coffee coffee coffee no doubt about
coffee is huge in Ethiopia which makes me really really happy, heavy bodied and
strong in flavor Ethiopian coffee or “buna” can be found pretty much
everywhere usually with heaping spoonfuls of sugar
sometimes you’ll have it in a traditional ceremony with burning
incense and popcorn but today I’m hopping across a number of popular
coffee shops in Addis Ababa and sharing my thoughts someone try to check out all
the best coffee shops in Addis Ababa and give you my thoughts on the first one up
Maji coffee, attached to Maji coffee is a cultural restaurant and an Italian
restaurant that’s not too shabby oops the staff didn’t want me filming
the imported Mcplayplace sign, coffee right now
we got a fresh grinder back there and here it is macchiato topped with milk, it’s not the
traditional style play it’s very good okay some other thoughts Wi-Fi here is
not so hot and baked goods also not hot but if you got a craving and you haven’t
had shortbread cookies in a while then and you’re okay with having something
that tastes 25% as good as the supermarket stuff then maybe you might
want consider here so the coffee was good
heading back on the streets of addis price it’s a little bit high for coffee
is about 27 birr per person average price for coffee is about five birr and in
hotels the traditional coffee be ten birr so coffee’s good but kind of pricey for
addis, hanging out at Fanta Coffee. It’s a pretty local joint it’s mostly traditional ethiopian coffee but you can get a Western cup if you want better t han most other traditional Ethiopian coffees. better filtered so it’s less murky of course, a bit bitter so people add heaping spoonfuls of sugar I prefer just one spoon, people ad 5 or 6 freshly roasted beans on display before they make a pot I’m here at Fanta Coffee, it’s warmed up a bit, so I’m sitting outside right now people watching The air was super bad I’m a little nauseous from all the fumes but it’s not as bad as Mercado, Mercado is just like you
got to go there with a painter’s mask but here, it’s a little more hip doesn’t
look… may not look like it but I got a lot of restaurant and food options which
I’m totally gonna take advantage of really hot upstairs so I was stalking a seat, I just move downstairs for a better view and better air, cake I’ve tried in
Ethiopia so far this thing looks like custard but isn’t but it’s still pretty
good the flake is right on and for 24 birr it’s kind of a steal so this place is so good I went a little
nuts myself roasted vegetable burger similarly costs about two bucks and I got a little macchiato for my coffee tour strong, this vegetable burger here
roasted vegetable burger fries only cost 35 birr which is about 2 bucks, less than
2 bucks macchiato with it, I think it’s only
like a buck and that one just like a dollar fifty, so I think this is the place
to be at the Piazza right now okay I know I’m raving about a simple pastry
a lot but butter isn’t common in Ethiopia and oil is often used in its
place which makes most baked goods quite unpleasant, okay so it’s a
bright sunny and very pleasant morning here in Addis Ababa I’m here in Bole outside of Kaldi’s coffee there’s a nice breeze going which I
really appreciate because it’s keeping the pollution at bay but Kaldi’s coffee
is probably the most popular chain out here in Addis Ababa so I got to give it a
shot nice digs here check it out tall ceilings
double floor lots of people on laptops so I think there might be free Wi-Fi
here definitely gonna give it a shot why Tall Machiato looks promising, cake similar to Raizel cafe iI had in Piazza, okay so let’s give this coffee a whirl oh let me do it with the logo it’s very much like Starbucks coffee, if you’re kind of homesick for
a macchiato or espresso definitely pretty good here, price is better than Maji coffee, so about 20 birr Maji coffee was about 24 birr, got to give the pastry a go they got tough competition because Raizel was amazing for that flaky pastry yeah it’s good relatively speaking if you’ve been pasty starved like me then the stuff at Kaldi’s coffee is quite
acceptable so that’s all I got for the big coffee shops in Addis Ababa as you
can see I also tried lots of homemade traditional coffee but that’s for
another episode