welcome back guys I’m excited to be here
Aaron who’s the founder of Deckchair Millionaire the top top 100 income
earner and direct selling and a cool dude that just loves lifestyle living up
at Noosa. Brother it’s exciting to be here in fact I got a little few notes
about when we first connected I think it was 2014 / 2013 and I’ve kind of been
watching you since then do all sorts of stuff from you know the
deck chair millionaire from going out there with all your different businesses
doing the things the housing I saw your little comments on our ties post the
other day which I think was brilliant but I won’t sort of I won’t jump
straight in there and jump the gun but mate welcome to the show thanks Chris
it’s great to be here with you mate and there likewise been watching what you’re
doing and to jump on the the podcast today it’s a good collaboration and and
look forward to sharing with everyone yeah man
absolutely so why don’t we just start there why don’t you give us a little bit
of a history of background all of you what it is that you’ve been focused on
and then we can dive into some real content after that yeah I guess you know
I think I was born an entrepreneur to be honest mate when I look back at selling
all my Christmas presents and birthday presents back to my brothers and sisters
for $1 and $2 when I was you know five and six I think was a little bit born
into me and nice but you know sometimes it’s time and so I just started down in
in Adelaide playing football and it wasn’t really until someone gave me the
book Rich Dad Poor Dad to read where I it’s good one I wasn’t really planning
on reading a book after school but the valid that hurricane in one day and it
and that’s why I kind of set off every entrepreneurial selling my body so you
know from there I devout every book and every audio in every webinar every
seminar I caught on wealth creation and getting ahead Robert Kiyosaki says that
80% of people that are wealthy owned their own business so I literally quit
my job sold my car for weeks after reading that book I think I was nineteen
twenty and I bought my first business it was a gym down at the fourth Shore in
Glenelg in South Australia and and I love that
in business for myself I was my own boss I could work my own hours and I built
that gym up from probably the worst performing gym in the whole franchise
group here number one in just couple of years and that was just through the
marketing strategies and that I learned through guys like Brad Sugars and so
forth and and I loved it you know I can play whatever the music I wanted at the
gym and I just felt in control and that gym after about five years I think I
bought it for $10,000. That’s ageing you bro ya know and when I say it out loud it does
age me I think they go for about a hundred thousand-plus now look I sold
her for over 200 grand bought my first property in Roxby Downs South Australia
was a mining town yeah brought up for $80,000 a year later I
sold it for a hundred and sixty thousand so I thought yeah this property stuff
and and to be honest this is making money stuff is a piece of cake I brought
another property in Melbourne off the plan and made a hundred thousand dollars
on that and and moved to Sydney and open up another couple of gyms and kind of
just outsource tons and managers and personal trainers and and then went and
you know learn to other things went to a bunch of seminars and and I guess to
wind it up Chris with where I’m at now you know the global financial crisis hit
and and all of a sudden I woke up one day and life wasn’t so easy I found
myself $300,000 in debt cuz I’d bought eight investment properties very really
quickly yeah in the Australian property investor magazine about four times and
they made me out to be some kind of hero for buying all these properties but in
reality they were just taking money out of my bank account every single month
because they’ll negatively give and that I couldn’t get equity out property kind
of neutralized found myself working back in the gym 100 hours a week
I’d lost the passion for it so here you are in an entrepreneur trying to make a
million dollars by sitting on the beach and I’m losing money I think I was
losing about five thousand dollars a month I was ten grand behind on my
mortgages working 100 hours a week miserable and stressed out so that’s
kind of what led me to where I am now I I knew there had to be a better way so
I started seeing these 21 year old kids making fifty grand a month on eBay yeah
you know on Amazon and with the ebooks and affiliate marketing and and I could
barely put an attachment on an email mate I was not very technical I knew
that’s where business was heading right and as an entrepreneur I wasn’t gonna
let that pass me by so it’s been about 12 months researching learning and then
jumped into what I call now what I’ve dubbed it goes around the New Age of
business and so anything that I can do online on my mobile phone on my
smartphone anything that has low overheads low risk I don’t want to be
driving in peak hour traffic I don’t want to be commuting I don’t want to
have staff even necessarily I just want to make it low overhead low risk but a
