I want to just talk about this real
quick this has nothing to do with nursing but I bet you nurses do know and
would have some opinion on this specifically Amazon ki the question is
would you let the delivery man but open your door and deliver your amazon
goodies inside yes inside your house I know I would I’m ready for this like
I’ve been waiting for this in fact I want this to go even a step further but
before you even get there let me tell you what’s going on today so right now
Amazon is doing this new um this new thing where they’re just letting more
Amazon Prime members which I am and which I know millions of you are because
it’s the greatest thing ever um letting Amazon Prime members buy this
contraption where you put on your door where it’s a special key lock and it has
a camera on it as well so you can record everything that’s going on but the ski
lock would allow the delivery guy the delivery man delivery woman whoever it
is to come up the door do they have their device whatever they using
probably a phone they get a specific code which only works for that one
specific time they open the door they’re only allowed to put the package into the
door then close it and once they get that code the camera starts so you see
everything that happens they just open the door and then put the package in
close the door behind them and that’s it anything goes missing there’s only one
code for that door that that person had and we know who that person is right and
I am all a thousand percent chips all and I believe I do do believe that
ninety percent of Amazon Prime members that do have the money to buy that lock
will be doing this and moving forward because the one the worst thing about
getting Amazon things uh buying things online is just waiting for it to come
and when it does come if you don’t know it’s there because you weren’t there and
they have to take it away to the post office which blows because it’s too big
to live in front of your house or if you do leave it in front of the house and
it’s snowing or if it’s raining or it’s hailing or whatever it is bad weather
your shit gets broken and then you have to ship it back to get a new one which
is a hassle or the worst worst worst thing ever
the package gets in front of your house you don’t have a camera some random bum
steals it and goes and you just don’t have an answer to it that’s a huge
hassle so this solves all of it and once well swoop the man just the woman person
just puts the package inside the goddamn house locks the door behind them
everybody wins you get to see everything that happens of course of course
do I want some random human being going into my house and looking at my stuff
touching me no of course not never never never never never never but but there’s
a camera there’s only one key lock that only works for one time it’s not like
they get to go home and like oh I know the password to whoever’s house and I’m
gonna go in there and steal this stuff no it ends up disappearing literally the
moment that they get there I’m the moment that they shut the door and and
if anything does go missing and there’s obviously gonna be some stupid
motherfucker who decides I’m going to go inside this
person’s house and steal some random shit and if they do do that there’s only
one color there’s only one delivery man let’s hide that code there’s gonna be
the camera on the entire time so you will know who it is the probability of
you having your stuff who returned getting that person caught getting you
know some justice served to that dumb dumb human being very very high very
very high question of the day for y’all would you let this happen if you have
Amazon if you don’t have Amazon and if you knew the security was as I explained
would you allow people to bring their stuff into your house literally just put
it in the house close the door right behind them I know I will in fact I
would I would go even further once Amazon bought whole food I was like
yeah yeah and I do Amazon fresh which means that they deliver groceries actual
groceries like produce things I go bad and they put it in these ice bags and
stuff I love it I think it’s the greatest thing ever
yes I’m lazy as hell but I love that entire process where they deliver my
goodies to my door amazing but if you’ve ever done it you know it comes with all
this huge packaging I can’t wait till they oh they offer a premium service
where they let the delivery guy with the produce put
in the fridge because I don’t want to deal with all of that packaging I don’t
I know that’s taking a very very far step forward and very few people would
trust Randall’s in the house I think I would I mean if these cameras all love I
don’t you go ahead you deal with if anything’s missing eyes on you but
that’s my personal belief tell me what do you feel would you let someone would
you let a stranger go into your house and deliver your goodies let me know in
the comment section below don’t forget to Like subscribe and have that
conversation with me I am super excited moving forward