everybody seems to know what Amazon
Prime is but I don’t think a lot of us know about all the benefits that make it
worth the money so in this video I’m giving you my Amazon Prime review and
I’ll cover all the benefits so that you can decide for yourself if you think
it’s worth it or not now if you just found this channel I’m Jason with honest
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I’ve been using Amazon Prime for about six years now and I’ve never had a
reason to go without it because the benefits have always outweighed the cost
now there’s a ton of information when it comes to all the benefits of Amazon
Prime but I don’t want this video to be like 20 minutes long so I’m gonna give
you guys all the details that I feel you need and then you can make the decision
for yourself if you want to do Amazon Prime or not I personally feel like it’s
a hundred percent worth it if you take advantage of at least some of the
benefits now because there’s so many benefits to Amazon Prime I’m gonna have
to break it up into the pricing and the shipping then I’ll talk about the media
benefits and then I’ll cover the other stuff as well
now I’ll start with the pricing of Amazon Prime which is currently a
hundred and twenty bucks a year or thirteen bucks a month if that’s the
route you want to take and keep in mind that if you’re a student Amazon Prime is
only sixty bucks a year or six dollars and fifty cents a month so I would
definitely consider doing that if you’re going to school and the really cool
thing about paying monthly is that you can cancel anytime you want to so if you
just want to keep the benefits for a couple months then I would definitely go
the monthly route I mean when you consider all the benefits you get for
only 13 bucks a month Amazon Prime is seriously a lot better than most of the
other subscription services out there so I would highly suggest looking into them
and you can even take advantage of membership sharing which allows you to
share your account with up to two people per household to offset the cost so
basically you and your spouse could each use Amazon Prime but you’d only have to
pay one fee because of the membership sharing so definitely take advantage of
the membership sharing if you’ve got more than one adult living in the same
household now over the years I’ve noticed that the pricing of Amazon Prime
has gone up a little bit but some of the benefits have also gotten better too so
even though the price has gone up a little bit every once in a while
Amazon’s always going to add in more if it’s to offset the cost so just keep
in mind that some of the information on this video might not be totally accurate
as the video ages but for the most part Amazon Prime just keeps getting better
and I do want to mention right here that if you’ve got the Amazon Visa credit
card or the store card you can actually get five percent cash back on all your
Amazon purchases if you’re a Prime member so if you do a lot of shopping on
Amazon then I’d highly recommend getting their credit cards if you’re a
responsible credit card user because I don’t want you guys paying twenty
percent on your credit card just to get five percent cashback because that is
never gonna make any sense financially now as far as shipping goes everybody
knows the Amazon Prime gives you free two-day shipping across the country with
no minimum order size so if you randomly need some batteries then you can get
them in two days and you don’t have to order anything else which is really
handy because if you’re not a prime member you’ve got to at least spend
twenty-five bucks just to get free shipping and then on top of that it’s
gonna take forever for your stuff to get to you because they’re gonna ship it the
slowest and the cheapest way possible and it’s not like twenty five bucks is
even that hard to spend but it really is convenient just to order random things
whenever you need them and you’ll get them in two days as well
now most items on Amazon qualify for the free two day shipping but there are a
few exceptions so just keep that in mind and another cool thing is that if you
don’t need your items in two days then you can select what’s called no rush
shipping which will allow you to ship the item slower but Amazon will actually
compensate you with media credits and stuff like that so it’s actually worth
doing if you don’t need your stuff in two days so if you don’t have to have
your stuff in two days then most of the time I’d go with no rush shipping that
way you can get free stuff just for waiting longer Amazon Prime members can
also get free same-day delivery or even two hour delivery but those are only
gonna work in certain urban areas so you’ve got to check on where you live in
order to qualify for that kind of stuff so just check your zip code and see if
you qualify for those kind of benefits because those are actually pretty sweet
to get things the same day also if you preorder an item with a specific release
date Amazon will actually deliver that the same day that it’s supposed to be
released so if you preorder a movie that’s supposed to come out on a certain