high cash return that I can build globally I want to call the New Age of
business and and I was lucky enough that within 12 months I replaced my income
from the gyms doing that so sold up and and I’ve never looked back since we
created the brand deckchair millionaire .com and that would have made millions
of dollars in that niche and yeah we’ve done lots of different things you know
and the things that I always look for in business now is number one can I have
some fun with it you know is there back but I can get
passionate about we can have fun with I can do with integrity put my name to it
put a brand to it number two can i potentially earn us a residual income or
a passive income gonna be you know 90 percent automated if the answer to that
is never yes I just don’t even look at it ever again number three can i
potentially earn a seven-figure income with that business because some
businesses are great yeah like I look back at my gyms if I completely maxed
out my gym membership and maxed out everything I could income wise maybe
make one hundred hundred fifty thousand a year well yeah so now look at it go
can a potentially only seven figures in if I can’t I don’t keep looking at it
and number four is it on trend so is it on a global trend you know I don’t want
a business where I have to educate people on the fact that they need my
service or they need my product I want there to be a hungry
that are already looking for what I have and they can find me and I just do it a
little bit better so yeah that’s the advice we got when we first started
online don’t go and invent something I sell baseball bats because you love
baseball find something the people are really looking for and create a great
product around that and it has served me well made its own yeah like you said
living up here in Noosa mate that was always my dream and I can remember to be
honest so two young boys work from home got the dream house dream lifestyle here
in Noosa and still hungry mate still hungry too to continue on and my main
passion now is teaching others because I think there’s so many people teaching
business but as people find out they go from being employed into business or
they get a franchise or whatever it is and they’re better off being employed
yeah knowing them they’re working their butt off and they’re really not getting
any further ahead so it’s about New Age business but also having the lifestyle
to go along with it which at the end of the day people are honest that’s why
they’re trying to get into business for themselves to have a better lifestyle
spend more time with their family so that’s me mate in a nutshell now I love
a man and it’s such a good you know so good to have you on the show they’re so
a like you know our stories we haven’t really
discussed our stories match them up but super aligned with with me starting
out in gyms and as a PT and then doing everything to to get the freedom which
is which is good I love those four things fun passive income, 7 figure
income and being on trend most people don’t do the last one I kind of want to
dig into that because I think Frank Kern said it that I heard at first you should
find a hungry market find out what they want and then sell them that and it’s a
big thing that I see a lot of people wanting to to be inventors or want to
create something new rather than just going where the money is and it sounds
like you’ve got a similar sort of approach yeah exactly right you know I
remember back in the day doing eBay businesses and it’s such a kind of where
we started learning and you know that was one of the first lessons so there’s
some software and some tools out there to just show us what products were
already selling yeah what would you know and there’s a lot of keyword tools so
when I created even such a simple thing like a Facebook
group or a website the first thing I’ll go through and I’ll jump on my keyword
tool software and I’ll find out what people are already looking for but I’ll
try and create a group or a domain as close to that as I can because it talks
to people straightaway it’s good for SEO and all those types of things but yeah
exactly find a hungry so you know the back in the day things like treadmills
and fitness equipment people are buying those sorts of things and they always
will in droves online there’s also other considerations like competition it’s
very saturated so they’re all all things to weigh up then we’ve made a lot of
money in the last few years in anti-aging
you know right yeah I think someone turns 50 every second in the world
someone turns 50 every seven seconds in America and so that’s not going away
that that’s on trend right online you look at how many people are looking for
how to get rid of wrinkles you know the stem cell technology and so while I mean
inventions great but man the percentage of people that make it with that is so
low true yes your find something that’s sexy, new and on trend and then tap
into tap into that marketplace so for us you know the story of stem cell
technology when Obama legalized that research through adipose tissue so body
