– Leslie says her 41-year-old son Adam lives with her in a
senior living community. She says he can’t afford
to live on his own because of his online shopping addiction. Adam’s spending is so out of control, it’s ruined his credit,
his marriage and his life. According to Leslie, it is
time for her son to move out. (audience claps) Leslie, you feel like Adam
needs to get his life together? – Of definitely. He needs to quit the online shopping ’cause it’s gotten outta control. – Matter of fact, we put together a list of all the things that Adam
has recently purchased. And let’s see what we got, ya’ll. Alright, sunglasses, hats, blazer, T-shirts, Hooligans, cords, crutches. – [Woman] Adult crutches? – [Vivica] Vitamins. – [Areva] Marshmallows,
40 Pounds Of marshmallows. – Dog painting. Audio speakers, cords, acoustic alarm. The Birds DVD. Airfare to Hawaii. – Okay, the grand total though, $5374.31? – And Adam you spent
all of that in 90 days. – [Adam] Less than 90 days. – Oh less than 90 days. – [Areva] Where you getting
all this money from, Adam? – Well I got a social
security disability awarded and so that back pay
they gave me, it just– – Uh oh, Judge Scary Mary cringed. – That money’s not for stuff like that. That money is for food, for your rent, for paying the bills, utilities, not go buying stuff for everybody else. ‘Cause that’s my taxpayer money. – Yeah. (audience claps) – So clearly you started to buy things that you definitely don’t need. Like adult crutches that is designed for people with cerebral palsy. – Those crutches are for somebody that would have cerebral palsy. – [Judy] Yeah, and you don’t have that. – And you bought them because… – I don’t know. I buy things in my sleep sometimes. – [Vivica] Whoa, you shop in your sleep? – I call it sleep shopping. – Sleep shopping. – [Areva] Yeah. – Okay, explain that. – $200 later I had a 40 pound bag of marshmallow Lucky Charm cereal being shipped to my mom’s house. – How much debt are you in, Adam? – 20,000 plus. – Did you ever have any
other type of addiction to drugs or alcohol? – Honestly yes, I have. – [Judy] What types of
things were you addicted to? – Crystal meth, cocaine and heroin and my latest thing has
been medical cannabis. – Medical cannabis. Are you still using that now? – Yes, I am. – Okay, so you’re not sober. You’re not under recovery. – Yes, not sober. – Well I can tell you
that’s how that 40 pounds of marshmallow Lucky Charms came ’round. (audience claps) Somebody got the munchies and was like, that sounds really good. – But Leslie, you’re
just kind of laughing. Do you really want him out? – Yeah I do, I do. ‘Cause I feel like I have no life. – [Vivica] Have you told him that? – He has to use my car
to do his delivery work. – Leslie have you asked Adam, son, are you making any
concrete plans to move out? – I don’t think so, no. – Okay, mom’s just kinda like, well okay. Adam, what do you see for your future? – I came on this show today because I want to start that future. Rebuilt it and make some solid– – Concrete plans? – [Adam] Concrete plans. – To move out and get on your own. – Right.