[crowd chanting] Lilly! Lilly! Lilly! Lilly! [crowd cheering] [girls shrieking] [Lilly Singh]
The only thing
people remember
is how you make them feel.And I’m nervous
that if I go up there
and I don’t believe
what I’m saying,
that I won’t make people
feel any type of way.
And when everyone
said it was impossible
when I wanted to
go on a world tour,
every person
looked at me like,
“You’re out of your mind.”But I would literally go
to the edge of sanity.
I would go to exhaustion.I would go to the
edge of the Earth
to succeed at what I do.The point of this,
is to make people
feel 10 times happier
than they were
when they first walked
into the building.
And that’s what I’m gonna do.[crowd chanting]Lilly![chanting continues] [upbeat music playing] Yo, what up?
It is Super Monday, which means I’m about
to shoot my new video and I’m so excited. Although, to be honest,
I don’t really know what I’m gonna
make the video about. You guys
always got my back,
so it’s all good. [music continues] What up, everyone?
It’s your girl Superwoman. And as per your requests, welcome to another episode
ofMy Parents React.[upbeat music playing] [cheering and screaming] [crowd screaming] [girls giggling] I think that she’s
a big inspiration to anybody who’s like… Has less confidence
in themselves. And she can
really cheer you up, and just is a huge
inspiration to everyone. She got me
out of my sadness. She got me wanting
to do things again. To want to make something
of my life again, to be more optimistic,
to be more hopeful, to want to be something,
to want to be someone. When my grandma died,
I would watch her videos. She just makes people happy. [girl] Yeah,
but that’s inside. And I still do that today. [laughs] [sniffles] [ding] I’m in the shower. I don’t like doing
simple [blows raspberry] Q&As. So I want to
spice it up a notch. So I’ve decided
to invite my good friend, Humble The Poet. For every answer
that he gets wrong, I’m going to ask Jaz
to throw water into my face.♪ Friendship, friendship ♪What is my biggest
accomplishment? Being friends with me. [spits] [Humble The Poet]
The way I met Lilly
was through YouTube.
I was a local YouTuber.She reached out
to me to be part of a Christmas special
that she was doing.She was doing these
Collaborations of Christmas.
All I remember is we were
very unaccommodating
to her schedule
and her time
and she waited. I think she met up with me
at 3:00 in the morning. That’s when I realised
that she was serious
about what she was doing. And then from there,
she just kept working hard. “How can you
define Lilly Singh?”She’s got this
unwavering passion
and this completely
transparent honesty and integrity
about what she does. She really,
really is making an effort
to make people happy. One of my passions
is to spread positivity. And that’s what
I hope to do in these few minutes
to you, my friend. And I’m gonna tell
you why you can do whatever you want
to do in life. And you might be wondering
why would you listen to me? And my response is,
“Why not?” It’s only three minutes
and I did my eyeliner
just for you. [speaking gibberish] If you like it,
subscribe! [moaning] No! You know there’s that
one person that you think, “I need to meet them
before I die because
I love them?” That is The Rock for me. [dance music playing] When my dad
was very adamant on
me doing my master’s,I knew… I was like,
“I really don’t want
to do my master’s.”
It was at that time that
I had a few videos up, and I was like… “My heart is
just not in this.” That’s maybe
some of the reason I put so much
effort into YouTube in the beginning
and even now,
it’s because otherwise I would have been
doing a job I don’t like. So if I do have
something I like, I better work
damn hard at it. [man] Girls over here,
guys over there. Wait. Where are
the principals? Hair and makeup.
Let’s go, people. I wanna see them shine.
Where’s my latte? It’s time for some
movie magic. Okay, everybody,
we’re ready to go! You’re rich,
you’re hot,
you’re sexy. And action! [rapping]
♪ $4,000 on a purse ♪
I grew up from
a life I feel that was
not always glamorous. I grew up in a really
ghetto neighbourhood, and a school that was not
considered the best school.And I identify
more with that
and I want to stay
true to that.
That humbleness,
coming from a place where I didn’t
have everything.I want to make sure
that I stay true
to who I am,
which is that girl who
came from somewhere
and kind of built
something on her own. So I don’t ever
want to forget that. What up, everyone?
It’s your girl Superwoman. First YouTube
video is out. So I decided to talk
about something I’m passionate about.I posted my first video,
subconsciously knowing,
“If I like this,
it’s gonna be something.” And when I posted
my first video… I did like it. I liked I could
be creative.I liked that people
I didn’t know were
watching it…
And I became addicted to that.A challenge to get
people to watch something
when they could watch
a billion other things.I remember reaching
1,000 subscribers
and being over the moon.And it kept going
and it kept going
and I became more
obsessed with it.People started watching,I started listening
to what they said,
and I kept working.
I think more than anything,it really just comes down
to I worked really hard. When I could
have been sleeping,
I was making videos.When I could
have been out partying,
I was making videos.
I started making
two videos a week.
It’s hard to think
of two ideas a week
to make videos.Some people think
it’s really easy,
but it’s really hard.
When there’s content
being uploaded every second,
how do you keep
engaging people?
It wasn’t just like I was
throwing out videos.
I was thinking about them.“What can I say that will
get people’s attention? “What is everyone else saying,
and what’s lacking there?” So I try
to fill that gap. What up, everyone?
It’s your girl, Superwoman. Superwoman.
Superwoman. If you don’t know me,
now you do. And we’re friends.
What’s up? [babbling] So today’s Super Monday. And I asked you all
what do you want to see. Girls on periods. The realest school
advice ever. Types of teachers
at school. Today’s video is gonna
be a little bit different and it’s probably
not gonna be funny, but I can guarantee you
it’s gonna be straight
from my heart. Now I’m gonna be
honest with you. I’ve been having a really
tough time recently, and as a result,
I’m finding myself
unhappy sometimes, a.k.a right now. [melancholy music playing]It was my last year
of university
going into the
year break I had.
I was at the pinnacle
of my trust issues.
So I really
trusted some people… they really
super let me down. And I think
that just affectedmy whole life
to kind of crumble.
I was at a point
where I was like…
I didn’t know what
I wanted to do in school,
I didn’t know
what I wanted to
do after school.
I didn’t like what
I was doing in school.
That period of
my life was like
a full year of
being depressed.
That’s moulded me so much.Had that never happened,
I would not be Superwoman. I might not be
making YouTube videos. I might not believe any
of the things I believe, because I was a really
different person back then.People ask,
“How did you get
out of depression?”
and my
answer is genuinely,
“I don’t know.” I remember vividly. I woke up in this room.
I’d just handed in
my final paper. I pulled an all-nighter. Maybe the lack of sleep
switched something… I have no idea. I handed in my paper,
I went to sleep. I remember waking up
and it was 7:00 a.m. I woke up in this very bed
on this side of the bed. And it sounds so dramatic,
but it’s the truth. That was the first
time in a whole year I realised that the
sun was shining. And I woke up
and I was like, “Oh, my God,
it’s so hot. “It’s such a sunny day.” And I turned around
and I was like… “Wow, it’s such
a sunny day.” And to be honest,
every day prior to that
might have been sunny. But that’s the first
time I realised it. I refer to one of
my videos to a place. I was like,
“I’m gonna go
to Unicorn Island.” Because in my brain,
Unicorn Island is
somewhere where… there’s no wrong
or there’s no right.No one’s
arguing what’s real
or what’s not real.