fat in 2008 you know that led to a great story where we had a product range that
had stem cell technology in it and it really worked prior to that we knew how
powerful stem cells were but you know it was all about embryonic sand political
cause and and the ethics that go along with that just weren’t there so getting
our stem cells out of our body fat that story was a new story but the anti-aging
story was something people are already looking for it’s a bit the same you know
with an Airbnb business and short term accommodation has always been there but
yeah Airbnb is new it’s hot it’s trendy but we show people how they can tap into
that markets already in a new way so yeah it’s it’s it’s people love
something new and sexy but you don’t need to go and invent it there’s a lot
of things that are already out there and they look at our property portfolio and
our systems now I take the same philosophy so they
I say like this Chris one of my real-estate mentors sat me down and said
why are you doing this and I said well you know Real Estate’s a proven way to
get ahead yes but what’s your end goal and I said yeah
basically and I would love to be sitting on the beach in Noosa making a million
bucks he said like a house negatively geared property gonna do that for you
true there was just a long pause you know I was sitting there thinking okay I
can sit there and pray for that for them all to double and go up and that could
take seven years ten years could take thirty years it may never happen and so
I sat down long and hard about and we end up selling everything so we’ve sold
just about all of our properties except for the one here in Noosa and a
couple in Adelaide and we have cash flow properties so now it’s low overhead low
risk virtually no money down and they bring us in a cash flow every month so
Connor took the same philosophy with my property as I did with business nice
let’s talk about this Airbnb strategy because I know that you’re out there
teaching it across Australia I saw I saw your post on on Ty’s post and see that
seems that he’s trying to get in on something that you’ve been doing for a
long time but about a hundred new friend likes from that little post to Christmas
by the way and good quality real estate agent so yeah it’s happened to a top
internet marketers Facebook out and add some quality and you get some new
contacts pretty easy he’s a good guy he’s very very smart time and he’s you
know right at the top of his game and a guy people should follow he’s very smart
yeah yeah we we spent our place in basketball with them we hung at his
house for a day I think it’s 2015 was saying it but he’d sell you his shirt but say you’ve been doing that and
yeah, fill us in on that story because it’s it seems to me to be something that we
all know what Airbnb is hmm we will understand it but to actually make a
business from it when I read the book I put the book up here somewhere I was
really surprised at the amount of community that they’ve built inside
Airbnb for for people that are hosting and everything else but but why is that
such a good opportunity yeah well it’s interesting because I
mean the traffic on Airbnb huge bit like you know you’re going find a product and
you create a website and then you gotta run Facebook ads and it’s you know
everything to traffic to your website you may as well just go and put it on
Amazon because people are already there the audience is already there credit
card in one hand and they’re searching for your product for the other hand to
be the same with Airbnb you know people are there to book accommodation they’re
not there to research that they have booking and so the trends were huge and
you know we’ve got a nine bedroom place we’ve got a granny flat out to the side
and and my wife just started Airbnb’n it out she’d stopped working in
the corporate world had a couple of kids and wanted something to do so she
started doing that and we just put it up on Airbnb and just couldn’t believe how
often it was booked out and how popular it was and then we started seeing some
people over in the u.s. that we’re talking about renting out properties
that you’re not using any of your own properties you’re not putting down a
deposit you’re not having to go for credit if you’ve got completely no
savings no credit you can go and rent a property and then put that on Airbnb and
so I thought that looks like an interesting strategy cuz straightaway I
did the mathematics on it and let’s say your rent a property for you know $3,000
a month you know you could easily get paid $5,000 a month from Airbnb
pocket $2,000 a month in cash flow go and do that ten times what a great
business did I until I looked into it I thought you know I don’t want to be the
sort of guy that sneaks around rents our properties and puts them on Airbnb and I
think that’s a good long-term business is kind of not the way I do business and
so I kind of dismissed it but then I way back and looked at it again looked at
the legalities of it and look as long as you’ve got the owner’s permission and
they sign a legal lease with you to say hey we’d love to rent your property for
$500 a week but what we want to do is turn around and put it on air B&B are
