Hello and welcome to a new Blog so today is cleaning day I already started to clean everything I cleaned the floor and everything now I need to change the bed sheets cause Bernard is arriving tomorrow we also want to go to the playground because today the sun is shining and I really need to move and do some workout or else… and we also do a little unboxing from my amazon haul but first…. CLEANING!!! so Bastian is talking to his daddy already can I see please? oh getting aggressive right away 😩 You little monster !! You little monster!!….sooooo and now laundry! Ok I just changed into my workout clothes, of course Im still gonna wear a shirt but I just wanted to show you guys really fast how I look like, so you can still see some small abs but im surly gained a good amount of weight for sure…… I would say 2kilos cause I lost a lot of muscle mass but I think I’ll loose it very fast in Manila when I am back and back into my routine anyways, the shorts are from bombshell wear from the states, available online and the sports bra is from Victoria secret sport So I hope that , its gonna be a 5minute drive, I reaaaally hope that…. that Bastian will fall asleep later in the stroller so I can go running Brendon can play on the playground that would be perfect if he could sleep for 30 minutes Ok we are home again no I have to go back to the car very fast cause I need to bring p my last package the biggest one…and then I need to cook lunch already omg poor him 😆 it sticks on his foot this is really good, better than rice! okiiiiii, I just showered and changed into my clothes and now we can do a little unboxing, because I had to wait till Brendon sleeps , cause of course I also ordered his birthday gifts which of course I wanna show you, but of course he can’t see him yet so, im gonna get the packages ok, thats all I ordered ok thats better oh I need scissors psssssst im here already!!! did you see that?! I just went out a few seconds and he starts crying already 😆 because Im gonna… because Im gonna use it right now already and you gonna see in a few what it is.. TADAAAAA! That means I can now film in the car as wel!! Im not so sure though if its allowed here, cause of the police and stuff yeas, I think im gonna put that here. so this is the first package and its also Brendons first gift Brendon was so naughty he’s in a stage now where he really testing my patience really bad, thats why I always tell him if he doesn’t behave and when he’s bad boy then he won’t get any gifts this year…so this is the first one a police back pack hes so into police stuff right now so I bought him a new school bag I mean for preschool….. then we gonna open the big ones why Iliked this so much is of course because of the monitor , but it also has lullabies it has five different lullabies and an intercom, I can talk to the baby or with Brendon and I can always see how they sleep and I can play lullabies very , very nice!! Then I have another gift again for Brendon….Walkie Talkies he really wanted to have that police radio yeah..walkie talkies nga 😆 so yeah, I saw them, I promise you guys no matter what you look for, you get it at amazon and the next one I didn’t know that it is that small yeah, I ordered this here that is to clean a hair brush so you can remove the hair and everything thats how it looks like I think it was only 2 Euros now the really big one the first thing I have is OLAPLEEEEX thats the number 5 , the conditioner so why Ibought it at amazon because sometimes is really cheaper than Douglas or Sephora do they even have that at sephora ?!😅 that was for example 3euro cheaper than Douglas and in the Philippines its even more expensive! thats why I got it here, thats the first time I try this one cause I have number 3 and 6 And I LOVE that stuff I used number 6 today, the leave in conditioner haaaay SO GOOD