It’s just things
that make us happy.
My Unicorn Island
is my happy place.
It’s not like
somewhere where you say,
“Oh, I’m going
to Unicorn Island now.
Don’t talk to me.” No, Unicorn Island
is that state I reach
when I decide… “Everything’s gonna be
okay and I’m happy.
Because life is great.” Unicorn Island, I think,
is different to everyone. Happy is the word
that comes to mind. It’s just a place
where everyone’s united. [both rapping]
♪ Unicorn Island
♪ Where we don’t meow
We just roar like lions
♪ Ride or die
So come at me, bro
♪ This is
Superwoman 300 video ♪
She’s showing millions
of girls around the world that anyone can get
out of depression. I don’t know what
are the specifics or whatever she’s
going through in life, but this was the reactionto whatever
she was going through
to cheer herself up.
I think her using
the name Superwoman
was about empowerment, as well as… I guess realising
her own potential
on the inside. She is so
incredibly positive. Maybe she’s like
that with everyone because she’s so
warm and so loving. She’ll say something
or make a point and she backs it up.She’s so well-spoken.She’s just like…
She’s queen.
She’s queen. And it’s about… A very, very old ring.
Since then and that’s it. I always tell people
you can be your
own superhero, and that’s because
Superwoman… saved me. It’s like Christmas
came early. And still going.I don’t like to
just open them
one after the other
after the other,
because I get into
the pattern of it and
I don’t want to do that. I want
to open them when I’m
upset or I’m stressed.I’m actually taking
the time to think,
“Oh, my God.
I needed this right now.”
I truly believe everyone has
Unicorn Island within them.
Sometimes we just forget.We get caught up in all
the things that are wrong,
and all the things
that aren’t going right.
And you forget that
there’s a happy place
that lives within us.
I want to physically take
my message to the world
and remind them
that life is beautiful
and that they are awesome.
And that Unicorn Island
does exist.
I remember standing
side stage at one
of my recent events, and it was sold-out. [crowd cheering]And I was like,
“I can’t even actually
connect with these people
“because I’m onstage
for a couple minutes.”
I wish I could actually
connect with them
from beginning to end
and take over the show
right now. So I went back
and told my manager. I was like, “I want
to go on a tour.” [upbeat music playing]When Lilly first
told me about the tour,
I was excited that
she had an ambition and dreams
to go on tour, but nervous
as to how we were going to pull
something like that off. When we first startedtalking about
what the show was
gonna look like,
I don’t think any of us
really understood
what Lilly had in her mind. Okay, you ready? This is Simone, look. Look at all the Unicorn-ness
happening here. Are you excited?We’re so excited.[Lilly] Virtual high five. So I need two things. One of the things
I need is actual mixes
for choreography. I need a producer
for like, for example, remaking a Taylor Swift song. If I wanted to bring props,
how possible is that? If I had to describe
Unicorn Island, it would be a mix
of like Katy Perry
meets Miley Cyrus meets likeWilly Wonka,
Alice in Wonderland.
So very
bright, colourful, candy,
imaginative type of stuff. I really want them
to use some sort of
transformative elements where the stage
really comes to life. That one that
requires animation, I would not
be able to do, which is the Unicorn
Island actual thing. She was like,
“I want to go
on a world tour,” and she explained to me
this very ambitious tour. And, you know,
I’ve toured
a decent amount, and I was like, “Wow,
that’s really ambitious.” Like, “That’s a lot
for a first tour.” But I was like,
“Oh, that’s awesome,
girl! You can do it! “If you believe in it,
you can do it if you
work hard.” She’s talented in so
many different ways. So the tour would
not just be about
YouTube and comedy.But she’s so much
more talented than that.
There’s dance involved,
there’s music involved.
And she can rap, she can sing,
she can dance, she can act.
Her standup comedy
is amazing, too.
So how could she
not do a tour, right? It’s time.
It feels right.It’s that moment
for her to go on tour.
[Sarah]We fought about
dancers for weeks.
For weeks, we went
back and forth between, “Are we gonna have
eight dancers
or six dancers?”“Here’s what the budget
looks like with eight.
“Here’s what the budget
looks like with six.
“Lilly, you’re not gonna
have eight dancers.” “Yes, I am!”She had the vision
in her head
of what she wanted
that stage to look like, and she was not
gonna back down. And I ran the numbers
and I showed them to her.And I said,
“You’re financially
responsible for this.”
And she said,
“I don’t care.
“I need eight dancers
on that stage.”
And I said, “Look,
all right. I give up. “We’ll have eight dancers,
we’ll try to make it work.” And so that’s
what happened.Lilly won
as she usually does.
We got eight dancers.
I don’t know how to draw
depth of a stage, so I just made a 3D model
using cans and stuff. Okay, are you ready?
Are you ready? It’s kind of crappy…
but it’s kind of awesome. Ta-da! This is
my 3D model. So this is the screen, okay?
This light is the screen. This is what
I want on this side.
I didn’t do colour yet. Yeah and then the banners,
Unicorn Island. And then the foreground. This is melted ice cream
with a pizza bush. This is cupcakes. And then
we’ll be dancing
in there. So that’s… a very rough,
amateur vision of how Unicorn Island
is gonna look. [Sarah]I think because
it was so meaningful to her,
it became something
so much bigger than any of us
intended it to be. It is my absolute honour… and I’m so grateful to say that this May,
I’m gonna take you all on a trip to Unicorn Island with my first ever
world tour! [crowd cheering] We got a lot of
stuff to prep for, lots of moving parts. Superstar with
the shades on.♪ Young money, baby ♪[laughing] We got our professional little
dance orientation packets that Jaz made. Jaz didn’t sleep.
I slept for three hours. Chase is up in here,
Simone’s up in here. Everyone’s up in here.
Everyone’s up in here. This is the real thing.
I can’t turn back now. There’s no turning
back now. I can’t. [indistinct chattering] Let me tell you
what the tour’s about. Basically,
what the tour is from
beginning to end, in a summary, is that Unicorn Island is
something I mentioned in one of my videos
long back when, and it kind of stuck and it’s become
a synonym for
my happy place. So Unicorn Island
is like my happy place and there’s Skittles
and cupcakes. And what I want to do
is take the audience on a trip to my
happy place essentially. That’s why we have
the whole airline theme where you guys are
my flight attendants. And I tell them
that I was in a
very dark place and discovered
Unicorn Island,
it’s my happy place. And I’m taking
you guys there, but I don’t
want to tell you,
I want to show you. Any questions about
the tour I created? It’ll make more sense when
we actually go through it.Dance orientation went great.
I really like all the dancers.
Yeah, I loved them. They’re the freakin’ bomb. I’m really excited
to get to know them better. Let me introduce
you to my girls
on the Unicorn Squad. This right here
is Anoshinie. Hi, hi. You may know her. This is Kiana. What’s up?