you okay with that and we pitched the benefits of doing that don’t either say
yes or no and we sign a legal lease that states now similar to a normal tenancy
lease but it states we’re gonna put it on short-term accommodation websites
like Airbnb so then the owners getting his
guaranteed $500 a week in rent yep we’re pocketing the difference so we get paid
you know five six seven thousand dollars from the Airbnb we profit the difference
between that and we’re paying in rent Sione gets a
guaranteed income we make the difference and and you know it’s all legal in its
that it’s going absolutely crazy so we do that and we also host properties for
other owners so owners that may know the power of air B&B they just don’t want to
host it that I have time to Xhosa they don’t know how to host it will host it
for them maybe do an 80/20 split take 20% they take 80% you need literally no
money with that so you’re gonna rent a property you still need a deposit
perhaps you need to furnish it perhaps you find a fully furnished property but
we teach people how to find these properties how to talk to owners how to
beat the Airbnb algorithm so you get on page one of Airbnb how to make sure you
get your maths right, only picking profitable properties how to stage it
everything from A to Z to be successful in his space and for the people that are
hosting it this is what I love about this in and this is why if anyone’s in a
sucky job with sucky pay and their whinging about it today that’s their own
fault because you can do a strategy like this if you just host the property so
you’re not renting it you don’t need to put any bond down you don’t need to put
any rent down you don’t need to buy you can do this with literally no money in
the bank the owner pays for everything you’re literally just hosting it for
them so you’re organizing the guests you’re organizing the cleaners you’re
organizing people in and out and let’s say you make five grand a month for that
owner you take 20% you take $1,000 do that ten times that’s ten grand a month
fire your boss straight away it’s the easiest strategy absolutely no money
needed the only reason you would stay in your job is because you love your job
and you love what you’re making otherwise you just do this on the side
hustle and so yeah we love it we’ve got a great community we’ve spoke to over two
and a half thousand people last year about it a great group and be able of
people are killing it because like you said people know about Airbnb but
they’re kind of thinking they need to buy properties to do it or they need to
do it with their own spare bedroom where you create an empire like this and yeah
go and do that for three years and sell off the rent roll two century 21 for a
million dollars there’s lots of different ways you can do this I love it
what about for sure now I love a brain works because it is a it’s such a little
unique unique real market and it’s definitely not going anywhere there were
places when we in San Diego then we lived in Pacific Beach in San Diego and they would have signs out around there like
we don’t want any share homes like they would be kidding it because they you
know where we were in San Diego where one suburb over from La Jolla and right
on the beach best place but there’s also a lot of there’s a few universities
around University San Diego stuff where and so people would would just host
parties there and wreck houses all sorts and there was a there’s a lot of
backlash I haven’t seen anything like that here you’d think the same would be
on the Gold Coast people saying but I think here they’re so used to having
people travel through and stuff it’s not such a major but it was it was a big
thing man yeah I mean people are super passionate about at the Airbnb community
that you’ve also got people that are quite against it I mean the more you
understand it and look at the stats or more it’s a great thing I mean aborting
over a billion dollars to the Australian economy last year month and you think
about you know you say Chris you want to come up to visit me here in Noosa so
we’re gonna hang out and do a mastermind group and you look at the Sofitel there
at hastings street it’s 500 bucks a night and you think geez that steep I
might stay for two nights hang out with Aaron and you go look on Airbnb and you
find this fantastic property right near the beach and it’s $200 a night so the
other side instead of staying for two nights staying for five and because it’s
the same price and look you go and have breakfast every morning in a restaurant
you buy a new pair of sunglasses you go through the carwash you go and buy some
bathers this so you’re putting money into the Noosa economy here for an extra
three days and so it makes sense a lot of local businesses are benefiting from
everyday average mums and dads never seen an easier way to make an extra you
know 10 grand 30 grand here it’s so it’s a good thing but look I get it I get it
you know do I want my house here on this nice quiet street to be Airbnb I’m not
so sure yeah there’s a balance and I think the
legislation like in Sydney you know I’m not sure I agree with 180 days telling a