date then you’ll actually get it the day that it comes out rather than having to
wait for it they also have add-ons where you can pay a little bit extra for your
membership fee but you’ll have access to even more she
options like prime pantry and Amazon fresh now I won’t go into much detail on
these but if you do a lot of grocery shopping then I would for sure look into
these add-ons because it’s probably worth the cost prime pantry is mostly
used for non-perishable grocery items like cereal laundry detergent or even
Mountain Dew and you’d be surprised how low Amazon’s grocery prices are so
definitely try out prime pantry if you haven’t already and then there’s Amazon
fresh which means that they’ll actually ship you fresh local groceries to you as
quick as possible but you’ve got to live in a certain zip code to even qualify
for those types of orders because that’s regarding fresh items you’ve obviously
got a live summer with a larger population so that it makes sense to
even offer the service now as far as media benefits go the biggest one for
Prime members is called prime video which is kind of like Netflix or Hulu
prime video allows you to stream free movies and TV shows from any of your
devices which is freaking sweet because it’s all included with your membership
fee now I’ll warn you right now that it’s not as good as Netflix but they’ve
still got a ton of a really good content that makes it really worth it as just an
additional benefit to Amazon Prime members you can even add channels to
prime video like HBO or Showtime for an additional monthly fee but that way
they’re all in the same place and it’s a lot easier to access them and because
Amazon also sells in rents movies all of that type of content is also going to be
inside Amazon Prime video so basically if you’re watching any free content or
if you own any movies or if you’re doing HBO or something like that everything is
inside prime video and that’s really handy and as a prime member you’ll also
get what’s called Prime music which allows you to stream a ton of different
songs for free now it does have a limited selection of music but Amazon’s
got another program called Music Unlimited which is only 8 bucks a month
for Prime members and that’ll give you everything just like Apple music or
Spotify does and if you guys are interested in any of this type of stuff
I’m gonna leave links in the description because Amazon lets you try just about
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that’s gonna help out this video a lot thank you now if you’re a gamer Amazon
Prime members also get what’s called twitch Prime which is very handy if
you’re into video games and that’s because you’ll get deals and promotions
on certain pre-ordered video games you’ll get a twitch channel subscription
as well no I won’t go into much detail here but if you happen to like video
games and you use twitch then you should definitely consider Amazon Prime because
it’s just another benefit of what you like to do now if you read a lot Amazon
Prime members also have access to a few other benefits as well
you’ve got prime reading which allows you to borrow books and magazines from a
limited selection but you do have to be using the Kindle app or a Kindle in
order for it to work the Kindle app is available on every brand of device so
it’s not really that big of a deal but I just wanted you guys to be aware that
you do have to use the Kindle app in order to access the prime reading and
then you’ve got access to what’s called Amazon first reads which will allow you
to download one free book per month from their selection overall I’d say that
their reading selection is pretty good as far as a free perk goes but honestly
I would check out audible.com because Amazon actually owns them and they’ve
got every single audiobook on the planet Amazon Prime members also get unlimited
photo storage on their cloud so that’s very handy if you take a ton of pictures
Prime members also get early access to Amazon lightning deals so that’s really
good if you like to shop for random stuff at really really good prices and
if you’ve got young kids you can also use what’s called Amazon family and that
will give you discounts on diapers and baby food and stuff like that and don’t
forget Prime Day which is a special day just for members where you can actually
get the best deals of the year on a whole bunch of different stuff it’s even
better than Black Friday so I would for sure check it out the next time they run
it the list of benefits just keeps getting bigger every single year so as
long as you’re taking advantage of just a few of them then I would 100% say that
Amazon Prime is worth the cost now you can try Amazon Prime for free for 30
days and you can test out all of the benefits and all of the different perks
before you decide that you actually want to keep the membership just check out
the links below if you’re interested in Amazon Prime or any of their other
services because like I said earlier they’re gonna give you a free 30-day
trial for just about every product that they offer once again I’m Jason with
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