I don’t know
where to look. [Lilly] This is O’Shani. Wha-wha? [Lilly] Anisha. Hi, guys. She was in my
If YouTube Were
Bollywood video.
That’s right.
And now she’s here. Dancing for me.
It’s gonna be so good. And the boys
over there doing
some stuff like… Pfft. [girl] They don’t matter. [exclaims] Ain’t nobody
got time for that. Look at this
guy right here. Look at this guy pretending like he’s
taking a poop in India. [all laughing] I am the least trained
dancer of all of you, so I will take the longest
to learn everything, and you will make me
look great. Fuck ’em. [laughs] He’s a great
choreographer. He’s awesome.
He’s been wonderful. There’s a lot
of dance in this. Which is why when we’re
going through the schedules, I kept on reiterating,
kept on saying,“You guys don’t realise
how much dance is in this.
“There’s a lot of dance.”[man] Well, then
I’ll turn it over to Chase. Have him jump right in
whatever he wants to do. [Lilly]I used to dance
every weekend before,
and then when
I stopped dancing. So it’s like one of those
use-it-or-lose-it type things.So it’s like my ability
to pick up choreo
will be significantly
slower than every single
person there.
I’m scared,
but I’m really gonna pretend
like I’m not right now. This is my number one talent,
pretending I know crap. When she’s flipping,
you go behind. When she flips her legs,
I’m coming backwards. Yeah. Yeah. You want to show me
one time, the timing? Just like that.
You got it? I make no promises. Girl, I’m making
no promises right now. [Chase] You know what?
Just jump– Did she sign something that says I’m not
responsible because… Ah! [all cheering] I thought you were
gonna fail at this, but that was awesome. [Lilly laughing] I’m so scared to hit her.
What if I kill her? [woman] Go, girl! Get it, girl! Get it! [indistinct talking] My backup plan
for everything
is gonna be… Oh. [laughs] Hey, girl. Hey. [Lilly]A typical day
for me looks like…
do as many emails
as I can when I wake up.Because usually I see,
“Urgent, urgent,
“need a reply asap,
urgent, urgent, urgent.”
So I reply to them.I love sleep,
so that’s hard for me.
But really just being like,
“No, you gotta get up
and get work done.”
It’s the first
half of my day.
And then I start
vlogging my day. For the next three days,
today, tomorrow and
the day after, I’m doing all-day
video shoots. That’s kind of cute. Look at this.
I look kind of
cute and stuff. I am heading
to an audition. I’m on my first meeting
and I’m three minutes late, so talk to you soon. Then I leave
to go to practice in the midst of
doing everything. Breakfast,
Nutella on the go. Okay, so I am running
late as per usual. I think the only
real break I have is
my drive to practice.And then after practice,
I usually stay back
and practise some more. Then I go home
and I work some more…until about 4:00 or 5:00 a.m.,
and then I go to sleep.
And a couple
of hours later,
my alarm goes off,and I answer emails again.[lively music playing] [sighs] [Sarah]Lilly really has
this infectious work ethic
and desire to
change the world. Just to see her
her main goal, which is to help people
be in a happy place,which is what
Unicorn Island
is all about.
She’s always wanted
to do that.The one thing about her isshe has such a good vibe
and energy around her that it helps
and motivates you.♪ Where in the world
is Superwoman today? ♪
In the land of no sleep. I actually messed up
way less times than
I usually do. I usually mess up on,
“What up? It’s your girl,
Superwoman.” So I need an animation
that’ll act as the backdrop
for my show. [man on computer]
So the tricky thing
about animation
is that it takes
a really long time.
I don’t have
an animation
for Unicorn… I don’t have an animation
for Unicorn Island yet and I’m taking people
on a trip to Unicorn Island. So right now,
there is no
Unicorn Island, and people are expecting
to go there in a few days. [Jaz] We need it by…
Wednesday. So it’s an animation
of popcorn popping and a river flowing. But we don’t have
anyone to do it yet,and we have two days
to find someone.
We have to get
on a call with them,
tell them our creative, and then get them
to make it and have
it done by Monday. Okay, cool. Okay. If you do think of anyone,
please let me know. I’m actually
really freaking out. I don’t have my visa
or a passport or anything, and I’ve just been
trying to contact them, and nobody is
responding back to me. Anisha’s visa
got rejected and only one of our
dancers has a visa, and we’re leaving
in three days. It can take time
to get a visa and now we’re in
a situation where… seven out of our
eight dancers don’t even have their
passports on them.And my
lighting and stage manager
doesn’t have a visa either.
Costumes? Oh, my God. We’re already
stressing about it. We don’t even know
what the costumes are yet. Are you okay
with this one? Yeah. I just don’t know
what another option would be. We haven’t even tried
all the costumes. Vanessa doesn’t even
have all the costumes. The total time I got
for this whole show
so far was a week…to get things all together.It’s been pretty hecticand everything
has to be prepared
and on the go
latest Wednesday.When she wants
to do something,
whether it’s
the whole world tour or get Chipotle… or buying new pairs
of shoes…she has the same
level of intensity…
tunnel vision and focus,
and just makes it happen.
Okay, so now
I’m gonna ask you,
do you think
you can do it? [man on phone]
Man, I mean, it’s
like super strenuous,
and because of that,
it’ll probably be
pretty expensive.Mmm-hmm. Our plan “B” was
Anisha going to fly to
San Francisco tomorrowto go to the consulate
and apply in person.
But we just learned
that her parents,
we thought they overnighted
her passport to Toronto, but it’s still
in California. [woman] Please do everything.
I know you are right now… [Lilly] I can’t perform
without Anisha. I need her support.
I need her. I don’t care
if I have to totally
assume this, but I will. Just please do whatever
paperwork we have to sign, whatever it is to
make Mills not liable
and I will take liability. I’ll find out exactly
what that’s going
to take. I’m gonna have to call the
Prime Minister and be like, “Hey, I need you to
let us into India.”Maybe I’m just
a workaholic that’s crazy
and everyone
else is normal. Yeah, but the only reason
you have a world tour is because you are crazy
and you work hard. Nobody else could
get a world tour without being
a crazy workaholic. Sleep and relationships
is all it costs. Yes, exactly. That’s the big one. Sleep and relationships.The pressure’s coming
from all different angles.
She’s trying her
best to deal with it.
All it takes is one person
to say something negative or one person to throw
a monkey wrench
in the whole thing for her to slow
things down, right? I can imagine it being
a lot of pressure, but, I mean… That’s what, you know…
Pressure builds diamonds. [Pyro]You know, yesterday,
I was like, “No, I’m good.”
And today,
it just flipped. But I’m still calm though.
This is natural, you know? There’s gonna be
days where… you can’t pick up
choreo as fast. [indistinct chattering] I feel like
I lost everything
that we just learned. I feel like
I have no brain.
It’s liquid right now. Yeah, nothing. I don’t remember– Wow. I can’t even
speak properly,
that’s where I’m at. The show is really hard.
