I’m convinced that the
training that I received at Mastermind last year was the
glue that held our team together through some pretty
challenging times. Over the year, I’ve learned
a few things that I’d
like to share with you, four P’s on overcoming
challenges in business. The first: Perspective. So, how bad is it really? Is what you’re going through
really the end of the world? Sometimes it seems
that way. Right? It feels like you’re running
around like Chicken Little,
like the sky is falling down. It’s really, really important
to have perspective. You know, when things got
tough in network marketing, I really had to think
about what were some of my
worst days as a registered
nurse in the hospital. A bad day in the
Intensive Care Unit was me seeing that
gurney rolled in. Somebody had been involved
in a tragic accident. Me, trying to help save a life
that was snuffed out too soon. Even worse, being transferred
over to Labor and Delivery. 11 years in Labor and Delivery. A bad day at the hospital
in Labor and Delivery… If you’re going in for a
delivery, Mom, waiting,
anticipating for that delivery, and only having
the mom come out. That’s a bad day. And that can offer perspective
for what you are dealing with.