Meet Dave.
Dave and his team sell on eBay. They also sell on Amazon, Rakuten and Fnac.
And today he’s just found out how to sell more on eBay. And he’s going to let us into
his secret. Show us how Dave. Now normally Dave’s prices on eBay are rubbish.
But today he’s using Seller Dynamics to help. Normally his prices are way down here. There’s one there.
But today he’s using Seller Dynamics to reprice his eBay stock based on just a few
simple business rules. Every time his prices can be improved, Seller Dynamics steps in and
gives his sales a lift. With automatic eBay repricing he can sell
as much on eBay as he’s been selling on Amazon, all thanks to Seller Dynamics.
Job done. Not only that, but Dave’s stock levels and
dispatch activities are all managed across his various channels – Amazon, eBay, Fnac,
Rakuten. All done to ensure he keeps his customers and the marketplaces he uses happy.
Are your sales going up? Dave’s are.