[chuckles] It’s really hard,
but it’s gonna be
really good. It’s really hard,
it’s gonna be really good. So… that’s
the situation right now. [exhales] [indistinct talking] I’m stressed
as “F”. [laughs] Because tomorrow
everyone’s coming, like from Mills
to see the show, and we don’t
actually run the show as if it was an hour
and 40 minutes. I don’t know
a lot of my dances, I’m not gonna look good. And also, they want me
to run through my comedy, which I’ve never
done in a rehearsal. I just don’t do that because standup
is so awkward
to do in a rehearsal. So I don’t know
how that’s happening. So it’s just
like emotionally,
mentally, physically just absolutely straining. [hip-hop music playing] [Pyro] I got to get used
to the counting for that. I always miss it.
It’s like… [exclaims] And I’m like,
“All right.” [hip-hop music playing] [indistinct chattering] A little behind,
but, you know– A little behind. That’s okay.
We could be more behind. [Chase] We could
be more behind.
It’s moving faster.There’s just like…It’s still a learning
process, though.
It’s still a learning process.
Everyone’s just like…
We’re literally
completing everything…
and we’re out. So it’s not like
there’s a lot of time
to retain things. That was like fine,
so don’t worry. But see if you can put
your right leg right there. Did that hurt you?
Promise me! Seven nights in a row,
that won’t hurt you? It’s okay. Are you sure? Yeah. We found an animator.
We found an animator. He’s gonna work
like day and night
to finish it on time.Thank freakin’ God!He sent me a bunch of emailsthat I still haven’t
had time to check,
but I’m gonna do
that right now. The point is, it’s gonna
be fine. It’s gonna be good. Praise the Lord!Message, “Can you
send me email specifics
“on what you want
the animation to be?
“Need it ASAP.
Need budget. “Bullet point of
what you want. How long
you want it to be? “Length of whole video?” As if that’s some
sort of simple task for me to do right now. I think she’s just reaching
that breaking point where… she might
just shut down. I’m way too tired today.
I am so out of it today. I can’t even stand.
I’m so tired. I need help. I do a lot of this.
I do a lot of sitting
by myself in this room, looking at my screen. Yeah. I don’t know. I feel like… my life is slowly
becoming something
no one can relate to. And then in moments
like that, I’m like, “Why am I doing this?
This sucks.” Is this worth like the…
I don’t know. Ugh. I’m stressed. Because I don’t know
why I’m doing this. I do know why I’m doing this.
I want to impact people… but I want it to not be
so lonely and so… It’s a combination of things. There’s the tour,
but then there’s like, “I just want to
focus on the tour,” but then I have so many
other things going on. I don’t… [sniffles] I’m crazy. [laughs] I’m crazy. Today,
so all the production side
is coming down, the entertainment company,
to kind of watch, so they can see the
run-through for the show
for the first time. So it’s just like
a “stumble” through, and I’m “literally” going to
stumble through it because
I don’t know the dance. ‘Cause all these people
are coming to watch and I’m just like,
“Ah! Are we ready?” I’m 99% worried right now. But… panicking inside.But you just gotta
make it seem like it’s…
Lilly and Chase
and everybody there, I know they want to make
a good first impression, so I just want to make sure I get all the choreo down
before they come in. And I think they’ve
already landed in Toronto. Hi. How are you? Welcome. Hi. Hi. Hey, lady. Hi. I’m Sarah Friedman.
I am the production manager. And I’m happy to
meet all of you guys. And I’m Dave. I’m the production designer
and your tour manager. [all cheering] [man] Well, we’re all
set for a run. Check that you have
your propershikhas
on the right side ’cause I don’t yet
know whose is whose. [Lilly] Okay, so, ready? [man whooping] So… the graphic
is on the stage–
On the screen. Take-off is happening in
five, four, three, two… [crowd] One! [screaming and cheering] Video fades in.
Lilly’s getting
ready in her room. [exhales] This is it. Five years ago,
you promised to
change the world and remind people how
beautiful life can be. Lilly’s mom yells at her. Oi, what the bloody
hell are you doing?
You’re getting late! Lilly realises she’s
very, very late. The dancers are waiting
for her at the airport.She’s not answering.Are you serious?She is so– Wonderful? Amazing?
Wait, wait, sexy? Were you thinking sexy?
He was thinking sexy. I see you looking at my
all the time, boy. So after I say,
“Welcome to
Unicorn Airlines,” I get offstage. You’ll see a plane going…
[imitates plane sound] So 15 minutes have passed. And I just have learned
that to be happy, you really have to learn
how to love yourself. And I’m at a spot
in my life now where nothing can
take away my happiness.
[exclaims] [trumpets playing] That would be on
the track, yeah? [Lilly] Yeah. Yeah. I think we’re
gonna have to go
into intermission. Intermission. Take two minutes
of an intermission. Yeah, guys,
we’ll take ’em over here
for an intermission. Chase, if you want
to discuss that? Yeah. Listen… And in the front
and in the centre… All right.
We’re good. Ready when
everyone else is. All right. [man] Dancers coming up. So after this–
Guys, listen. So takeoff, takeoff. That gives us
the time for a spotlight,
for the lights to change. I am centre-stage,
spotlight. [dance music playing] Comedy segment!
Hey, everyone! Prepare for takeoff! [all cheering] [all whooping] [Chase] Good job, guys. [Lilly]Simone and everyone
came and watched it.
So we performed
in front of a little
bit of an audience, which was cool. Everyone’s giving us
really good feedback. They’re saying it’s
a really good show. Good job! Awesome. Cool. It’s a really good show,
but we still got a lot
of work to do because this is only
half the challenge. Now we gotta do costumes,
tech, and I need to be funny. Minor detail. I need to be funny. So the work is not
stopping any time soon. [Lilly] Um, are you
all going to this pub? [all] Yeah. Well, I have to practise and I have interviews
for an hour, but I’ll try to stop by. [clicks tongue] [man 1] All right,
stop by, man. Yes, you, too.
Thank you. You, too, man. [woman 1] Bye, guys.
See you tomorrow. [man 2]
See you tomorrow.
Great work. [woman 2] Good work. [man 3] See you. Chase and them invited
all of our friends. Oh, that’s nice. I’ll bring a picture
of you or something. Yeah. [piano music playing] [inspirational music playing] [crowd cheering] [Lilly] The need for sleep
is too real right now. But the need to
hustle is realer. Last day of tech. Just got to power through. We just got to
power through it. Power through it! I was just like, “Today is
the last day before we go.” [man] All righty,
with sound, everybody. Check this out, okay?♪ Somethin’, somethin’
somethin,’ somethin’, blah ♪
We’re doing what we should
have done Monday now, and that means we’re not
doing a real dress rehearsal. And I hope that we
get to still do some sort of a tech and
rehearsal in India. Otherwise, it will be
a cluster… [bleeps] when we try to do
it for an audience. [man] Any concerns
with this being
the last day? Oh, yeah. [laughs] [director] You have
quite a schedule. You’re doing
some major time zones
and lots of flying. It can add up
very fast on you,
so rest is very good. I know you want to do a lot,
but also be mindful of that. You will get
fatigued very fast. I really feel we need
a proper rehearsal again. Like, to do things.
