and he decides to end the video
after a car alarm goes off outside. Let me know if you think that this box is
real, and if so, what all of these items could possibly have to do with each other. If this is all part of some sort of ritual
that I’m not familiar with, then please tell me what it is. 7. Hannah Atkinson is excited to open her eBay
mystery box that she has bought for just under 20 pounds. Inside are a variety of trinkets that Hannah
seems genuinely happy to receive, but then she comes across a bottle of sunscreen that
I personally think is a little odd and suspicious. Hannah has no use for the mysterious taped-up
bottle since it is wintertime in the UK, and she decides not to put it on. I guess this bottle could truly just be some
leftover sunscreen from someone who wanted to give it away, but it could also be filled
with just about any kind of chemical you could imagine. Let me know if you think this was a legitimate
bottle or some kind of trap devised by an online sadist. More importantly, let me know if you would
have been brave enough to test the product with your own skin. 6. Jake Webber orders a Dybbuk box online and,
at the exact moment it arrives at his house, his friend just so happens to get involved
in a fender bender while coming over. It could just be a coincidence, but I think
it’s a small sample of the bad luck brought on by his demonic new purchase. Inside the package is not one, but two Dybbuk
boxes. Both of them are covered in strange markings
which Jake and his friends are able to decipher online. Much to their dismay, they discover most – if
not all – of the symbols represent various demon lords. If you know anything about ancient symbology,
then please let me know if they are correctly identify the symbols here. Afterwards, Jake Webber is plagued by paranormal
occurrences over the next few days. He sees, feels and hears disturbances all
around his home at random. One problem area seems to be a gate that’s
just around the side of his house. Coincidentally, this gate is also where the
box was first delivered. Jake and his friends finally decide to open
the box, and when they do, these strange old family photographs are all they find. I’m not sure if photographs can bring bad
luck, so let me know if you think this is possible or just their imaginations. 5. Bryan Guerra is ready for anything as he opens
his two hundred dollar mystery box that just arrived from eBay. Inside he finds a wide assortment of miscellaneous
items ranging from clothes to kids toys. Then he comes across this can of WD-40 oil
and has the exact same thought that I had when I first saw this video. Against his better judgement, Bryan leans
forward and attempts to discharge the can’s contents. Instead of a normal spray, some sort of mysterious
substance oozes out and gets all over his finger. The substance looks like oil, but I’m not
sure. I’m confident that it wouldn’t be too
hard someone to empty a can like this one and replace it with whatever chemical mixture
they wanted to, so I hope that Bryan is okay. Let me know if this is just what an old can
of WD-40 does after a while or if he accidentally came in contact with a potentially toxic substance. 4. A BuzzFeed employee takes a sudden interest
in haunted mystery boxes and orders several of them from eBay. They all arrive in various sizes and conditions. This one, for example, contains two old photographs
along with railroad nails from the 30s and this object, which I don’t recognize in
the slightest. If you know what this is or what these letters
could stand for, then please fill me in. The BuzzFeed worker eventually has to close
the box because her paranormal meter is going off and it feels like the women in the photographs
are now staring directly at her. I would really like to hear your best guess
as to what all of these objects have to do with each other, if anything, because right
now I am at a total loss. 3. A YouTuber named Rebecca Zamolo buys two mystery
boxes and, for maximum effect, decides to wait until 3AM to see what’s inside. The first box is filled with ordinary items
like phone covers and electronics, so she doesn’t feel very worried at all moving
onto the second one. Her confidence is quickly extinguished, however,
after reading the note inside. Apparently this box is filled with haunted
items that were either donated by other paranormal investigators or else purchased at various
yard sales held by grieving families. One of these possessions is a clown named
Charles, who supposedly is inhabited by the spirit of a young man who lost his life in
a swimming pool. According to the letter, this toy is supposed
to be from the late eighties, but the doll looks way newer than that, which kind of makes
me doubt its backstory entirely. But then again, it still definitely looks
creepy, and it does tend to play music by itself throughout the video, so maybe just
the year is wrong and the rest of the information is right. There’s one object in particular that even
the sender of this box is afraid of. According to the paranormal investigator’s
note, this small figurine is supposed to increase the frequency, intensity and duration of all
your nightmares. The person who owned this figurine claims
that a 13-year-old eyeless boy named Jason would stand at the edge of their bed at night
without moving. Rebecca refuses to open this figurine at all,
choosing the bless the entire room with sage instead. I can’t say I blame her. Let me know if you believe the legends surrounding
these items and if you would have tempted fate yourself by unwrapping Jason’s figurine. 2. fishing in space is the name of a YouTuber
who once ordered numerous mystery boxes on eBay. The first one contains a small pouch full
of unholy sticks and dirt meant to be used in
a demon-summoning ritual. I personally have never heard of this before
and I would like to hear more about this ritual from anyone who has tried it. Anyway, fishing in space moves on to unbox
a haunted doll named Marlene [“Mar-lean”] next, though he doesn’t give any backstory
as to why the doll is possessed. Instead, fishing in space ends the video and
says that he will post an update at a later date. However, that was a long time ago and we haven’t
heard from him since. I think that he is probably fine, but at the
same time, I do find it eerie that he uploads a video about a demon-summoning ritual and
a haunted doll and then subsequently never updates his channel ever again. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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I upload every Thursday and Saturday. 1. A YouTube channel called Proving Demons seeks
to do just that with the help of a mystery box on eBay. Proving Demons and his assistant travel to
a well-known haunted house in the area and hold the unboxing ceremony there. Three items in particular grab their attention:
an antique bell, an old necklace, and a wooden box with a pentagram on top. Using an EVP box, they hold up each item one
at a time and ask each spirit to say the name of the item they are possessing. Tell me if you hear the same thing they are
claiming to hear during this part. They do the same thing with the antique bell
and seem to get another positive response. Then they decide to ask the spirit for its
name, but only receive an old woman’s laugh in return. And when they try to do the same thing with
the pentagram box, this is the single-word reply. It certainly seems like whatever is haunting
this house doesn’t like what’s in that box.