– Okay friends. Sharp Shopper closes in 33 minutes and I have Daniel with
me, Benjamin with me, Jaden, and my momma, and we’re gonna run in
here and grab all the good deals we can. It’ll be like one of
those TV shows where you only have so much limited time. That’s what we’re doing. We’re trying to get all the
stuff we can and get out. We are raking in the
deals aren’t we, Benjamin? – They’re for me, mommy.
– [Jamerrill] Oh yeah. We got our cart full, uh huh. Let’s see what else we can find. (gentle music) Where are we going after this? Where are we gonna go? Where are we gonna eat dinner? – I don’t know. – [Jamerrill] Where did we
say we were eating dinner man. It’s been our big plan. – In the Aspen. – [Jamerrill] We’re not
eating dinner in the Aspen. What restaurant are you going to? – I don’t know. – [Jamerrill] You don’t know? Benjamin, tell your brother. Say Chick-fil-A! Chick-fil-A! Remember? Woo!
Oh yeah. Running, running. Look at you! Are you climbing at Chick-fil-A? Oh coming up and down? Oh look at you! – Mama! – [Jamerrill] Mama, big boy! Ah. Whoop!
There you go. Up, yep. Wow! Oh I know! It’s so big! Okay friends, so it is the morning after our Sharp Shopper and late
night Chick-fil-A adventure. When we got back I just had the boys leave the non-perishable stuff on the counter, shove all the yogurts
and juices in the fridge, we went to bed, today we have friends
coming over it’s supposed to be 71 degrees but
it’s a little overcast this is the Jamerrill weather report. Tomorrow’s supposed to be 76, friends are coming over
and we’re gonna have a great day outside, but of course, wait, mama’s
gotta film the yogurt before friends get here. So let’s take a look
at everything I snagged at Sharp Shopper last night. Here is a look at it. Now the yogurts, they usually,
they’ll them in boxes. They’ll have 12 in a
case, but if I get them from the shelves the boxes are usually cut so I have them just dump
all the yogurt in bags so I’m not having yogurt
floating around the vehicle. Anyway, starting over here. Now we got these a few months ago and the kids really like these. I like these too. It has raisin, nut and seed trail mix, it has Quaker banana honey nut baked bars, and then it has this Greek yogurt. And they’re just yummy. Whenever I have these I
kinda layer the yogurt and the trail mix here on the bars. These were two for a dollar. How many do we have left here? Two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve. Some of the yogurt and some of the bars you’ll see down there,
kids had for breakfast. So this is an already gotten into haul. So two for a dollar, these are great. I don’t know you can tell
me in the comments below how much these normally are but I imagine at any chain grocery
store you can’t get these for 50 cent, so we were glad to have them. Then, yogurt wise. Oh, these will be gone
I betcha this weekend. These were also four for a dollar. Light and fit Greek crunch smore flavor, and it looks like it’s got graham crackers and little chocolate chunks that you put in the yogurt. What a fun treat. Then we have… What is this called? Butter-Me-Up Southern Pecan flavor. So we got two, four, six, eight of those. I think these are the original eight. Then there was a ton of this
very vanilla Greek yogurt, and again at four for a
dollar I’m always excited at these deals. I got a total of seven
dozen of these yogurts, and yeah just, always always exciting. Years and years, years
of the good yogurt deals. So cottage cheese. These were two for a dollar, they still have another month on the date, and we’ve been going through
a lot of cottage cheese. Actually now looking at this I’m like man, I should have gotten at least four more. (laughing) So, good cottage cheese deal there. Then over here they had lots
of good granola bar deals. I think the kids did take
out a box this morning. These were a dollar 99 a box. This is the value pack with 14 bars so it has seven strawberry yogurt bars, seven blueberry yogurt bars. So convenient to grab a
box and a bag of fruit and take it as a snack
when we hit the road. For these Nutri-Grain
bars and these are dated for June, these were a dollar 49. Total treat for the
kids, also got these bags of marshmallows, two for a
dollar so I got two bags. Consider those gone. Then I got a whole case
of these whale crackers because for 50 cents a
box and this is the white cheddar baked cheese
crackers great snacks, super snacks on the go
and you know I don’t care about snacks except also when I get deals. Other than that it’s fruit,
yogurt, hard boiled eggs, fruits, veggies, but Sharp Shopper’s my
place to get fun snacks. Also, if you’ve been
around here for a while you know the big drinks
we have at our house is ice water and milk. So when I go to Sharp
Shopper I will spend, you know, four or five
dollars and get some juice or sugar flavored water, again total as a treat. So we’ve got two for a dollar, this is Minute Maid Watermelon, two for a dollar Minute Maid Fruit Punch, two for a dollar Cherry Limedade, these were only 50 cents, this is another Minute Maid Fruit Punch, and then another one for 50 cents it’s a Minute Maid Peach with Ginger. And I was glad for that. And then over here some of the kids tried these this morning. These are Tropicana Coco Blends. It’s pineapple with
coconut water and it looks like there’s a little slice of apple too. And so you definitely get the taste of the coconut water in there. I had a sip, I thought they were lovely. This was a dollar 99 for twelve of them and again that’s just my momma effort to give them a little treat. So my total for this awesome Sharp Shopper deal haul was right around $80. My receipt is in my
purse in the back bedroom and like I said we got friends a-coming, but I know it was right around $80. Like $80.79, $81.29. Great deals, lots of fun snacks that will sprinkle out, some that’ll be gone quick, and some that’ll be around
for several weeks to come. Also, if you haven’t yet, I have bundled up all of my
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in this video description and also the first pinned link and I can get that whole collection back out to you, okay? Okay. So we’re gonna put this away and go play with our friends for the rest of the day and just have a wonderful time. So I hope you’re having a great day. I’ll chat with you in those
comments below, bye-bye.