I don’t know if that’s
possible or not, but… It’s kind of like I
feel we still haven’t done a complete
run-through yet. A lot of things
are just stress,
but we’re gonna do it. We’re gonna pull through.
We’re gonna persevere. I’m in my dressing
room right now going through
costumes and stuff, and… we’re leaving tomorrow
and I haven’t packed yet. [exhales deeply] Okay. We’re gonna go cue by cue, so starting right from
the top of the show. Your entrances,
any quick changes that are gonna
need to happen. We’re gonna take it
nice and slow. John… How are you doing? I’m good. I’m fantastic. You’re on a world tour. That has not
occurred to me– It’s getting
more and more real. …but it will
occur to me soon. Everybody in this room,
in one way or another, is attached to team Lilly…
in some capacity. [Lilly] And with you,
it’s because I’m your idol. You are my idol.
I look up to you. True? Everything has a price.
Everything has a price. And you can be good
at a lot of things,but if you want to be
great or excellent
or world-top-class,
you’ll only be
great at one thing.
The one thing
that I’m realising that she’s
great at I think, taking that
spark in her brain and
bringing it to life. [all cheering] [all exclaiming happily] I just got my tourist visa. You’re welcome.
You’re welcome. All right,
that’s step one. That’s step one. There’s still other issues,
but for now that’s good. Unicorn power.
Unicorn power. There’s still
a lot of other issues, but at least I can
have a way of getting
into the country.I am gonna try my best
to absolutely nail this tour,
because I respect
you guys as dancers
and you’re all so talented. You make everything
look so good.And I’m so honoured
and privileged
to have you guys on
this tour with me.
I truly, truly am.Okay, you ready? [all] And, one, two, three!
Unicorn! [upbeat music playing] Mumbai! [girls screaming] Look at all these cute people!
Lots of them at the airport! [all exclaiming] [all] Clearly the word
is Superwoman today! [girl shrieking] Oh, my God! [cameras clicking] [crowd cheering] [all screaming]
We love you, Lilly! [all] We love you, Lilly! [all] We love you, Lilly! The nerves are real. We’re just gonna go out there
and we’re gonna be great. Definitely drain me
of some energy,
but no choice. I’m gonna go out there
with my ashy armpits, and we’ll get it done.
We’ll get it done well! The thing about
lying to yourself… eventually you start
believing it. Let’s go, team. This is it. This is it. This is it. It’s been
an honour and a pleasure
working these weeks with you. It was all for this,
the world premiere,
the world tour. Thank you so much.
Unicorns on three. [all] One, two, three!
Unicorn! [crowd counting]
Five, four, three, two, one! [crowd cheering] [dance music playing] Do you ever look in the mirror
and take off your jeans… but still see
the imprint
of your jeans? [crowd cheering] And on a good day… you’ll even
see the button. I’m here to tell
you it’s not just you. It’s okay if you got
the imprint of your jeans! It’s okay!
It’s okay! It’s okay! As your friend…
I get it. And I know it’s
so easy to feel like you’re alone
and no one gets it, but not only do I get it, half the people in
this room… get it. And whenever you
feel like you’re alone, you’re never
really alone. [crowd cheering] I… did…
the first show
of my world tour. For a first show,
I was very happy
with how it went. Everyone seemed to really,
really, really like it, so… [squealing] [crowd chanting]
We want Lilly! We want Lilly! [laughs] See? There.
Do you hear that? [Humble]A lot
of people outside.
They somehow figured out
this is Lilly’s change room, and they’re banging
on the windows and they’re
screaming Lilly’s name and of course people
still in the venue.So this is just the
next level of pandemonium.
[chanting] We want Lilly!
We want Lilly! I love her more
than anything. [girl]I love
everything about her.
She inspires me.
And she spreads
positivity and she’s
what I want to become.
[all cheering] We want Lilly! [all chanting]
Lilly! Lilly! Lilly! Lilly! I really don’t know
what just happened. Everyone’s been partying
and I was like… I don’t remember
what happened right now. It was all just a blur. Honestly,
for real, though, just as much as
you were touching
everyone’s heart up there, we were backstage– We were crying. I was tearing up. We were all on such a high
because to come from Toronto, where we weren’t even sure
there was going to be a show, because we
didn’t have costumes,
we didn’t have props,to actually perform in
front of a sold-out crowd,
it was awesome. [Humble] The tour
has officially begun. Next performance, tomorrow. We’re jumping on a plane
in two hours. That’s it. First show down.
We got seven in a row. We got to be in
the lobby by 5:30 a.m. It’s go, go, go
from here. Go back, we’re gonna pack,
we’re gonna eat. Then we gotta
get on the flight. That’s gonna be our life
for the next little bit. We have another show in
another couple of hours. [Lilly]It’s 5:00 a.m.
We are heading to our
second destination.
To do two shows. Back to back
and then we fly out to… [woman speaking] I hope your mic
picked up that. Everyone’s totally
understanding. “Oh, wait, so the
tour has started.” [indistinct chatter] We are doing our
first round of press.The first two days,
we just didn’t
have time to do it.
Lilly and I
argued a little bit about whether she needed
to do press or not. Because all the shows
are sold out, so in theory,
we shouldn’t be
doing press. But Lilly wants to do press,
we’re gonna do press. You hear that,
that’s whassup! “Lilly wants to do press,
we’re gonna do press.” That’s whassup. [laughs] [host] In the studio
with Superwoman! [woman] What does
a YouTuber mean? That means I’m a weirdo
that makes videos alone in my room
and it worked! [laughter] [host] You get recognised
in the street, I assume? I do. I do get
recognised on the
streets. More places… Depending on
where I am, you know? If I’m in India
or somewhere,
of course. In the mall,
of course. [woman]In this world tour,
what is it going to be?
Are you gonna be
taking all the get-ups
that you do of the
mother, the father?
Are you going to
be doing all of that?
[Lilly]Yeah.It’s literally my
channel coming to life.
[exclaiming]You mean…♪ Do you want to
build a snowman? ♪
[crowd cheering] I say no! I want to build
your future!Who knows smiley emoji?You know smiley emoji?
Watch. Watch. [crowd laughing] Who knows
close-eye emoji? Look. Now, hold up.
I’m not hating on
my Indian parents. You cannot really
hate on Indian parents. Indian parents obviously
are doing something right. Look at the population
over there, okay? And I’m looking around
and I see some moms and dads. Like, “Okay, unsubscribe
to you, my friend.” Just hold on!
Let me explain!Some of the cliche
things they say,
like cleaning my room,
getting married, the whole getting a job,
why do I need to? Those, of course,
my parents have
said to me. Some traits of Manjeet,my dad does love to
show off sometimes.
The way to be happy… you have to be… cool. But I honestly say,
a lot of it is made up. A lot of it
is me taking traits from every
auntie and uncleand everyone’s parents
put together.
My parents don’t
dress like that at all.
My parents are
very hip and modern. So I’d say it’s
mostly made up, but of course, there’s
elements that are true. Wait.Hello, Lilly?Mom, what are
you doing?I’m waiting backstage.
What the bloody
hell are you doing?
