Just doing the thumbnail, sorry Hey guys Hey guys. Hey Guys, why can I never film just a normal intro? So today, I have more squishy packages, a bunch of them. Yes. These are for squishy makeovers I’m gonna be doing squishy makeovers for the rest of my life Let’s do it. And- ooh! This is the lucky ones that we’re gonna start with These are from the same places as last time: Some from eBay, Bang Good, Wish and I did try two new places. Oh my gosh, okay. So this one came from Wish. It’s tiny, oh my gosh So I expected this to be a lot bigger, but that’s okay because I actually have two apple squishes that are pretty large Smells like bread… and B.O. So we’ve got this little apple, quite small. Oh my gosh, the last opening video started with an apple too – Woah… I don’t think that that’s as remarkable as I’m acting like it is, but… that’s remarkable. I feel weird with my hair up I usually don’t film with my hair up partly because I have a really weird hairline This one is super tiny. Oh, it’s another popsicle. I did one of these in my makeover Videos already The stick isn’t as bad as the other one that I had. The stick on the one that I had was jacked Obviously a really low-quality squishy. I would not buy this unless you’re planning on decorating it Probably shouldn’t do that. Oh, oh my gosh, okay, so this one is from Wish as well And it is… I thought it was a panda when I bought it But it kind of looks like a cat, so… Panda cat? No, it looks nothing like a panda. It is clearly just a cat. It’s a pretty ugly design, to be honest, To be honest, but that’s what we want, right I picked this one out specifically because I thought the design is kind of ugly But the shape is cute so we can work with this for makeovers. I’m happy with this one. Cool. Great, okay Oh my gosh. This, I thought, was a lot bigger. It looks so much bigger on the website That’s why it was so cheap But I do like the shape. I like the kind of like realistic ice creamy texture. That’s pretty cool I’m gonna hold it That would be kind of cute if like I glued them together and painted them as like a set and made them like match Is that cute or wack? I think that’s wack. Never mind. Let me do this one which is a better one. This is much more expensive than the ones that I normally buy It’s a Deco squishy, so it’s like a plain squishy Oh my gosh. Aww They like have like little, uhm Twist ties, I got two of these. Oh my gosh. There’s a huge logo on the back. I did not expect that Wow, it’s really soft smells like a legit cookie It’s a heart donut, or at least that’s what I thought it was, but it looks like it has some sort of cream filling in it. I’m really happy with the quality Like this is super squishy and soft and I like the smell, but I don’t really like the big logo on the back So there’s that. Oh my gosh, yes, so it’s one of these big cakes, I feel like everyone has one of these. Oh, it’s really soft This is gonna be a kind of a hard one to paint because there’s so much like detail in it And this came from banggood.com. I’m pretty sure you can get it on any squishy website though. Big… cake, I like it Oh yeah, I got these So ugly lol. To me, it looks a little derpy. The face is kind of… I think this is a great makeover candidate because the face and the colors are just random and weird and I think it could be a lot cuter. So I did get two of these. Oh the doubles Oh the doubles why is there like a butt crack in the chin? Booty! Both of them have huge air bubbles in their heads. That’s weird Twins! Ooh, it smells good in there Baby bottles. Wait, I don’t know how I’m gonna decorate these yet The white part already looks super dirty, like this looks like a used squishy almost which is weird This is a good size. I’m happy with this size. Feed the twins! Baby bottle pop! This one. Oh, yes, okay So this is a cat burger. This is actually from eBay. This is, this is the best smelling squishy I’ve ever had I love the design of this so I didn’t buy it for the longest time ‘cuz I was like the design is perfect like it Doesn’t need anything, but I have some ideas to switch it up a little bit. So cat burger I’m very excited about this one and there’s another one in here. Oh, yeah. I opened a white cat last video That looks very similar. I think the shape might be slightly different though And this is definitely not as soft as the white one The white one is probably the softest squishy I’ve ever felt in my life. Quite a creepy face, actually… So these actually came from Bunny’s Cafe, not particularly cheap, I think these were like $7 apiece So like… I would not consider that a cheap squishy. This is like the top price that I will pay for a squishy They don’t have like a cheap version of these out right now. So I kind of had to get the real thing. Oh my gosh Wow Whoa, did I get that many? I’m insane So these are… Deco squishies. Oh, they’re so beautiful. It’s a bunny. It’s a donut. It’s got a big bow on it I just, I love this shape so much. So yeah, I’m super happy with those that are very cute. I’m very happy I’m so excited. Okay, this is the big one. This is from Bang Good So this is the last one but there’s quite a few in here So, this is a panda mermaid. Oh my gosh. It’s so cute. Weird fact: I actually save all the packaging but like I don’t use it I don’t want it. Does anybody want it? I don’t know. You guys should just throw it away. So yes, this little panda Oh, this is actually cuter in person than it is on the website I really like the shiny- ness to it like the pearlescent-ness to it. It smells like a pool store We’ve got this donut, pretty cute packaging. It’s a little busy but it’s cute. I like it Not that it matters. This looks so similar to the donut that came in the Karina Garcia kit. This is really squishy and soft I do really like it. I don’t think doughnuts are the right place for a face to appear. For me, I really only like faces on things where I think it looks right. This to me looks out of place Like I feel like a face would look better on this one. Like this would look cute with a face It looks like he’s got a hole in his head. You know what I’m saying? Am I wrong, am I weird, am I crazy? Yes. What else? Okay. Yay ya-yay ya-yay Oh my gosh. Okay. What happened to this packaging? They like took packing tape and wrapped it around the packaging… What in the world? Like.. Do you see that? I feel like this isn’t something that I would normally buy. What are you even talking about? Yes, it is. Yeah, it’s a loaf of bread with a cat on top of it The bread I would say is softer than the actual cat. So many scents swirling around over here It’s really nice. One. Last one. Oh, yeah, this is my unicorn cake. Oh my gosh. Why does it look like, it’s Christmas Packaging. Oh my gosh. I don’t know why Okay. Oh, it’s so pretty. Look at this. Oh! I love it. And this one is probably the most slow rising I don’t know. Maybe it’s just because it’s like bigger than the other one So it’s like there’s more to rise. Feels like there’s like an oil coming off on my hands, which is kind of gross. You oily thing. Why, why, are you so oily? So yeah, here are all my new friends. I love them. Okay guys, that’s it for today Thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys next time. Bye!