property owner what they can and can’t do but it does need to be a balance in
certain locations will suit it better than others but yeah we teach our guys
to make sure you follow the Strada follow the counsel rules and
picking the right properties and everybody wins yeah nice Harriet I
actually lived on Airbnb for two years mmm you know we when we were in the
States we would go there would find a good place and and then we would just
get long-term leases it was just it was just awesome
it was way easier gave us flexibility we were in suburbs rather than having to be
in hotels yeah and you know we didn’t want to get a long-term lease because we
wanted to see the whole you know we were living our total freedom lifestyle we
wanted to see the whole US so we lived at Tahoe and in San Diego, Vancouver Seattle oh and we would spend you know we’ll spend six months in some
places but but move around and it was we loved it you know we’re we love it
absolutely man get some good deals that’s for sure you know and the people
that looked after you there was such a big difference so the ones that were pro
about it and then ones that weren’t so I can see the benefit I can see a massive
benefit so I guess we should put some links underneath this about your
trainings on that cuz I’m sure that people want to hear more about what you
do there because I do it’s um it’s good really good what have you on what’s
coming up for you this year man what’s your focus yeah we’re gonna continue
down that track so you know we will get on tour again February or March and do
every major city and educate people on how that model works and and work
closely with the people that want to build you know their own air B&B
business so you know offer a bit of a VIP personal service there with people
that want to do that so we focused on that business that’s fun always looking
for other New Age lifestyle businesses as well I kind of feel like I don’t want
to give away the hemp story because then everyone else would know about it but
you know what screw it that’s what your listeners are here for pointing out that
the best of the best and and I kind of find once you start tapping into
something in research you know you feel like everyone must know about it but the
reality is no one knows about this and I’ve bought some shares I mean a few
hemp companies out of Canada that a trading Australia at the moment and it’s
exciting so for those who don’t know you know Donald Trump sign there the farm
bill oh in the US and December which basically
legalises hemp throughout America now me yeah I have to educate myself on okay
what exactly is hemp because we all hear about this hemp word and we yeah
associated with cannabis marijuana and and so real quick you know research on
that found okay you got two different cannabis plants one’s got the THC in it
which gets you high the other one is a hand plant that doesn’t have that in
there and so that was that was even used to me I just thought you know legalizing
marijuana I’m not so sure that’s a good idea
what’s his CBD oil and this hemp you know I’m not I was convinced on the
health benefits on it because I kept seeing testimony after testimony when
doing that research on it but I thought ah I’m not the sort of guy that’s gonna
go and take some oil get high for an hour and that’s just never been me but
completely misleading completely false you know with the CBD oil and the hemp
that’s got no the th you can’t get high on it but it’s got all the health
benefits in there right the cannabis marijuana plant has the THC in it where
you get high and it has some health benefits and so you know what they’re
saying to us you know back in 1937 where they made the hemp plant illegal it just
should never have been it kind of got thrown in with cannabis and making drugs
illegal and would never had the health benefits that hemp can give up
and so with Donald Trump signing that farm bill you know hemp farms in the
u.s. CBD oil and all these incredible products even there’s incredible
products for pets I mean there’s like fifty thousand different uses for hemp
it’s one of the strongest ropes you can make they make clothes all sorts of
things so that’s one area that I’m looking at Chris may I bought some
shares in there there’s a few companies that have launched in the US and in
Europe that are I’ve probably never seen people making money quicker in my life
to be honest and you know at some point in Australia and the CBD oil and those
sort of benefits gonna be you know legal and open up with the TGA etc here so
looking at a few of those things mate so again we’re finding something I mean
it’s a hundred thousand people that order this in Australia already that it
get it delivered from America and it’s technically not even legal yet and so
what we’re chatting about at the very start of this podcast was you know find
a hungry crowd find something people are already wanting both for their health
and you know people are researching this plan and the benefits of you know the
oils and that that can be provided but yeah it’s gonna be brand new us exciting