I’m teaching them
how to be happy, Mom. Huh? How
to be happy. What do you know
about being happy, huh? Mom, you’re really
embarrassing– Please stop. What?Go to your room.Your dressing room,
so dirty. Go clean that one.
I hate when
you do this! Argh! [Lilly]Hello? Hello?Where is my food?
Somebody get me my food.
I’m not going to perform
until everybody’s
chanting my name.
Paramjeet! Paramjeet![crowd chanting] Paramjeet!
Paramjeet! Paramjeet! [Lilly]I’m actually
really glad I got to
start the tour in India
because so many of my dancers
have never been to India,
and so they’re experiencing
the crowd for the first time.
And the general
consensus is usually like,
“No one ever comes to India.”And so when you go and perform
for these Indian audiences,
they’re so excited
and they’re so loyal
and the energy is
just absolutely amazing.
I know you all
think you very smart. [crowd agreeing] But… But… You are being dumb!
You’re very dumb. He said, “My friend,
I do not want you
to be in India.” I said, “What?” He say, “Because
India very hot, “and you so bloody cool
you’re going to
freeze the place.” I think the best
thing in the show, if I may say so myself,
is the message.I see people who were
clearly forced to my show.
Parents, fathers who were
just covering their ears
and not having it.
But by the end of the show,
I have noticed, after I’m done delivering
my message completely,I do see everyoneslowly believing
the message of the show.
I used to think
if I was prettier or taller or smarter
or stronger, I wouldn’t have
these problems. Well, let me
tell you something.I did not get
out of depression
because I got stronger.
I got out of depressionbecause I realised
how strong I already
was to begin with. [crowd cheering] [fans screaming] [all] We love Lilly! I’m in Delhi.
Check ’em out! [crowd cheering] This is a horrible idea. [Honest]I think we
definitely were like,
“Oh, we can just
sit back like this “and everything will be fine,”
but that hasn’t been the case. Every single stop’s
been some sort of hiccup. [Kiana]I thought
I broke my nose
and I was really scared
that I wouldn’t be able to do
the next few shows.
That was the first
time I think,I realised what
a family we were.
Because everyone was
just so extra… Helping me
and making sure
I was okay and driving
me to the hospital.
I wanted to watch them
because I didn’t do
the rest of the show,
and they’re all
pointing to me and
like yelling onstage. “This one’s for Ki!” [Pyro]Lilly didn’t even
know that that happened
till the end of the show,
you know?
And we just messed up
all the formations, putting it back together
without Lilly even knowing.We all know what our role isand what we’re
supposed to be doing.
[all shouting] Hey! Hey! Hey! And it was really cool.
So that was kind of… It was a low point, but
it was a high point for me. How are you?
Are you okay?
Are you okay? I was so surprised
how close we all are. Somehow, the team really
came together very smoothly. As dancers,
we never actually
get to slow dance. This is where
it’s happening right now. There may not be music. It’s the best part
of the entire thing. The music’s happening
in my head, though. [Kiana]Before every show,
we have a group huddle,
and John will give his thing.Then she comes
in there looking fabulous
in her sparkly uniform. And she’s like,
“All right, Unicorns…” Do what you do best.
It’s gonna be freakin’
awesome! And afterwards,
we gonna get crunk. [Kiana]She’s really
good at being the boss,
but also a team player
at the same time. It’s really awesome.
She’s pretty incredible. I don’t know
if you know this, but did you know my boy
Humble The Poet and I, we got a new song. [crowd cheering] [Humble] Oh, yes, we do. [Lilly] Yeah! What’s it called?IVIVI?IVIVI!I need you
to scream so loud,
and raise your hands forIVIVI!
Let’s go! [cheering loudly] Whoo! [music starts] Let’s go!♪ All around the world♪ All around the world♪ I’m gonna need you to scream♪ From the top
of your lungs now
♪ IVIVI♪ Come onSuch a cool experience
to be a part of something that affects so many
people in a good way. [Andrew Chung]
Everyone will stop her.
She genuinely
makes conversation.She genuinely
gets to know them.
♪ London in my city♪ IVIVI♪ Trinidad in my city♪ IVIVIWelcome to
Unicorn Island, baby! [crowd cheering loudly]♪ And I’ll send it to
the girls who be reppin’ it
♪ I love ’em black, white,
Puerto Rican and Haitian
♪ Somali, Tamil, Desis
and all my Asians
♪ Yeah, I love all races [Humble]I think that’s
probably the highlight
part of this tour
for me is the people more so than
anything else. What I’ll take from
the tour is mostly the experience
we’ve had on the way.♪ Everybody now♪ Malaysia’s in my city♪ IVIVI♪ Mumbai’s in my city♪ IVIVI♪ Berlin’s in my city♪ IVIVI♪ LA’s in my city♪ IVIVII don’t want
to seem like some unattainable, untouchable,
unreachable person.I think instead
what I’ve done is,
I’ve said,
“Come to my show,
“because for an hour
and 40 minutes, “we’re gonna be best friends and have
the time of our lives
hanging out together.” If I had to pick a
Facebook relationship status that applied to me, it would be like…
Cast Away
movie. [laughter] Why do you think
my happy place
is an island? Do you see how
this makes sense? Huh? [crowd cheering]♪ Birmingham in my city♪ IVIVI♪ Punjab in my city♪ IVIVI♪ Auckland in my city♪ IVIVI♪ New York’s in my city♪ IVIVIWhat makes me happy
is living out my dream
travelling around the world,doing what I love,
sharing the stage with this
beautiful lady right here.
[crowd cheering]♪ I always take a part with me♪ The Six, T.O., The Cold♪ Last T Silent♪ Toronto, you know♪ When I leave the YYZ♪ I always take a part with me♪ IVIVI♪ Come on[inaudible]♪ IVIVI♪ Screamin’♪ IVIVI♪ Hey♪ IVIVI♪ Everybody now♪ Jamaica’s in my city♪ IVIVI♪ D.C. in my city♪ IVIVI♪ Melbourne in my city♪ IVIVI♪ Philippines in my city♪ IVIVI♪ Rexdale, where you at?♪ Scarborough, where you at?♪ North York, where you at?♪ Toronto, where you at? ♪We took a flight
this morning and we got here
a couple of hours ago.Didn’t get the
greatest sleep at all.
This jetlag is really
like kicking in now.
Some of us are actually
getting sick as well, too. [softly] I’m so sick.
I’m gonna die. [Humble] So she can’t
speak any more. She speaks in
head nods and shakes. She’s gonna save
her voice for tonight. [sighs] [whispers] Here we go. [cheering]♪ …rather be♪ People fall in love
in mysterious ways ♪
I didn’t die. [woman] Yay! All I want to do is
put on a good show. As long as I put on
a good show, it’s all right. [woman] You killed it. I was extremely
sick today. Literally, the hour
before the show, I was just crying because I was stressed
about not doing well. I went to the hospital after and they stuck
a bunch of needles in me and I got some I.V. I definitely
don’t feel good. And this is just
the beginning, so… [Humble]We have
a performance today,
we have
a performance tomorrow. We have a performance
the next day. We have a performance
the next day. The amount of stress,
the amount of work.Being on tour,
it really affects you
physically, emotionally,and it’s not
as easy as it seems. Day and night
doesn’t really
exist any more, seeing as how sometimes the plane that we take,
it follows the sun, and then we land on
the same exact day. [Kiana]Just as much
as we are jetlagged
and tired of all these shows,I can’t complain
because this girlis doing so many
more things than us.
