A.K. Rikk’s is a luxury retailer. We like to give our customers a great experience
when they’re shopping. We have everyone
from high school kids that are interested in some of the more casual
brands to your general managers. So really it runs the whole spectrum. We have over 16,000 different products. The conversation started to get very serious. Can we sell online?
What’s that process gonna look like? We had done some very
small-scale product photography and we just knew that it wasn’t
going to be scalable and that’s really what led us
to StyleShoots honestly. We use Horizontal for our flat photography Vertical for our on-form photography and then some Live machines
that we use for video. I’ve worked with normal camera setups and with these machines we’re able to
narrow down our team and focus just on the styling and they can do the photography for us. Shoes, eye glasses, bags,
those things are challenging to shoot. We saw Eclipse and for us it was a no-brainer Having that all-in-one mini studio and the consistency of the lighting the quality that you get. Built in turntable to be able to get
that full wraparound shot that’s the game changer. You can get the same angles, the same lighting,
with a click of a button. 45 seconds it’ll go through six
different shots. It automatically edits the video together and save a ton of time in post. We wanna make sure that everything
from our packaging to our customer service to your experience on the
website is gonna set us apart. If you’re not making the product look good it’s not gonna sell well online. We get the most detailed images
for all of our products and with StyleShoots we can
accomplish that.