so it’s that it’s that exact same thing of air B&B and stem cell technology and
and now we look at this as probably one of the greatest health products you know
possibly ever but certainly you know in the last decade or so so that that’s one
thing that excites me we’ll see where that one ends up the yeah we were really
working on our online presence I’m creating lots of products and and you
know why one goal I’ve got for this year Chris is to to duplicate a bit of
garyvee look back I was looking at his old YouTube channel it’s quite amusing
and I went back and had a look at his very first video that he ever did on
wine and it’s not great it’s not great he’s a young guy he talks okay it’s
relatively boring the quality of the video is horrendous I mean back then 10
years ago you didn’t have the same quality but all he did Chris and you
probably know this already he did a video every single day for 5 years yeah
a video every single day for five days you know I’m just interrupted for a
second I’m obsessing about YouTube at the moment yeah and I put a lot of time
into Facebook over the last eight years and I wish I was I actually wish that
I’d chosen YouTube mm-hmm and the reason is is because it’s searchable so I’ve
just shipped it like in listeners will know this I’ve just shifted off Facebook
to YouTube because it’s searchable it says it for a long time you shoot a
video I say where is Facebook you do something great that was good
and it’s gone so – I’m all-in on that we are we have two videos going out every
single day this month so yeah well that’s where it’s at and a couple of
things that work they’re lucky it’s that’s the second biggest search engine
in the world behind Google yeah searchable not only on YouTube but also
Google cuz Google own YouTube and so they want to promote videos if you can do
that right and you can build relationships with your listeners with
your viewers with your potential clients because now they’re looking at Chris
Duncan’s beautiful face they feel like they know him
they can hear his voice they can see your mannerisms your body language
they’re gonna make a decision whether they like you or not straight away and
whether they want to do business or not with you so yeah 2019 and
beyond this is how we can come into people’s living rooms and build
relationships and people want to do business with people they feel like they
know and trust and that’s what videos powerful yeah very very powerful so yeah
it made it something exciting where we go with that and if you continually do
what the key is consistency with that number one you get better at them and
number two you just get an organic following yeah the people that want to
jump into that niche will find you something that I’m working on pretty
heavily this year do you see what Dan Locke has done I’m not sure I’m familiar
with him dan Locke so this he didn’t put any videos out until three years ago and
then didn’t put the foot down till two years ago he’s now got over a million
followers or subscribers whatever it is I believe he’s in here to Gary Vee and
he’s there’s only because there’s not that many in the business space and he’s
the high-ticket closer guys the the Asian guy this and this they’re really
nice suits all the time and you know I listened to a podcast of his and I bought a
couple of his programs and really in its it’s so simple there’s a few things
you’ve got to do and know but really the biggest investments that I see that
anyone doesn’t know how much money have or not as long as they have a smartphone
investment you can make right now is by building your show and creating your
brand and people is that’s because we’re how do you have two hundred thousand
followers how did that happen I’ll say oh yeah well I just paid for it not it
took me you know it’s been there you know we’ve been watching each other go
out there and actually do it it’s like you don’t just show up once you know
show up for one year and that’s do I like that I like you got a lot on this
year men it’s gonna be a busy year and I just on that to Chris you know I think
it amazes me when I talk to people about something like this how fearful people
are that simply turn their phone around into a video hmm and so you know if
you’re going to be an entrepreneur of your dreams and goals and desires
yeah sure picking up the phone sometimes can be scary doing a video sometimes
could be scary putting yourself out there
sometimes be scary but yeah it gets away you’re gonna go you gotta have courage
and so between entrepreneurs the make it and die
most will feel that same fear particularly in the beginning but guess
what they just did it anyway ladies earn the phone around and they
shot a video don’t worry about getting it perfect you never will get a perfect
fall swith a new entrepreneur is trying to get everything perfect yeah in the
video the phone around do a video there’s only one of you no one else can
copy your brand and just start doing videos even if it’s a Facebook live or
whatever it is what I do is I do a Facebook live a save it to my camera
roll then gets edited put up on YouTube and across other platforms and I