There’s been
a couple of shows where
she has gotten very upset with how things have gone, and because of that,
she’s had to step in
and be like, “Okay, this
needs to change.” We all need to
double and triple
check everything, whether it’s hair ties,
whether it’s whatever. All the props,
the wings, whatever. Please, even if you know it,
double check and
triple check. Okay? Because I feel
like everyone,
including myself, we’re getting
way too comfortable and there’s way
too many things that
are super avoidable. I think before,
she was afraid
of doing that… because she didn’t
want that image.But I think now
we’re at a point
where we’re
comfortable enough,
that it is easier to do it,and that’s why she’s
somewhat okay with that. Someone started
mopping in front of–One of the workers started
mopping in front of her
while she was doing
one of her comedy sets.
I feel like
I seldom get angry, but today
I got so angry.I literally almost
snapped onstage,
to the point where I was
gonna break character,
break Unicorn…
Yo! You! Just wait till
the ending, bro? Don’t worry about it.There is moments of the tourwhere I feel like my vision’s
been compromised.
It’s actually exactly
what Dwayne texted me. Dwayne’s text
keeps playing in
my head, which is, “No one’s gonna
take care of you “the way you can
take care of yourself,” and I feel that’s
how this tour… No one cares
about this tour
as much as I do. No one cares
about all the little
details like I do. People overlook
details so many times. “Oh, we messed up
the colour on this. “Oh, we messed up this,
we messed up that.” It’s not a big deal to them.
For me, it is a big deal. Everything
is a big deal. And I feel like
when it comes
to priorities, no one can
relate to me. From what I saw,
it wasn’t a bad show. We don’t work 9:00 to 5:00.
We work wake to sleep. How many people actually
get that, you know? We all started thinking
that this is a lot better, more fun, easier,
but it’s not. This is way more work. It’s more fulfilling,
but it’s way more work. [Lilly]I think I had
this idea in my brain
that if I worked so hard
and I hustle
and I pull all-nighters and I put my blood, sweat
and tears into something, that I will… enjoy it. I think I had
that idea in my brain.
I don’t know why. It just seems like that’s
the way things should be. But I feel like…
the past couple days, I’m like the person who
works hardest in the room– At least I think so.Who’s worked the hardest,
who’s slept the least,
who has put this
whole thing together,
but I’m the person
that’s having
the least fun in the room.What if that’s
just how it is?
What if I’ve convinced myself
that, “You work really hard,
“you get to have
this really fun life
with a lot of memories.” What if that’s
just not what it is? What if you’ll just
always be the person
that works the hardest, sleeps the least,
stresses the most, and has the least
amount of fun? Then why am I doing
what I’m doing?I’m super scared…
that this is the life
I’ve signed up for
not knowing what it is.I’ve unwillingly
signed up for a life
and I don’t know
what it is.
I don’t know. I feel like I’m so alone
in my experiences. [Humble]Nobody gave her
a manual on how to be going
onstage in three minutes,
but at the same time,
dealing with three problems
that you know are happening.There’s no training
manual for that.Superwoman doesn’t
get time off.
Dealing with fans, you know,
how many selfies can you take?
How many smiles
can you put on before
it gets in the way, before it starts
killing your motivation
to do what you have to do? [Lilly]I don’t mind
taking pictures.
If they come up to me
and say, “Hey.”
Tell me something.
How you found me. Tell me how my
videos make you feel. Say something…
that makes me feel
like a human. You wouldn’t go up
to anyone else and be like,
“Selfie,” and walk away.You know what I mean?
Come up to me
and have a conversation–
I would love to
take a selfie with you. I know how it feels.
I’m a fan of people.I wanna make this
moment memorable
for something
besides a selfie.
What’s really gonna count
years from now is,
is that memory I have
of meeting that person.
That was really cool.That– I just wish I could
communicate that to people. That’s what’s gonna matter.
Not that two seconds
of a selfie,where you didn’t even have
a conversation, you know?
I just– I’m a human. This is the part
of the show where there’s no music,
there’s no dancers. There’s no people
running onstage. There’s not…
I’m trying to say
something right now. You’re interrupting.
Come on. How did you
not stop that girl,
I don’t understand. [man] And then let
her take the photo. Yeah. [man]Because
he did get to her.
Unbelievable.[Lilly]I just– I cannot…Yeah, I was really close
to totally losing it. Just to let you know. Yeah. Is the cost of my show
and the message of my show really worth a selfie? I have a meet and greet
after and before the show. I’m a little hurt at that.
I’m not gonna lie. Not mad.
I’m a little hurt at that. We’ve faced a decent
amount of obstacles. Things happen in every venue. Our first show
in Adelaide, Australia,
was in a bar. The dancers
couldn’t fit onstage.We didn’t expect that.We don’t know how
this venue got approved. [Chase]We’re gonna
have to go through
every single routine
and change everything.The stage
is also carpet. Today’s a challenging day
for sure, for many reasons. It was smaller
than this hotel room.
It was brutal. We went from
performing on these, like,big theatre stagesto literally performing
on an area that’s like
a walk-in closet.
[chuckles] [Pyro]We were literally
in the wing of the stage,
fixing the formation because
somebody can’t go on. [Lilly]I don’t care
if there’s 300 people here.
I don’t care if there’s
30 people here. Every person here
should experience the show.It’s not fair to be like,
“Oh, you’re a smaller city,
“so you’ll experience
half of the show now.” No, nah, nah. I think the goal is
always to be proactive
and not reactive.And the environment’s
forced her to kind of
speed up her own
personal growth.
What she’s been
trying to focus on is just, “Okay,
what’s the solution?” ‘Cause let’s not go down
the path of who to blame. I’m generally
not having too much
of a good day today. But then I realise,
I’m like, you know what? Every night I preach about
going to Unicorn Island,
going to a happy place, and through days like this
I learn I’m not perfect. I’m not like perfectly
happy all the time. I know it seems like that
because I’m so like Unicorny, but I’m not perfectly
happy all the time. And when I take you
on a trip to Unicorn Island, I’m also taking
myself for a reason. Leave it on the stage.
Let’s go. Hey! All right. Unicorns on three! Let’s go. [all in unison]
One, two, three! Unicorn! It was interesting to see
everyone else push through. [Pyro]And then when
the show was all done,
it just seemed
like the crowd thinks
it went so smoothly. This tour has been so hard.It’s been really tiring and
really exhausting mentally,
physically, spiritually
and every such way.
But honestly,
it’s been so worth it.I’m doing this
for the same reason that
I started making videos.
I wanna be that switch
in people’s lives
that I didn’t
have for so long.
I know there’s gonna be
people in the audience
that are depressed
and are going through
hard times
and who don’t
love themselves
and who are feeling
bad about themselves
and who are listening
to other people judge them.
