What is up guys! it is Kevin back again
with that lifestyle ninja and today I’m Going to be teaching you exactly how to
find the top quality manufacturers via Alibaba making sure that your going to
get the top quality products no matter What you’re ordering and how to protect
yourself and make sure that you’re not Going to get screwed over so let’s kick
it off um just to make things a little Bit more genuine uh I basically just was
looking around my room and to just Choose kind of a random product for you
guys just to do it from scratch to show You they basically the same process no
matter which type of product you’re Selling I noticed a cool little lava
lamp I have over in the corner so we are Going to source that and I’ve never
looked for one of my life I’ve never I Don’t even know if they’re on Alibaba to
be honest but we are going to find out Together so let’s look at this first one
Wow 4200 reviews obviously not Necessarily a product you’d want to look
at because it has a pretty big advantage Even though this you know 60% rating and
the first thing I like to do is hop down To the detailed section so technical
details right so just to save time I Already kind of dragged some of these
over here to the manufacturer a template I use and I actually just give this to
my virtual assistant and I trained her Kind of how to look for manufacturers on
Alibaba the ones that are quality is That once you want to work with and I’m
going to walk you guys through the exact Same process of how we do that right now
so the main things you want to look at Right obviously product dimensions here
we go you know color material right they Need to know what it’s made out of power
source you know whether it’s battery Powered or electric the wattage and the
type of bulb so just kind of the you know the basic stuff you know you can
look down here and see if there’s anything else that looks like it might
be important and you know they’re going to tell you if you you know if they need
clarification on things but just try to try to come up with as much as it as you
can just to try to save as much back and forth as possible so once you have kind
of product specs right and if you have a
manufacturer template built out it’s a lot easier we’ll talk about this
manufacturer template in a minute but let’s go over here and let’s look at it
lava lamp so how I like to look on Alibaba is
actually not by products but by suppliers and the reason I don’t look at
product is because the one supplier can offer multiple products and you don’t
want to be sending the same template to multiple different product listings that
are all routing to the same supplier so just to save yourself even more time
head over to suppliers where is it two important ones here are gold supplier
and trade assurance I mean if you want definitions of those just go ahead and
look up on Alibaba they’re pretty easy to find right 100% product quality
protection pre-qualified by Alibaba and let’s look through some of these right
so these pictures are not what we’re looking for even though the top listing
so don’t be confused by that right I mean and right here we go so these are
these are a little bit more like what we’re looking for
alright these are lamps when it looks like they have some lava lamps but it
doesn’t look like they there’s necessarily a there’s their main product
so let’s skip that one these are obviously just lamps all right looks
like these guys their main products is leveling sore there at least advertising
it that way all right so let’s look at probably you know at least five and once
you have these kind of five companies up right each one of them is has a kind of
the same layout it says the total revenue their employees right you want
to you want to make sure that they have you know reasonable amount of employees
and revenue something that you can do before you really are going kind of to
the next level is just grab their company name start into Google alright
and see if this is actually matching up so Sun pay right it looks like they have
a website yep so it looks like they’re real prototyping companies in China
experienced after technology all right sales department they have a
video stop that yes you can do the same thing with each one but basically what
we’re going to do here is just go ahead and click contact supplier all right and
you’d want to you’d want to do the same thing for all of these right make sure
that it’s a real company you know they’re obviously doing big numbers they
have enough employees we’re gonna go ahead and hit contact supplier its
contacts supplier for the same day in contact supplier and contact your
supplier so now let’s briefly talk about the manufacturer template right so it’s
important if you’re going to be reaching out to a lot of different manufacturers
all the time to kind of get one of these made right it’s going to save you a lot
of time especially if you have VA is working for you because they can kind of
just do the distribution for you kind of do some of the tedious legwork and it’s
really just a plug-and-play you just show them a URL to an Amazon listing and
they take the product details as they think are relevant throw them into the
products next category and then basically just get the same answers and
so the questions that we ask below right so one of the things we’re going to go
through each of these really kind of step by step so you guys understand
