hi everyone nice to meet you my name is
Nahar Java I’m the CEO and co-founder of Zik analytics today I make this video
because I want to talk with you about ebay arbitrage business in the last few years
the arbitrage business is blooming because this business model is very easy
to scale up we don’t need to invest any money in advance only things we need to
do is to invest time and to make it right and today I want to show you how
we can find an arbitrage opportunities using zik analytics and I will talk a
little bit about with which platform we can use for eBay arbitrage software business and how
to do it as well of course ok so as you can see we are looking on the second
emetic same website I will just look in here and while I’m showing you how I
find arbitrage opportunities I will explain you a little bit how we are
going to make this ebay arbitrage guide so you will have the idea what where it
start and where its end so you can also later after this video go and make it by
yourself you have to remember that the arbitrage business need to be to have 2
pills ok you need to have a platform where you can sell the information and
you need to have a platform where you can find the information now it is very
important for you to remember that as in arbitrage sellers we are not exactly a
normal sellers because we are not holding the products by ourself and we
just find products in a one platform and sell it more expensive in another
platform ok and basically when we when we do this kind of business we are more
like real estate agent it’s like selling houses or renting houses ok our job is
to find the most fresh the most up-to-date information and to find our
portunity in the platform when we want when we want to sell this
and just make this connection fast and after we make this connection connection
fast of course it depends on which platform we’re selling we need to adapt
ourselves to the platform that we are selling the products so here we are in
the dashboard of Zeke analytics Zeke analytics is an analytics market
research tool for ebay.com eBay CEO you can all a kind of marketplaces with Zeke
we’re actually finding the opportunities in eBay so eBay is the platform where we
are going to sell the products where we are going to sell the information ok now
you have to remember like I said before we are selling information not products
because we not buy the product by yourself just connecting from one side
to another side so I will also open ebates.com here and amazon.com just for
the example and I will show you how can we make an arbitrage business based on
drop shipping from amazon to ebay and how we find opportunities using Zig so
as you can see I’m going to Zig I will go to the product research the product
research tool is a tool that sit on Z on eBay search engine and he get us the
result best on the best match results like I said we selling information we
need to understand and what buyers think when they search something on eBay is so
we can make decision based on that because it’s very simple if someone come
here now to eBay and he want to say to buy wind chain let’s say imagine you’re
the buyer you say you want to buy Winship ok right-wing team in eBay and
now you get this result ok and let’s be a little bit more exact so let’s say we
are now talking about the American market so I need to change the address
here to USA so eBay recognized me USA buyer and then I can search again
for wind chime and then I will get the result okay now I can just make here to
us only so it’s like a u.s. seller only and then I get a result and as you can
see I got a 17,000 results inside eBay and I get the first page result here
that usually include between 50 to 100 items depends on the side preferences
here you can see 50 we can also make it 100
now who is selling usually who is selling is the listings the products
that ranked themselves to the first page result because of most of the buyers not
going for the next page so automatically is an arbitrage seller we need to
understand it when we find some fresh information in another supplier page
supply website we want to get the listings we upload to you back to this
page and to do it we need to based our statistic based on the best match result
search okay so this is exactly what zigboo zigboo service the statistic
based on that so if I will right here and win chain and I will make sure I’m
on the United States market okay and we make search and I will make a zig
selection I will get resolved based on that from the most selling item to the
list okay because I want to see who is the best selling items that rankings at
the first page result and how can I learn from this information and
basically take this an opportunity okay so now we are going to see the statistic
we’re going to see exactly the opportunity here and you can see that we
have the cell through rate calculation the successful is calculation that shows
what is the chances that we will sell how much cell earning this keyword
search through those items and how many sold items from 100 listing for the
first page result what is the selling average price and so on when all the
information we need to take the right decision if we scroll down we can see
the list of the items from the most selling to the list all we need to do
now is to make decision on that okay now this is our platform
where we sell the information well we sell the item now after we make a niche
research okay after we check the niche of wind chain all we need to do is to go
power supply to the other side of the coin and look for item that will be
cheaper that will answer the need that will a big opportunity for us so we
found a good niche 77 percent successful listings 567 separate this is an
opportunity or this is an arbitrage opportunity now to make this opportunity
come true we need to choose the right item okay so if you’re watching this
video and you don’t know nothing about eBay or you Justin you in the beginning
don’t worry okay you need to understand the full picture and if you will join
Zeke you have a 25 lessons course that will teach you everything about market
research about how a algorithm eBay search engine works how to build titles
and so on but it is very important for me that you will understand the business
model and how easy it is okay so let’s go to Amazon and search for wind chain okay let me stay here sorry okay so we
search for wind shame and we see there is different one we can just filter from
the cheapest one and see how can we find something that will sell good so we’ll
have one in nine dollar CUA one $9.00 it’s fulfilled Amazon which means the
Amazon customer service back up this item and now we’ll go to Zeke to the
results and I will look for some items where I can sell with profit that fits
okay take a look at this item so 30 times in the last 30 days okay look
exactly the same like this item exactly the same okay and sell for $19 guys this
is a profit of almost $5 after fees this is how we want to make profit this is
how we make profit in arbitration now imagine you upload to you eBay store
1000 items like this with three to five dollar profit you will make around 3300
ollar profit a month okay without to invest
nothing i bestow Zig count and that’s it
basically you just need to find items based on the insights that you have all
day equals 25 lesson to teach you step by step how to find those opportunity
and all you need to do is just listen to you eBay store those items when they get
solved when you sell the item in your store you go to Amazon you put the
address of the buyer inside Amazon and you ship it directly to the buyer with a
gift receipt so we don’t see how much you purchase the item on Amazon you can
use different suppliers you can use Walmart you can use Kmart you can use
Aliexpress can use many different sources of items all you need to do is
to learn how you find opportunities to learn how you find this information you
have everything inside Zig so you are welcome to join Zig anytime you want to
have also a Facebook community with lot with over 2,500 professional eBay
sellers we have a live chat support here on the right side so you can contact us
all the time and ask questions we have the Zeke Academy here so you can join
the Zeke Academy anytime you want and just after you joins it you can start
watch the videos and learn how everything exactly walk you’re more than
welcome to join thousands of arbitrage sellers that make a lot of money and
from this kind of business model it’s easy you don’t need to invest money you
can start from tomorrow all you need is eBay store eBay account paypal account
and Amazon account in a cig account so I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope
you learn something thank you very much and see you in the next video ciao ciao