I wanna be that switch.I wanna be that voice
telling them to go to
the Unicorn Island.
And I really
believe they should.
I truly believe
every single person
in the audience
deserves to be
loved by themselves.
And I want to take
them to that place.
I wanna make them
understand that.
I wanna make
them believe that.
And if even one person…loves the reflection they see
in the mirror, I am… I’m about it.
That’s all I need. What show is this? The last show. Show 30. Show 30! That’s so bittersweet,
I can’t. We are getting ready
for our very last show. And I just finished
my last meet and greet and this is the last
braid-up. Yeah. The big climax,
what it all boils down to. Unicorn Island
was somewhere
that lived in my brain. And I was so scared
to put it in anyone’s hands. I was terrified to
trust anyone with it. And I truly mean when I say, I made the best decision
trusting all of you. So thank you so
much for taking these people
to Unicorn Island. It means so much to me. Thank you,
thank you, thank you. I wanna remind you,
more important than
anything else, take yourselves to
Unicorn Island today, because you friggin’
all deserve it, okay?You deserve it so much.
Thank you so much.
And aside from
all that right now, I’m gonna say
what I’ve said before. This is our
first show, okay?We just spent weeks
practising in Toronto,
staying up late,
trying on horrible
mother-effing costumes
that didn’t fit, okay?
Blood, sweat
and tears right now! This is the first time
they’re ever seeing it, the first time
we’re performing it. Go out there and put
your all onto that stage! Leave it all on
the stage tonight! Unicorns on three!
Let’s go! [all] One, two,
three, Unicorn! [Lilly]I’m nervous to not
change the way people feel.
Because one of the things
I say before I go onstage is,
“People will not remember
if you forget a joke,
“people will not remember
if you forget a dance move.
“The only thing
people will remember
“is how you
made them feel.”
And I’m nervous
that if I go up there and I don’t believe
what I’m saying, I will not make people
feel any type of way. Every single time
I do the inspirational
segment when I’m sitting
on the chair… I really
mean that part. I really, really
mean that part. And that serves
as my pick-me-up. And that’s where
I wanna thank my
fans so much because so many people
tweet me after the show saying,
“Your show saved me, “and your videos
have saved me.” And I just feel
like telling them, “Hey, and you saved me.” Because those moments
help me as well. They don’t just
help other people. Everything I say
on that stool helps me
every single day,
every single day. One of my biggest
fears in life… is that years from now
I’m gonna wake up and realise that this
amazing dream is over. And I’m not Superwoman. And you’re not
Team Super. And we don’t get to
share these moments. And it makes me
so sad. That’s because
in this moment,
you are not my fans, you are my friends.You are my friends
and I go to you
every time I feel down.
And you come to me
every time you feel down.
You are my friends.Seeing their faces, just…
It makes it so worth it. There’s no feeling like that.Knowing that you’re
making a difference
or at least,God damn it,
trying your best
to make a difference.
And it’s been so,
so worth it.
I will never be that person
that sits here and tells you, “If you believe
in your dreams,
they’ll come true.” When the time is 11:11, or when people make a wish
on their birthday, or when people
see a shooting star, some people wish
for their dreams. Other people work
for their dreams. Be that person who
works for their dreams! [crowd cheering] And now I wanna tell you, and I’m speaking
from the absolute
bottom of my heart.And this is what
I’ve learned.
That fighting
for happiness
is one of the
hardest things you will
ever do in your life.But happiness
is the only thing
worth fighting for
in your life!
[inaudible] [crowd cheering] And do not let anyone,
including yourself, let you believe
for even a second that you don’t
deserve to be so happy. Because you all deserve
to be so, so happy! So stop everything. You know
I got to do this
right now, right? You know I got to
do this right now. What up, everyone?
It’s your girl, Superwoman. I’m in SoCal.
Check ’em out! [cheering loudly] What up, everyone?
It’s your girl, Superwoman. I’m in Hartford.
Check ’em out! I’m in Bangalore.
Check ’em out. Manchester.
Check ’em out! Mumbai to Sydney,
Hong Kong, Dubai, New Delhi!
Home in Toronto.
Check ’em out! Check ’em out. Whoo! [all chanting] Team Super! Team Super!
Team Super! Team Super! [Lilly]Let me tell you
and I want you to pay
close attention.
You do not need me
or my show or my videos. You do not need
anyone to be happy besides yourself, okay? That’s right. [Humble]Lilly is not
just a YouTuber.
YouTube was
the first trampoline they let her bounce on
and she bounced so high.And whatever trampoline
they give her next,
she’s just gonna
jump higher.
[Lilly]People coming up
to you in tears
and parents coming
up to you in tears,
telling you how…
“You are the reason,
your videos are the reason
“I decided to love myself.“Seeing your show is
the reason I decided
“I don’t wanna be
depressed any more.”
It’s so worth it
standing on a stage,
no matter how
exhausted you are,
no matter how much
your feet hurt,
no matter which
injuries you have, no matter what you’re
going through emotionally and physically offstage. When you get on that stage,
it’s so worth it to be there in real time. No screen, no comments,
no analytics. Just be there
in real time. Say something
and see the magic on
these people’s faces.See them genuinely
reacting to what I’m saying.
[crowd cheering loudly] We’re home! Look who it is!
It’s Mom! Hi! Yay! How are you? Good. How are you? Good, good. Hi, car. How are you
my baby, my car? I forgot how
to drive you.
I’m sorry. I’m home! She’s setting these
goals and she’s just
blowing through them. It’s like, “What is left?”
This girl is on fire. She’s the only person I know
that’s made a vision board. And went through
two of them already. And this is my
vision board that I always look at
every time I’m sleeping and things I wanna accomplish. Yeah, yeah, that’s right. [Honest]I think when
she met The Rock,
she had an
existential moment
where she was like,
“What else was I dreaming of?” We were all
at dinner, myself,
my daughter Simone,girlfriend Lauren.And Simone had just told me,“Hey, listen,
you tweeted Superwoman,
“and everyone went crazy
and she loved it.”
And I thought,“I don’t remember.”
I didn’t remember doing it. Because in my mind,
Lilly wasn’t a star and I didn’t have
that connection yet. And she goes,
“When we get home, “I’m gonna show you
who she is.”And about an hour later
of watching Lilly videos,
I was hooked. He’s such a good,
good person. [Humble]
That’s the winner. You have his DNA dripping
on the side of your face. That’s right. You could like
scrape that and
make a baby. I don’t want his baby.
I just want his happiness. I just want his happiness.
He deserves to be happy. [Dwayne Johnson]
Look, you make people laugh,
you make people cry.
And you make
them leave your show
feeling better
about themselves?
That’s a wrap. That is a wrap
and it’s very special. She does that.
Lilly does that in spades. [rap music playing] “I was shooting a collab
with Selena Gomez today. “And I’m gonna
die and pass out, “spontaneously combust
before I get there. “Sweat, sweat,
sweat. Emoji.” [both laugh] I’m literally
over-prepared for everything in life,
except this moment. Because I really didn’t
think I was gonna win. Ladies, just… So it’s two months later. And we’re in
Trinidad! [all cheering] Trinidad, let’s do it!