[Krysta] -We’re at a Best Buy,
right there. It’s Best Buy.
[Kit] -Doing a little holiday shopping
[jolly holiday music] -Ehhh. Whew! OK, OK.
I think I can get more games. -O-oh no, oh no,
it’s already happening. Ah! [laughter]
Ah! Why? [Nintendo Minute jingle] [jolly holiday music]
[Krysta] -Hi guys. Welcome back
to Nintendo Minute. We are here,
at a place.
[Kit] -At Best Buy!
-Its right there. It’s Best Buy.
-Doing a little holiday
shopping. -I think we’ve done these videos
a couple of holidays now.
[Kit] -Yeah.
Shopping spree.
[Krysta] -Um, shopping spree
videos but this time,
it’s a little different.
-First of all, we’re at a Best Buy.
Not a Nintendo store.
-Yes. No, no. -You have to carry as much
Nintendo goodies, products,
games, everything in your arms. -Yeah. But–
-And the challenge is–
-But, it’s based on how much
we can actually physically
carry ourselves.[buzzer noise]-You have two minutes to like
get all the items and hold it.
-You gotta, you gotta get, at least one game,
at least one piece of hardware. [both] -And at least
one accessory. [Kit] -To round things out. Yes.
And we’re gonna ring it up,
-Right. -and we’re gonna see
who gets the most value,
[cash machine noise]
-out of it all.
That will be the winner. That’s the winner,
and of course,
-Yes. -everything that we,
we purchase today
we will be donating to, the Starlight Foundation.
[Kit] -Yes, our friends
at Starlight.
-So we’ll be shopping for them
and carrying as much as possible
for, for them, -We’ll do our best!
-we’ll do our best. Yes so let’s
go inside and see how we do. [Krysta]
-Oh my gosh. Ahhh! How many do you think
I can carry of these?
[ding noise]
-Three, four, five, two?
Oh gosh. Hard![ding noises]Oh no, oh no! Oh no. Getting, kind of, heavy.
[ding noise]
No! No, no! Ah no!
[laughter] Ehhh. Whew! OK, OK.
[ding noise]
I think I can get more games.
Sorry, Link!
[pop noise]
[ding noises]OK. Do you think
I can get a Switch Lite?
I kinda feel like I can. This is like a test of balance.
[laughter] Oh, OK, OK. Alright. OK.
[ding noise]

[laughter] Yay! [Kit]
-OK! First thing I need is
a good kinda foundation, for all this stuff
I’m gonna pick up.
[ding noise]
I like this, four wireless
GameCube Controllers. Now we’re gonna pick up
some hardware.
[ding noise]
Four-oh no! Oh no!
It’s already happening.
[chuckles] Ah! Ah! Why?
[laughter] I’ve already got accessories,
but I think I want a couple more
let’s get some Joy-Con.[ding noise]Oh boy. We’re tempting fate now.
OK. Now it’s time
to get the games, Link’s Awakening…
[ding noise]
Oh no. Whew![ding noises]I’m going for some more Joy-Con,
let’s do that.
[ding noises]
Getting up
to chin territory here. Oh boy, oh boy! Oh. What else can we get here? Switch Lite. Yes.
[ding noise]
More games.
What is left? Ah! [laughter]
That’s it. [Krysta] -Alright.
We made it with all–
-Look at all this. -of our goods.
I think we did pretty good.
[Kit] -Look at this.
[Krysta] -I mean they’re
pretty huge stacks.
-I think,
Now a big difference.
I have a lot of Joy-Con,
you have no Joy-Con. -No.
-What were you thinking?
-I don’t know. I got scared, because I was
starting to like drop things.
[laughter]No! No. Oh no!
I think it’s not fair because
again, my arms are too short, they’re like
way shorter than yours.
-We don’t even know who won this -But I just know, look at
how many Joy-Con you have.
[chuckles][Kit] -Again the Joy-Con,
these are small.
You can carry those.
-I know.
-OK, here we go. -Alright,
so these have been tallied up.
-We’re gonna reveal, the totals now.
-Yes. And reveal the winner.
-Here we go. Three, two, one. Ta-dah! -Oh wow! It was me.
-What do you know?
What do you know. -The Joy-Con
made the difference.
Look at this. -I think your arms
made the difference.
-Here we go. -It’s the arms.
Why are your arms so long?
-Here come the excuses. -That’s what,
that’s not what I meant.
[laughter] At all, by the way.
It doesn’t matter who won
because all of this– -Off to Starlight it goes.
-is going to Starlight. And we hope that,
uh, they enjoy it
and that was really fun.[Kit] -Yeah. Thank you
Best Buy for hosting us.
-Yes. Thank you so much.
And we’re gonna- we’re gonna wrap it up
for today and remember: -Nintendo Minute,
is never a minute.
-See you next week! [Kit & Krysta] -Bye!
[cheery music]