exactly why each one of these portions is here so you want to you want to
portray yourself as a lead purchasing agent right you’re not just a guy
sitting in your underwear showing in your garage trying to you know black up
a lava lamp you’re an international company right here you’re speaking on
behalf of the CEO or the Board of Directors right you want to sound you
want sound official you want to make it you want to make it sound like you are
worth their time and that they want to offer you the lowest best price they can
to kind of win your long-term business right so about working together in a
potential lucrative business venture right we’re an International Electric
Company based out of Silicon Valley here in California right use these buzz words
maybe you’re in New York you know you want to make it sound like you’re
important because these guys get tons of inquiries 99% of which never actually
you know really perform into anything at all so they’re definitely used to having
their time wasted so you want to make it sound like you know you’re not going to
do that so hit them quick right so we’d like to
introduce ourselves and express an interest in creating a profitable
partnership between our two companies so I like to include the Amazon link we would like a product similar to this
link and you know depending on where they are they don’t always have the
ability to open these but I always include it because it just save so much
time and we’re definitely going to you know pull at least you know this main
picture and we’re going to actually attach it to every single one of our
Alibaba emails so product specs and right we just took you straight from the
Amazon listing they are technical details and then the questions right so
you always always always want to number your questions I’ve heard that in
Chinese schools children are kind of trained to answer things in numbered
questions and just trust me on this guy that you ask if you ask three questions
and I aren’t numbered you’re only going to get a response to your first question
just believe me I’ve contacted hundreds of suppliers always always always number
it’s trusting on that it really makes a huge difference right so the first thing
you want to do can we get a sample of the product right how much you’re going
to charge to get that sample DHL Express ship to you know whatever your zip code
is and you’re happy to cover or split you know the shipping cost of PayPal do
you have the ability to package the product and a custom in a custom
packaging right with Arlo because if you’re going to if you’re going to
private label you want to make sure that they either you know have the ability
in-house to package your product or they have a partner you know a boxing or a
packaging partner that can do that just so you can kind of do a one-stop shop
and not have to you know be incorporating you know numerous
different manufacturers to get what you want as a final product so what is the
what does it cost per unit including sob and what SLB means guys it’s free on
board or Freight on board depending on the US and all that means is they charge
a fee to get it from the Chinese factory to the port in China right so that if
there’s fo beat in the the other one is exw which basically means they finished
your lava lamps in this case and they just leave it on their factory floor and
you to handle everything out so your freight
forwarder picks it up at their factory it gets it to the port so that’s the
only difference between those two fo B is usually just a little bit easier so
an ml q is minimum order quantity so what is the cost for minimum order
quantity of 500 units and 5,000 units we’d like to compare with both
quantities and this is important guys right because you want them to you want
them to say the lowest possible price right so from your perspective you want
to take the least risk so you you know in a perfect world you get a hundred
units at the 5000 unit price you’d prove demand on Amazon and then you quickly
reorder and you’d have the least amount of risk with the highest amount of
reward right so they’re going to give you a 500 unit price maybe it’s $3 each
and the 5,000 unit price maybe it’s $1 each
and so the rest of the conversation right you’re going to be you’re going to
be pounding into their heads that you want that $1 price but you want to do a
test order for 500 units just this one time but you want them to honor that
5,000 unit price so just trust me on this
get both price and so talking about lead time so this is for inventory
forecasting later down the line but how long will it take to manufacture and
package five hundred and five thousand units right so this is usually you know
fifteen to thirty days depending on how many you’re getting so yeah I’d be
grateful for you to contact us two answers please be as thorough as you can
with your initial answers there would be a large determinant of the manufacturer
select department with so I include this because usually they’ll you know give
you one word answers what they’re responding to you know 10 to 20 of these
a day so take them ask them to take a little bit extra time right because it’s
it’s definitely a good showing of faith that they actually care about you and
they care about their work and things like that one other thing I like to do
is have them add you on skype I really don’t like communicating the Alibaba
Alibaba portal right because a lot of us have other business that we’re doing on
