What’s going on Amazon sellers or hopefully soon-to-be Amazon sellers, my name is beau Crabill And in this video it’s gonna be nothing related about selling on Amazon However with this channel, I don’t only want you to become a great Amazon seller make money Amazon and online on eBay Walmart, etc But also to better lives in other ways, especially with saving money investing money Definitely very lucky been mentored by very successful people have been taught the principles about saving money investing and not wasting on certain things and what I’ve realized is one of the Biggest ways to not have success with investing and like I explained all my videos is taking action Doesn’t matter if you’re making a thousand dollars a month or a million dollars a month It tends to be a lot of people just have not had the foundations of saving money I mean if you’re making a thousand dollars a month I still believe that you should be able to and be able to work it out Where you can actually best a hundred dollars a month To give you an example right now some people say 100 hours a month is nothing but what I’m gonna do right now is actually open up to a screen recording on my phone into my compounding interest calculator and show you really the benefits potential on just Saving certain amounts of money per month can do so at this a compound interest calculator I really like using this tool all the time I am on this almost every single day But say if you start with a hundred dollars and you’re getting 10% annually and some sort of fund And then you’re able to contribute $100 a month So that’s saving hundred dollars a month you figure out what your expenses are what you’re making and able to figure out how to pull One hundred ollars month and put into a fund if you did that for 25 years That’s a hundred and thirty three thousand dollars that you have. So then what say you okay? You figure out how to save a hundred dollars then what if you figure out how to make an extra hundred dollars that could be in tips or Selling a couple products on Amazon or flipping things on eBay. Now, you’re at 200 dollars a month that you’re investing. That’s cool That’s over a quarter of a million dollars in 25 years So as you can see with compounding interest You don’t need a crazy amount of money to really get things going but the most important thing is really getting Started to actually start to invest so the whole purpose of this video is because I actually have a solution that could actually work for That and that’s going to be about the app acorns So the biggest problem people have is what I believe with investing and saving is actually taking action on it and the app acorns helps with that now what I want to do is explain to you on what does acorns how you’re able to invest with it the starting amounts and The pros and cons of acorns so acorns to get started with it. You have to download the app So I have a link down my description where you can just click it down below that actually give you about five dollars or so To start with your account and you’re getting going and you have to do is you have to link some funding sources You can make a debit card credit card and a bank account now There are several ways to invest with acorns and one of the most I’d say popular ways is off of roundups And what roundups are is would say you link your debit card or credit card? and you go to stores you buy things with it your credit card or debit card and Then let’s say you bought a sandwich for four dollars and ninety cents It will round up to the nearest dollar five dollars and that’s nine different So invest ten cents into your account and how invest is off several ways You can set up your account being very aggressive or moderate conservative Here’s actually a screenshot from my account where you can see it’s investing into real estate stocks normal bonds and other stock market stocks So it helps diversify, ur to your personal needs But that’s one way to invest another way to invest is you can set up recurring payments from your bank account where you’re investing Daily weekly or monthly off any dollar amount you want and then and it just does automatic from your bank account the other way to invest what actually like the best about acorns actually based around even making this video is About their earned money and this is next where I’ve made the most amount of money from acorns is off their earn and found money now here’s actually a screenshot from the earner found money and pretty much what it is is If you go shopping on these specific places that acorns have in their earned found money section Acorns will actually give you cash back and put in and invest it into your acorns account So for example, I needed an air B&B for my business So I checked to see if air B&B was on the acorns earned and found money, and it was it was giving me 1.8 percent cash back absolutely, no reason um, and so when I booked the Air B&B I got 1.8 percent cash back. And then now they’re investing that into my acorns account I had to get uber eats for me and a couple buddies that I was working with So we ordered new breed’s and they gave me some dollars back to invest in their put into my acorns account so what I really like about the Earned found money is that I mean I only like to use if I’m actually real shop on there. So if I need Apple products, I’ll go on acorns Click on Apple get some cash back I’m only gonna use it if I’m actually gonna use it anyway, and you might as well use it because They’re gonna give you cash back anyway So now what I talked about is a few cons for with acorns The cons with acorns is they take $1.00 per month in fees on $2 per month if you’re using an IRA account But my personal opinion which again, I’m not a financial adviser. So take this all the grain of salt I don’t really suggest using an IRA account with them because I know other funds that can be better for that However, a dollar per month is what they take So now keep in mind that a dollar per month couldn’t seem like very very little or it can seem like a lot Right, if you only have $100 to your account, that’s twelve dollars in a year. That’s 12% That’s a lot in fees but if you have a thousand dollars Right, then that’s around less than 1% or a little over 1% So I believe if you have if you’re able to figure out that Maybe in a year’s time you’re able to get a thousand to five thousand dollars into your acorns account I think definitely worth it But if you’re looking just put in $10 $20 and thinking to make a lot of money It’s really not gonna be worth it. The only good thing is there’s no piece to taking out your money So that’s great as well. That’s approach it for acorns I know a lot of people kind of skeptical about these investing apps but they take $1 per month and What I like best about it is obviously any single fund you use is typical gonna have some type of fees? But what I love most about acorns that it makes it really simple for just the average person Just wanting to get going and feel worth investing it kind of forces them to because they just set up once and it gets going Sometimes you have to remember to go click on the urn and found money but if you want to start with an acorn So I should have a link down below and if you actually get sign up through the link I Believe Acorn for a short period of time that ought to be offering to give you 5 dollars to get started with your accounts Or literally just get a free $5 for clicking the link down below So that’s about it if you have any questions at all about Investing or selling on Amazon or e-commerce or acorns? feel free to leave them down below in the comments and Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel where I give other tips just like this or about selling online Make sure subscribe my podcast feel free to DM you or follow me on instagram @ beau Crabill, and just have a great day You