so you stumbled across the Aliexpress
website and you’re not sure whether it’s a legitimate website to shop for in
today’s video I’ll be talking about the Aliexpress website and tell you whether
it is a scam or not so stay tuned hi everyone instead us here on this
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the AL Express website and anything else that I forget I’ve been buying stuff
from the Aliexpress website for about maybe about four and a half years now
but some of my mobile phone accessories there cases there through the years you
know like this one’s this one camera gears their drone accessories such as
the remote control booster some ND filters and so my reviews related
towards those type of consumer goods hopefully after the end of the video
you’ll get a good understanding of the Aliexpress website and whether it is
safe and legitimate website to buy items al Express is owned by one of the
richest man alive Jack man who owns Alibaba if you don’t know what Alibaba
is do check it out basically it’s a Chinese based company who wholesales a
lot of products all over the world so they set up Aliexpress kind of similar
to eBay it’s like a Chinese eBay al Express is kind of like gateway for US
consumers to buy small quantity of items as opposed to going through the Alibaba
website where you buy wholesale when I say wholesale you know 500 1000 pieces
of items to put it in perspective Alibaba is sort of b2b whilst Aliexpress
is B to C again it’s like eBay but prices are crazy they’re really trade
plenty of items to choose from there’s even a DJ or a store in there the way I
see it it’s a good alternative site to buy stuff especially if you’re not in a
rush you know just remember all of these
items are sort of made in China the shipping can take some time depending on
which seller you’re buying you know about some software arrives here within
two weeks some stuff can take maybe six weeks if you’re planning properly for
example this is just an example you want to buy the vinyl or the iPhone X and
it’s out of stock at the moment if you’re buying it you’re gonna wait
say for six weeks before it arrives now you purchase your iPhone 10 you go to
the Aliexpress website you look for an iPhone 10 case and buy it from there
shipping can take maybe two three weeks by the time the case arrives hopefully
your iPhone pencils over I only buy stuff where I know I don’t really need
it right now let’s say if I need an ND filter for
example I don’t have the drone yet I know I’m gonna buy for a new drone or
I’ll buy the ND filters there now and then five weeks later it’ll arrive and
hopefully by then I would have bought my drone at the shops skin or something
like that it’s just a matter of planning TIMSS arrives our package really well
again depending on the seller where you’re buying never really had any
issues with customs always arrives into the post office like in any online
shopping do check out the sellers rating for example if you’re buying a
SmartWatch hey now you look at the list accelerating whether the you know it
ranges from one star five star in this example it’s 4.9 stars there’s 52 votes
votes 52 votes and also one thing you need to check is the order number now
there’s been 314 orders in here so you know that everyone’s been buying that
item and the review seems to stack up then I would say that seller is legit
you check the seller ratings the number of orders and read some reviews to make
sure that you’re comfortable and what you’re buying bias protection I never
really had to use them again keep it there only bought smaller items
I never bought anything more than 100 strong dollars in conclusion is it legit
yes is it safe yes why would you want to buy
from Aliexpress to go the alternative to eBay good elephant for Amazon Australia
and any other online sort of websites that we have here they do have some
awesome sales like Black Friday Cyber Monday you know you name it they have
different sales all year round question of the day if you bought some stuff like
Aliexpress what’s your experience like but if you had a good experience have
you had a bad experience whether they lost the item they didn’t replace it do
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hope you learned a little bit something today I hope you
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again this is Dennis and I’ll see you all next time
so you stumbled across the Aleuts and I bought a camera group for my 70d there’s
couple battery groups in here