hello and welcome here in our tutorials so, this is now part 2 of how to choose a product to sell in our first video we have discussed the categories that are not allowed or the categories that we need to ignore or what are the restricted categories and what are the client’s criteria so now I will teach you how to search or find a product to sell here on Amazon so for those who watched our videos for the first time, please visit our channel and watch the quick guide for us to know the content of our channel and for us to know where to watch our tutorials what videos we need to watch first and please don’t forget to subscribe so here on Amazon, if we will search for products like what I’ve said in Part 1 video we will go to a certain category to find items an example of what I will show you today on how to find products that we will sell here on Amazon so I will go here in this icon next is these are the categories that im referring to in my previous video Prime video, music, echo Alexa, fire Fire TV These are the categories that we will ignore then, you can also see here the restricted categories like jewelry, books they are also here but, there are categories here that we can visit so that we can check for the items and there’s a lot of items or there are millions of items here that that we can get ideas so that we can do FBA or fulfillment by Amazon here and we can find products to sell so what I will do is I will go to it can be in Home, garden and tools category I can also go to sports and outdoors so I will go first in-home and garden next is, this is the subcategory for this we can go to home and decor furniture, too big we can go to matress in lighting, it has glass material so we will not go here so we will go here in home decor so here, we can choose there’s still have subcategories here that has wall art, frames Lighting these are decorative pillows rugs so we can sell curtains so I will go here in decorative pillows next, I can see here the featured categories I can see the featured deals here it has lightning deals we can see the bestseller here we can also see recommended there’s also top rated so what we will do is we will go to bestseller first so we will check if we can see products here so these are the bestseller that here on Amazon it changes from time to time for the bestsellers they will come first so if you will search, and you cannot see the items that I found it means, it has changed so let’s try this number 4 item, the color white, but if you will find items here, it should be unique it should be different not the same, or let’s say it has the same but only a few sellers have that same product just an example, let’s try this item number 4 so, 16.99, is in the category of the client almost 4.5 star the review is 650 customer review we will check below if how many bestseller rank is 147, so, it’s a good item next is the product dimensions 2.8, 9.9, 15 by 6 but this one is the actual size of the pillowcase if we put it or it is packed it will not be packed widely or as it is it will be folded then the item weight is 1.9 pounds so it is very light these are the sample products or examples of requirements as we can see here that I can say it’s a good item that we found in amazon but, if it’s so plain if we can see that it’s so plain we will find something different or with design because if you look on it, it’s so plain we can find lots of white pillowcases so let’s check here in the category, let’s go to sports and outdoors then we can see the subcategories here so what we are going to do is we go to sports and outdoors then check here in the accessories here, we can see again the featured deals the bestsellers, we can see it here so let’s try here in bestsellers or we can go to the top rated let’s check the bestsellers see more but if can see here the prices, then the sizes so if you can see this this correction posture or this back support 19.99 it’s a little big if you put it in the box if you put it in a package so what im going to do is, there are still other subcategories here in this side so I will give you an example so we can easily find products because if you see here it is cheaper, then this one is 19.54 but it’s bigger so we cannot list it but this one is a bit smaller but it’s cheaper so it’s not that easy to find product here, what you need to do is you need to explore I will teach you other ways to to find products here so what I’m going to do is if ever that I will not find anything here from the bestseller here I can get anything here in the subcategory in this side let’s say I will click the outdoor creation, then, here we will check other bestselling items there’s more here like this rainlift, microfiber but if you will check, what we need is 10 inches or 8 inches to 4 so let’s try here in the outdoor clothing let’s go back back let’s try here in the top rated outdoor creation let’s try to check this the star count is 4.4 825 customer reviews let’s check below, the information if it complies with the criteria 8 ounce is ok Amazon bestseller rank is 199 so this is a good item but if we will look at the size its a bit handly, a bit small so, here we will check in the description for its actual size but if it complies with the criteria of our client we can give it to our client that we found a profitable or good item that he can order from his suppliers so this is how to find items in Amazon we will always go here in the category we can choose here but not the restricted categories we can go to home and garden we can get accessories, tools in home decor let’s try to find another one I will go again here in pillow then let’s check the top-rated items let’s try to check this this one has a few designs 4.5 477 customer reviews then let’s check below in product information 9 by 6.5 by 2.2 inches this is the actual size of the item but if we put it in the package, it will become smaller but, the item weight is 12 ounce it’s a bit heavy so we will still follow our client’s criteria but but actually, it’s fine its good, its best-seller rank is 1 point I mean 1015 the criteria is below 3000 but the weight is 12 ounce and our criteria is only 10 ounces below but it’s very easy to search for a product here or to find the product that we can sell we can get lots of ideas here so in my next video, I will teach you another way on how can we get an idea for the product that we will choose to sell here in FBA so stay tuned and thank you very much.