outsource that to someone it’s not hard and and these are some of the things I’m
gonna be teaching people in you know my new deckchair millionaire group this
year but you’ve got to find a way to get courageous and whether that’s doing 20
push-ups before you do it down for around watching a motivational video
beating your chest whatever you got to be courageous in business and in the new
age of business hey these are just things that are powerful so get on with
it get it done you’ll find your tribe you’ll find your tribe they’ll find you
yeah it’s good man I love that really you know we talked a lot about that
where our marketing company that is what we do we have someone shoot their shoot
their video we splinter it off into all the different areas recycle re-targeted
traffic through all that and it doesn’t take very long it doesn’t take very long
at all I think we started a channel you’ll like these numbers we started a channel hadn’t told my list about it so everyone here doesn’t even know about it
it’s a totally brand new channel we’re up to 371 subscribers and we started that on
the first so what is the date today that’s the 22nd and 371 so no no
existing list because I’m using as a case study of just what you can do
without put my name’s not on it it is me on it but my name is on it no one knows
about I put it on my facebook I haven’t shared it anywhere it’s just doing the right
thing with the video putting the right keywords the right descriptions
understanding how to piggyback on other people’s stuff it’s just yeah but there
are the big things what you said is the courage to get out there and freaking do
it yeah yeah you just got to do it out I did a talk
on stage once and the title was just do it and go out and make a ton of mistakes
and be average beginning of the thing that’ll happen if you do it consistently
you’ll just get better at it but the hundra saying guarantee if you don’t do
anything nothing’s gonna happen for you so that’s a good what’s gonna happen if
you just have a crack yeah that’s what it’s all about it is brother we’re
running out of time and a rapid speed here we will get you back on though what
what would you like to leave with the audience’s final takeaways for your
first appearance on total freedom TV yeah be great to come back Chris there’s
so much we can talk about I guess you know for the people that are listening
to this type of podcast you’re somewhere along your journey so you’re looking at
transitioning you’ve just started you’re going pretty well and there’s gonna be
some guys that are the smashing it out there you know so always think big so if
you’re smashing it think bigger you know where can you go with this because I
tell you what you get complacent and things can turn around very quickly if
you’re not growing you are going backwards but for those guys that are
starting out you there’s never been a better time to be in business you know
to be able to do this podcast it wasn’t very long ago we simply couldn’t do it
to have smart phones have been I mean it’s just an incredible way to reach
your audience I mean I’ve been in the direct sales industry for you know two
decades if you can look at my starting process and when I went to started it
was literally picking up a landline and dialing numbers there was no sending a
text message even back then it wasn’t Facebook or YouTube so an incredible
time with social media and so you know I did a facebook live this morning yeah
you’ve just got to get your skill and knowledge up so listen to these sort of
podcasts to understand what you need to do so that’s your knowledge and then
it’s about skill and that’s just practice so finding out what you want to
do then getting good at and if you don’t want to get good at it or you just not
technical like me outsource everything so outsource just about everything I do
I do the basics on my social media everything else is outsourced I’ve got a
you know an Indian bookkeeper he does a great job Gulshan and everything’s
outsourced so guys tap into it tap into people that celebrate you that can be
mentors to you there’s so many cheap ways to learn today Chris
is a great guide to tap into one knowledge and just do it that’s it guys
just do it make 2019 your best year And yeah we’ll look we’ll jump back on and
maybe niche down into some strategies and other things like that Chris but
it’s gonna be an exciting year I love it man and appreciate your time I
know you’ve got a lot of things on I know you’ve got time but we you put that
is always you know it’s always a choice so thanks for spending some time with us
today listeners I think the best place is to
go to deckchairmillionaire.com is that right – and you’ll be able to find
everything I’m involved in there and get in contact and leave you need – yeah
yeah and reach out on social media or Facebook all those things I’ll put all
those links so you can go and stalk Aaron and follow them around and see what he’s
doing on YouTube and in Facebook and Instagram I’m sure he’s there as well so
again thanks mate and if you listening thanks for tuning in again I’ll see you
in the 7-Figure influencer group until next time live with total freedom