skype anyways so I usually say I will not respond via Alibaba right and this
is another way for you to kind of test if they’re actually paying attention and
they have attention at detail which is something that’s super-important for
manufacturers so it’s just another little thing that I
but I’ve learned to do and this template is available in our Facebook page so if
you guys want to just use this exact one feel free to just you know go down into
the description and join our Facebook page and we have all this available and
so so much more for free for you guys so let’s go ahead and copy and paste this
and we’ll head into our first manufacturer and these are just the
product pages so this is a contact page right and just paste it in and then I’m
going to add that attachment so where’s the lava-lamp do this right and this is
my actual Alibaba account so I’m not going to send these because I don’t
actually want to tell off the lamps but right it would be the same process so
you just go into here right contact supplier it opens up this page paste in
the exact same thing add the attachment of the photo and that’s pretty much it
guide you are done there so the last thing that I want to talk about is
payment right everybody always asks you know how can you pay in a way that
suppliers will accept and it gives you the most protection right so the answer
to that is normally payments are split up into an initial payment of 30% a down
payment which basically kicks off the manufacturing they start there they
start their work and then once they’re done then you’re expected to pay the 70%
so listen to this this is carefully guys I wish somebody would have told me what
I’m about to tell you because it’s it’s super super important thirty percent and
samples always pay with PayPal do it goods and services and pay that goods
and services feed with a credit card not your bank balance be absolutely sure
that you are paying that that 30 percent and the sample fees with a credit card
not your bank balance right like I’m not gonna I’m not going to repeat myself a
third time but please please if you’re going to listen to anything I say this
entire video just listen to that because you can dispute you can dispute things
with your credit card companies and it just gives you so much more protection
and I can’t I cannot stress enough how worth the extra 3% that
is if you ever run into any type of trouble so just trust me on that
30% always with paypal always in the credit card right and so the 70%
normally this is done with a bank wire transfer right because it’s not fair to
the manufacturers in all cases to because they get charged super
exorbitant fees for PayPal over in China so most most places will let you
especially for a first relationship with pay with PayPal for the 30 percent but
the 70 percent is normally done via wire transfer so you can set this up with a
bank right any bank you can pretty much do it online
normally the fees range between 25 and 40 dollars to send a wire transfer and
thing to be sure of when you’re doing that guys is that you have to get an
inspection done before you pay that 70% right and you want a thorough inspection
and so we have we have lists of the inspection services that we use and
we’ve had amazing success with you know they’re giving you a hundred and fifty
page reports with you know a bunch of HD pictures and all of their different
notes and any you know small quality errors and all the different packaging
they’ll count the number of units you know it’s beautiful right and that’s
only ninety nine dollars right with the people we use so if you guys are
interested in that head over to the Facebook group and we will definitely be
happy to share who we’re using for our inspection company so PayPal for the 30
percent wire transfer for the 70 and then before you pay that 70 percent make
sure you get your inspection done and what we like to do guys with suppliers
is set just like a super simple purchase agreement before we agree to you know go
into business with them and what we say is if the inspection fails as determined
by us the buyer then it will be on the set it will be on the seller so the
manufacturer on Alibaba to pay for a reinstruction and that’s actually come
into play with us a couple times right because if it fails determine by us you
know if there’s too many quality errors then they basically have to fix at all
and then they have to pay for it to be re-inspected so they’re going to make
damn sure that there’s no more errors again and it’s really worked out really
well for us guys so those are pretty much all of my tips for its suppliers if
you’re watching at this point I promise you I’ve saved you probably
a hundred hours of pain and potentially you know thousands and thousands of
dollars that you could have potentially missed out on so I hope that’s helpful
guys alright guys I hope that was a helpful and how to navigate Alibaba had
a diamond manufacturer research the right way how to save time you know how
to represent yourself in a way that your manufacturer is actually going to spend
time on you make sure that they’re going to present their best products and their
best prices to you how to protect yourself how to make sure that your
money’s safe you know how to do things the right way make sure you’re getting
inspections right and so make sure that you’re checking out my other video guys
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